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  1. Did you have to pay for shipping?
  2. Did anybody pay for shipping? I just ordered a game ball and I had previously see you had to pay 10 bucks to ship but the email confirmation I receive when I redeemed the points said that it would be sent out. Don’t want to pay if they going to do it for free
  3. I’ve said for a while that he reminds me of Hanley on every way
  4. It was the battle of the chokers to me with The Dodgers and the Braves.
  5. How has nobody said anything about Atlanta Blowing it.
  6. Probably some unwritten rule bullshit.
  7. Are the Braves really this good or just the luckiest team ever
  8. I have never wanted a team to lose as badly as I do the Braves. Especially after tonight.
  9. Anybody but the Fucking Braves though. That’s what makes it suck the hardest
  10. Hey bitches. I’m late but I don’t know if I can handle ol dickhead jumping around if we lose
  11. Oh yeah means he’s up to smash and not baseballs
  12. What you mean boo? I’ve missed it
  13. This games in the shitty offense and mattingly not making adjustments
  14. Yep don’t mean Jack shit if we can get it done. He still laughs in the end
  15. I’m going to be fucking pissed beyond belief if we get swept by these fuckers
  16. Figures our pitching looks like an ace rotation going back to back today
  17. Seriously your going to fucking pull Sierra for Brinson
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