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  1. What the hell is this about the French toast behind home plate that’s blowing up over tiwtter
  2. AeroFishOne


    I like Turkey and think it’s really underused in most restaurants. A Turkey from Honey Baked ham is my favorite. A good smoked Turkey is also pretty nice. It’s about my go to on a sandwich if I’m at home. Not a fan of traditional baked Turkey in the oven because it’s so hard to do one right
  3. My give a fuck meter hasn’t gone down this quickly on a season in a while. Normally we can atleast see some interesting prospects but the team can’t even be bothered to do that.
  4. If I understand it correctly which I may not, Fanatics also won the MLBPA rights too which would mean they can’t use players or teams. Only way for Topps to stay in the game or Panini in baseball too is to sell the rights to their brands to fanatics
  5. My first thought was yay! Someone that may or may not pan out in 3-5 years.
  6. Eh, I’m still alittle bitter about him being a little b**** about getting ran and hurt because he didn’t set up properly
  7. AeroFishOne


    Even better you can get his Topps chrome rookie auto this year in a Marlins jersey
  8. I don’t know if anyone else saw the news but this blows hugely. Fanatics is a shit company with shit product that spreads like cancer taking over all other good stores. They have zero experience in cards and this will kill a 70 year run by Topps. While I like most of Topps products they suffer from being the exclusive rights holder. Anytime anyone has an exclusive rights deal the product starts to suck, Manfred is a disgrace to baseball and is trying his hardest to fuck every last ounce of happiness out of it. I’m not ok.
  9. That was twice back to back the shift got beat
  10. So finally watched the video. The first one is more inconclusive but still not the n word than the second which is clearly Dinger , but hombre really needs to start hitting the I-N-Gs a little harder and less on the E-R’s If Brinson has really listened to it 50 times it sounds like he’s just hearing what he wants to hear considering no one reacted to it.
  11. Well this took a turn…..that damn triceratops
  12. Between a murder outside the gates and a shithead racist, Denver really giving the best of the best this series eh?
  13. Angel Hernandez is example A in the book, “Why Unions should fuck right off”
  14. Jazz racking up errors like you get a trophy for having the most
  15. Has this picture of Bass been circulated yet
  16. Might not be but he seems to be one of the very few that can get runs across since he came back.
  17. Well that wasn’t the way I thought we were going to get fucked
  18. Waiting for the inevitable marlins get fucked moment
  19. I didn’t mind Todd at first, most of the board soured on him first but I’m really ready for Tommy to be back.
  20. Jesus Christ these swings are awful
  21. De La Cruz will fit right in and of course Brinson strikes out. We got all these new guys up or in trades yet we still play Alfaro, Brinson and Sierra
  22. Too bad we couldn’t get to see Brian Miller a second game. Got to get Brinson those reps
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