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  1. Holy hell Monte about created another out on the base path but he’s lucky as hell
  2. Glad to see Stanton still can’t lay off a slider down and away
  3. Does Wallach have the potential to be an everyday player. Maybe not a gigantic dude with the bat but seems more people are turning on Alfaro about how he handles pitchers and Pablo really seems to like Chad
  4. I think Glenn or Dave mentioned it on the radio. I heard it right after I got out of my hockey game in the 7th. A lot of coincidences with it for sure
  5. I know a couple of the big names on twitter are making it seem like the Marlins are going to make it but the play lately is anything but inspiring
  6. So offense starts hitting so pitching decides to shit the bed
  7. I’ve always said I like to play these things safe. It’s not like he was running from first to second. He was easily at second and tried getting greedy and it obviously didn’t work. If it was someone that was alittle more succesful maybe it would be different but Monte has made more outs on the base it seems then he is succesful.
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