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  1. You know I’m just go with it. If I’m going to type on the phone and it auto corrects, that’s what y’all are getting. F it. but for the record Alma Mater
  2. Always liked Jack and he is consider a local guy to me now. He would frequent Grasshoppers games and his grandson is now head coach for my wife’s alma later.
  3. Dang I was hoping we get to Anaheim since we were supposed to go this season.
  4. Maybe they could just do them on flexible poster bird and attach them separately to a piece of cardboard so they could roll them up into a shipping tube
  5. Damnit. Didn’t read right. Doesn’t sound like they are sending them to you. They say pickup instructions will be given. Well that sucks. That would have given fans from out of state an extra way to support them team and to feel like they are apart of it.
  6. I tweeted at them. Doubt I’d get a reply. I didn’t really care about this idea at first but the giants authenticating them and sending them to you kinda made me excited. Maybe fans that get to go to games more often think this isn’t as cool as an idea as I do.
  7. Well I might take back about what I said we wouldn’t any credit if we won. Judging both those numbers there’s about a 25 percent chance we get some respect.
  8. Nashville would be cool even though not any closer to me than Atlanta or Washington. It really sucks Charlotte was so short sighted in building that AAA facility a few years ago. That would have been only 1hr 45 away from me.
  9. https://www.mlb.com/giants/fans/cut-outs I like that they are authenticating them and sending them to you after the season. I don’t know about 99 bucks but I’d let the Marlins do me.
  10. I may be a bad fan but I almost prefer that. We are going to get shit respect if we win the World Series during a shortened season. I’ll be excited but the best I hope for is good growth for the prospects.
  11. The owners don’t want a season because they know they’re not going to be able to have fans and their not getting the money they want. The players don’t want a season after not getting the deal they wanted and know free agency is going to be shit next year. Neither group wants to be the first to pull the plug. Cancel it but I don’t want to hear bitching from either side next year about anything money related.
  12. I mean it’s also a holiday weekend. I don’t know anyone really started anything the last couple days anyway.
  13. I’m sitting here imagineing Jeter with a gun to beat reporters head telling them to report who’s missing.. Maybe that explains why Mish isn’t having fun?
  14. Craig has been pretty vocal from the beginning against it from what I could tell. Is he speaking for the players or for himself, Isn’t all he doing is sitting in a press box anyway.
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