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  1. LOL did Tommy say 27 was the record? Were making histoey today boys
  2. I think of italian pasta when I hear his name.
  3. Top five draft pick here we come! :(
  4. Bro, im so lost. I still think were up by two :|
  5. I cant even grasp what has transpired. What in the titty is this.
  6. Wow, Heath's definitely improved. When do we get to see Nick green?
  7. Corky didn't do sh*t. He basically hit into a double play but the relay to first was luckily airmailed. Dat speed pressure, bro.
  8. Lolz Gorkys coming through with RISP. BUCK HITTING .300 in last 12 at bats!
  9. This start proved Johnson TROLLED the scouts with his performance against SD. He pitched like sh*t on purpose to stay with team. Johnson gonna pitch like Ace rest of season....your loss Texas...looks like Dempster sucks in AL. Boo YEAH. LOL. Ep.5"Controversy in South" Beach
  10. Jon Heyman tweeted that a scout said Eovaldi is not ready for the big leagues and might be a reliever. Um no. He is raw but I love how Heyman tweets that right after his bad start. Doesn't say anything when he won last week. The swollen penis heads around here over eovaldi are a sure sign that this team has very little for fans to look forward to. He's decent. Not a sure thing. I'm going to swallow my pride and agree with you.
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