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  1. Yeah SP looks promising.
  2. Pitching hasnt been awful other than some dumb stuff I saw last night but I’ve always liked offense more.
  3. Jesus Christ this team is just not fun to watch. Picked off and strike out on a bunt and two of the bunt attempts were pop ups.
  4. What did they see on that challenge that I didn’t.
  5. What’s up with Riddle this season?
  6. I know I can’t stand Acuna. He reminds me of Hanley
  7. Jesus, the older I get the more impatient I get with pitching changes. Treat it like a damn sprint. Full speed run to the mound, 1 warm up pitch the let’s do this mfer .
  8. Well it was starting to go better
  9. You know I was just getting back into watching after a long hockey season. Starting to look forward to games but this just kills all enthusiasm I had. I don’t mind losing hard fought games but I can’t stand ineptitude.
  10. What’s the deal with him? Not consistent?
  11. Well my Hurricanes finally we’re eliminated so now I can focus my attention on baseball. Are we world series contenders yet? Is Jeter the greatest owner of all time?
  12. I have noticed that Marlins social media has been pretty keyboard PC warrior since the switchover. The designated poster is definitely letting a little to much of their personal opinions through at times.
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