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  1. Looking like everyone sucking excepting staring pitchjng
  2. Man there has been some terrible decisions and ideas bounced around since Manfred took over. The now seemingly inevitable lockout and this shitty idea. Basically turns the players into black and white nameless pawns on the chess field if you think about it. Cant tell the team, can’t tell the players name, no soul or personality to the uniform.
  3. So how do all these trades change our ETA to being good? Especially since we are trading out some of the guys we got in more recent deals and going even younger.
  4. You can find good deals if your patient. Most of my Marlins were bought on eBay from reputable sellers like ptf sports that gets leftovers. Going to be awhile for the New Jersey’s to show up on the secondary market I’m afraid. i wouldn’t be as bothered about the price if the replica jerseys were actually replicas of what’s worn on the field, look wise. Not having shoulder patches is a complete disgrace. Spend the 10 bucks extra for a patch and sew the damn thing on jersey makers.
  5. Baseball authentics have gotten way the F out of hand price wise. You cant justify that price point when they are some of the easiest to make as far as limited amount of graphics. The fabric can not justify the price point. Especially when Adidas hockey jersey are sub 200 and have a very similar quality feel as the majestic authentic. Besides I absolutely hate the air belt system. Looks like a diaper.
  6. Hopefully these pants start showing up on the pro stock market. Have a pair of all the old pants except anything from 2012 on
  7. Not a fan of the black jersey. Like at all. I understand the idea they were going for but I just don’t like how it ended up
  8. The new uniforms have really grown to the point that they are almost my favorite of our looks. I do agree in a sense that I wish we could get the colors to pop a little more and I think having a blue Alternate jersey would help. Still love the home and road jerseys but making the colors a little thicker might help. I’m really excited for the future of this look and hope and pray they don’t cave into any crazy demands. You have a good base uniform set. Don’t have to go crazy
  9. F those guys on that board. Talking about Uncanny Valley or some shit like that. There bias against any team in any sport that’s not a traditional market is outstanding.
  10. Seriously, if Fox Sports go just offered a subscription, I would just do that and probably nothing else. All I watch is YouTube and sports.
  11. I’m just here for me yearly. F*** the MLB blackout restrictions. Central NC and I get blacked out of Nationals And Braves games.
  12. F*** this idea right back to whatever straight hell this came from. If Manfred Approves this he is a bigger c*** then I could ever imagine.
  13. Why did we trade Colin Moran and who did we get for Him
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