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  1. I’d counter that we really aren’t that deep at pitching right now atleast in proven talent. Out of that list on Sandy is proven and I’d add Pablo to the list. Rogers I’d like to see for the rest of the year but looking likely. Elieser can’t stay healthy, Sixto is having health problems and he started coming down to earth the last few starts last season, Max and Cabrera are wait to see. All the prospects we got for Stanton and Yelich should show that nothing is guaranteed until they are actually up. I’m not sure what they will do considering this whole season is one big clusterfuck but at this point getting rid of known cost controlled players that you know are good is dumb considering how many question marks are in this lineup and organization. I just saw your comparison to Anibal and that’s exactly what I was thinking and honestly that’s what this team needs and could use more of right now
  2. Still disappoints and bothers me that he no longer is involved in our organization in some capacity. I really hope Griffin ends up making the big team at some point. That would be awesome.
  3. I’ve seen people mention that we would trade Pablo. What’s the reasoning for this? It seems hard enough for us to throw 5 decent starters on the mound why would you give up in your solid second.
  4. What got me was that atleast two blue check marks had the same clutching pearls reactions.
  5. It’s like they forgot that they built our team around contact hitters since our parks so large. They were like F it let’s create a bullpen that helps do the exact same thing against us when we are at home.
  6. Miggy on the Chris Rose Pod a few weeks ago said that he would love to be part of our FO in the future when asked what one job he would like to do at the stadium outside of wearing a uniform. I believe it’s the same interview where they interviewed Castellanos, another Marlins fan growing up and really made me regret that we didn’t pick him up when we were rumored. The way Miggy talks about the team every time I’ve listened to him has been shining. The Marlins really need some players that are sold on the team rather than those that are here strictly by contract. I know that’s what they play for but it’s nice having a player that actually cares about the franchise definitely doesn’t hurt that he is a more than capable player and good locker room presence.
  7. I don’t wonder. It’s a wonder it’s taken this long. Players and owners are both on blast from me over it.
  8. I know this isn’t big but I love any opportunity to blast the media. You would think the Padres just asked media members to lick a toilet before they gained access. Basically the Padres allowed a select few fans to check out the press box during BP. Baseball Media got their panties in a bunch and had a meltdown on a public platform.
  9. While I won’t say it’s on the level that FishFry reasons, domestic violence against men happens more than many think. Underreported and undercharged for a number of reasons.
  10. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be the most unbelievable thing to happen between a FO and player
  11. Maybe that’s the secret hitting strategy in the background.
  12. If Isans card values are any indication, we should get a nice return for him. Most card guys still think he’s on track for a hall of fame career with what they are asking.
  13. Hey look another wasted out trying to steal poorly
  14. Holy shit this may the biggest tease since my junior prom.
  15. Heyy. Brinsons wearing a doorag.
  16. Even if we somehow end up winning this game, this has been such a F’ing nosedive of a season.
  17. This is turning into a shit show.
  18. Is everyone in the lineup going right at a chance to pitch or play weird positions this year?
  19. I’d hold him accountable but the FO isn’t showing that they are willing to hold themselves to the same standard. Completely dereliction of duty all the way around
  20. The Miami “rebuilding” Marlins. When the team has a chance to be competing, handicapp them enough that the team sucks so you can continue to Claim rebuilding status.
  21. It’s funny how if you seem to intentionally try to lose, it seems to work out that way.
  22. Yep it’s a joke. Best hope is finding team issued jerseys on the second hand market. That’s how I got my authentic BA and White Herrara from 2019. Haven’t seen any nikes pop up but that’s not unsurprising since the decided to cut up an ungodly amount of jerseys and pants to make masks last year.
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