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  1. Ridicule Morris all you want but he has been pretty good since coming over.
  2. It seems like every inherited runner scores when Jennings is pitching. Anyone knows his %?
  3. Hey miamibaseball why u didn't wake up Johnson?
  4. Well done miamibaseball u woke up Marlins!!!!!
  5. AJ Ramos is worthless....Dunn is superior to him.
  6. AJ Ramos is horrible....walks way too many guys.
  7. http://archives.ivyleaguesports.com/dynamicimage/index.asp?strImage=contentImages/baseball/edlucas.jpg
  8. Define Ace? As far as I'm concerned he is the Ace of the Cubs. Whatever that is worth.
  9. Nomore sign stealing so now we cannot get even 1 hit.
  10. And how the fuck do you walk Figgins....one of the worst hitters in baseball.
  11. Fife in milb this season: 1-2 ERA 7.08
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