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  1. Technically no outs on that double play
  2. I’m no math major but I’m not sure that math checks out broheem
  3. Looks like we probably going to get a delayed start again.
  4. A beef and cheddar is gods gift to man, you take that back
  5. I know this TV stuff is getting ugly. With hockey season starting there’s really only one streaming service that carries local sports. People are getting tired of this shit and having to switch or pay more just to watch one thing. These “woe is me”statements from each side arguing about money is not getting any sympathy from anyone.
  6. Liked Baker when he was here. Have real nostalgia for that 09 team when I started watching again.
  7. But why though? You got Cooper and Aguilar fighting over first as it stands if you don’t put any young guys in the equation. BA stands to play most of the time at Third and Berti as a backup up. If we had a DH role, maybe, but I haven’t seen or been bothered to look up Zimmermans batting number recently but I can’t imagine the benefit would be worth the cost.
  8. If they go that route, might as well just throw it all out and start over. That would be such a boring identity without the tomahawk. Off the top of my head, the Braves have what I consider the least offensive current Native American set with the Blackhawks being the second. Neither of them have anything that needs to be changed in my opinion.
  9. Hey the old logo, I absolute get but I’m genuinely curious when the name ow word became offensive. Again the old logo and the Redskins, I get.
  10. Please Please Please Jacksonville be in the same division as Charlotte Knights or the Durham Bulls. That would be fricking awesome for me.
  11. I was wondering how this is different that what we already had. If it’s unpaid, that’s one gigantic difference
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