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  1. Yea last place team bc the structure of the team was garbage..not the player
  2. So i see what they are doing..rebuilding again like every year. We are like the prospect factory of other Major League Teams..while Loria and Samson reel in the money..laughing at us in his south beach condo with strippers. Seems legit
  3. The handful of loyal fans left are gone. They are rooting for Nigeria's baseball team. Move the marlins over there!
  4. According the Ken Rothensal...Ricky Nalasco is the next one on the move. Wow
  5. i dont like jacobs third, if anything put uggla third even though his avg. is low but i think he is more prone to bring runners in than Jacobs right now.
  6. I cant believe that Griffey doesnt want to be a in the Derby! He has two titles and doesnt go for the third....shame.
  7. He better not be traded, we are already pitchers short, especially if Olsen isnt ready by his next start. I know we can get a lot for Dontrelle by trading him, but he IS what makes the marlins.
  8. At least it was right before the allstar break, so thats the good news.
  9. try clearing your cookies and history, then start mb.com again and login and make sure to leave the remember me check on.
  10. Olivo is an outstanding defensive player, one mistake and everyone is all over him. Treanor is a good back up catcher, thats all.
  11. wow another hurt player going down. why not put the whole rotation on the DL?!? johnson was so promising today...horrible news
  12. Griffey gets another shot in getting another title. Thats the player i am going for, oh and those canoers out in mcovey are going to have blast with all the lefties.
  13. Just came from Vegas today....my second time going and i enjoyed it like i did when i first went. went to all the hotels...stayed at the mirage (awesome, fancy hotel)...if you want to know the best hotell, then for me its the Bellagio (super elagent) and its in the middle of the strip so your not all the way at the ffar end. I went to the Danny Gans show in the Bellagio, this man is awesome, he really knows how to entertain but he does imitations of older artists but you still get a laugh in every second! Ceasars Palace is the way to go, the best and biggest mall in the strip of las vegas with all the popular designer stores (versace, gucci, louis vitton, etc.).
  14. Every freakin 4th of july it has to rain, even if its a little bit i think it has rained the past 5 years in fourth of july. not cool...but i didnt do anything special so it really didnt matter.
  15. AJBurnett34

    TV ratings

    We are about 13th in TV ratings, so that goes to show you south florida does have fans, but why cant they come out and support the fish? simple....they are playing bad, so in their minds...why come out?
  16. He rushed the throw, tried to do way to much. That goes to show you how one play can change a game in an instant. At first i thought it was cabrera that threw bad but i realized once i saw the replace it was Olivo.
  17. Hanley's prescence will be greatly missed.
  18. ^ that's true Rowling says we'll find out why some become a ghost, and some do not. I've wondered if Dumbledore/Sirius will return. But NH-Nick said there are negative things about ghost-living. dont they become ghosts only if they fear death?
  19. 9 outa 10. theres about 2 songs i dont like on this cd same for me the only ones i dont like are dopeman and my swag...the rest are very good tracks to listen to
  20. It depends on the risks of hurting his shoulder again, because if it was just a sprain or something it couldnt get anyworse with some quick rehab/rest....it all depends on how he feels and he better not be lying because his season will be in doubt.
  21. its just a strained shoulder but they need to be precautionary, we need him healthy for season, he is one of the sparks in our lineup.
  22. why do the marlins fill the bench first, instead of signing a CF in which we need badly....then they can go sign boone and some others.
  23. Dontrelle did give reporters some lines to quote in the papers, what more do you guys want from him? You want him to give you an essay in a press conference?
  24. and i remember you.....ahhhh...horrible times....
  25. I admit that is must be embarrassing for the marlins and his family but everyone makes mistakes like that, especially a young kid. Im not saying Dontrelle did the right thing, but once in a while young guys lose their heads and take it a little farther....at the end of the day, dontrelle will still be performing out in the mound like he has always done
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