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  1. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    @SilverBullet1929 Your fighting a losing battle on the Chris Creamer forums. Those guys are such snobs when it comes to uniforms. I’m sure you know that. They don’t like anything that’s not from established 50 year plus franchises especially any team that tries to be different but they also diss any team that tries to look traditional if they are an expansion team. I loved our old Cap logo jersey as an alternate and still think that logo was excellent.
  2. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    I remember that and then wondered why the Marlins didn’t take advantage of that and continue to use it. I quickly realized we were the Marlins.
  3. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    That would suck bad. That’s my worry is that we end up a Yankees clone with no personality. They wore it for one preseason game with the black jersey. One of the worst combinations they could have done. I still think the best look this new brand has had is the white home with the orange socks and hat.
  4. Do you know the 2018 Marlins quiz

    I guess half good but only really knew 4.
  5. Souza to D-backs in 3-way deal

    Rays trying really hard to get that relocation rolling. Too bad ol Charlotte Nc had to go and make that new triple A stadium. I could actually watch some live baseball within an 1hr and a half.
  6. Maybin signed

    You may laugh but I actually have a team issued Maybin jersey, one of the old black alternates from the tealish era. Ironic considering it’s about the only one my fat ass can wear now.
  7. Monster Jam

    Man can’t see the picture but I can only imagine the our infield is going to look Kim Kardashians dugout after a night out.
  8. Facial hair allowed

    If you didn’t tell me that was Manny JB the cleaveland pics I would have never guessed that was him.
  9. Tim Lincecum

    Just read the heralds article about who could be in our starting rotation next season. We are going to get hit so hard.
  10. 4 bobblehead games planned in 2018

    The good Lort above.
  11. Marlins to unveil 25th anniversary logo

    I was fully expecting it to remain similar in color to what we have now and mix elements of the two, so I’m very pleasantly surprised. If we didn’t fully move away from what we have right now for 2019, i would be flabbergasted.
  12. Marlins to unveil 25th anniversary logo

    I’m more excited about this and a potential rebrand with the teal then anything on field related for probably a couple years
  13. 4 bobblehead games planned in 2018

    Oh, Lort!
  14. 4 bobblehead games planned in 2018

    This is a joke right?
  15. Marlins to unveil 25th anniversary logo

    So your saying that Marlins fans care nothing about their history and wouldn’t get a chub for the original uniforms and other history things?