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  1. Media got to stoke that fire. That’s all they’ve turned into.
  2. I’m hoping in some way it works out that the Greensboro Grasshoppers play one of our minor league affiliates.
  3. How do you correctly pronounce her last name? Is it like “Ing”?
  4. That was my worry at first but she seems to have the pedigree.
  5. It checks out. Had never heard of her before.
  6. Ummm, what are her baseball credentials?
  7. Didn’t want to start a new Samson thread but Samson did an Interview with Lomo that is extremely interesting. Lomo calling out what I had previously thought that the Marlins had bad Trainers. Explains why several Marlins were always injured. Really good candid interview
  8. Nice to See BA get some love. I’ve been fighting a probably losing battle on Card forums about how the Marlins get the absolute shaft from Topps when it comes to Marlins star players. BA seems the most poised as a Position player to be a star. Most Topps sets outside of the Main Set have had only Yamamoto or Diaz and for some reason Alfaro . Panini seems to give BA love but unfortunately doesn’t have the license for logos. This might change that alittle.
  9. Did you have to pay for shipping?
  10. Did anybody pay for shipping? I just ordered a game ball and I had previously see you had to pay 10 bucks to ship but the email confirmation I receive when I redeemed the points said that it would be sent out. Don’t want to pay if they going to do it for free
  11. I’ve said for a while that he reminds me of Hanley on every way
  12. It was the battle of the chokers to me with The Dodgers and the Braves.
  13. How has nobody said anything about Atlanta Blowing it.
  14. Probably some unwritten rule bullshit.
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