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  1. PWSullivan Paul Sullivan If Pujols takes 10-year offer from Miami, look for Cubs to try and acquire 1B Gaby Sanchez, who fits their long term gameplan, Gaby + Dominguez for Garza HOLLAHOLLAHOLLAHOLLAHOLLA
  2. Also, it would make Volstad a much more viable trade piece. He'd be completely expendable then.
  3. I'd rather keep Chris Volstad for less money. Volstad's FIP was decent, even if you don't want to trust his xFIP since he just seems like a guy who gives up a lot of homers. You don't think the gap in performance between Volstad and Capuano justifies giving Capuano 1.5m more than what Volstad is gonna get?
  4. How would you guys feel about signing the guy as the 4th or 5th starter? It'd probably be somewhere around a 2/8 deal. Personally, I think Johnson-Buerhle-Sanchez-Nolasco-Capuano sounds like a damn good rotation.
  5. It's not ridiculous, but it's well above the allotted 90 million
  6. Lineup 1. SS Jose Reyes (15m) 2. 2B Omar Infante (4m) 3. 3B Hanley Ramirez (15m) 4. RF Mike Stanton (416k) 5. 1B Gaby Sanchez (431k) 6. LF Chris Coghlan (490k) 7. CF Grady Sizemore (5m) 8. C John Buck (6m) Bench Doesn’t matter all that much, in reality. I’d just have the best bench I possibly can for league minimum, or close to it, each. (2.5m total) Starters 1. Josh Johnson (13.75m) 2. Anibal Sanchez (6m) 3. *Gio Gonzalez (4.2m) 4. Chris Volstad (2.6m) 5. **MLB-ready SP prospect from big market team that struck out on the worthwhile SP free agents (414k) Bullpen 1. Joe Nathan (2m) 2. Edward Mujica (1.6m) 3. Clay Hensley (1.8m) 4. Mike Dunn (414k) 5. Steve Cishek (414k) 6. Brad Hand (414k) 7. Lefty Specialist (1-2m) *Trade Logan Morrison + pieces for Gio Gonzalez **Trade Ricky Nolasco to exactly what's written Non-Tender Leo Nuñez/Juan Carlos Oviedo Total estimated Salary: 83-84m
  7. You can't actually believe that the demand for starting pitching next offseason will be the same as this.
  8. Instead of getting into bidding wars with the big spenders in the Northeast and Midwest this offseason over the top available Starting Pitchers (which they all seem to prioritize over everything else), we focus on filling the holes in the lineup, which we probably wouldn't have to overpay for, and wait 'til next offseason, when the major spenders don't have a need for (the demand will be much lower), and the supply for starting pitching is bountiful to address the rotation?
  9. So one guy sucks, and we can't understand why anyone would be interested. The other guy is basically unquestionable. Last three years: Buerhle: 629 IP, 3.91 ERA, 1.316 WHIP Jackson: 623 IP, 3.96 ERA, 1.363 WHIP Jackson has allowed 1 earned run more over the last 3 years. Right now, they're basically the same pitcher. They arrive at their outcomes in different ways, but the outcomes are largely similar. The difference is one guy is 28 on opening day and the other is 33. Given the next 3-4 years, one guy is a much better bet to be the better pitcher. I'll let you guys decide which. "He doesn't have elite home run prevention skills." i would love to see that stat on a baseball card It's called "Home Runs Allowed." It's not a very difficult concept. Good burn, though. Are you going to completely ignore peripherals? Mark Buerhle is exponentially more likely to keep producing the type of season that Mark Buerhle has put up for the last decade than Jackson is. Will Mark Buerhle have an outstanding season? Probably not. But he probably won't have a terrible season either. With Jackson, it's either gonna be a great season, or a terrible one. Yes, Jackson strikes out more batters, but he also walks more batters. He also has higher line drive rates, along with lower ground ball rates. This is all conducive to more inconsistent play. Do we really need another Ricky Nolasco? We'd be better off just keeping Nolasco and not signing either rather than spending the money it would take to sign Jackson (I'm gonna estimate something around 4/50) and then trading Ricky.
  10. I'm quite interested, but It'd have to wait until my financial aid money comes in, in January.
  11. 1.John Buck 2.Brett Hayes 3.Gaby Sanchez 4.Omar Infante 5.Matt Dominguez 6.Wes Helms 7.Emilio Bonifacio 8.Hanley Ramirez 9.Donnie Murphy 10.Chris Coghlan 11.Logan Morrison 12.Mike Stanton 13.Scott Cousins 14.Dewayne Wise 15.Josh Johnson 16.Ricky Nolasco 17.Anibal Sanchez 18.Javier Vazquez 19.Chris Volstad 20.Leo Nunez 21.Clay Hensley 22.Edward Mujica 23.Dustin Richardson 24.Ryan Webb 25.Randy Choate 22/25
  12. Ten? sh*t, he's only 20, right? Give him 15 years and 90 mil.
  13. Say the Marlins are falling out of the race by July 31st. Dan Uggla will be a hot commodity. What do you think about the following St. Louis gets: Dan Uggla Florida gets: Shelby Miller, Tyler Greene peep those two prospects and tell me that wouldn't be a good deal
  14. Now that Coghlan is starting to hit well, and we don't have any holes in the lineup outside of Maybin , Stanton probably will, and SHOULD hit 8th when he comes up
  15. Why not trade maybin while he still has legit value?
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