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  1. AeroFishOne

    Straily and Mattingly suspended and fined for throwing at Posey

    Posey has fucked up all kinds of things over the years. Ruined the plays at home because he didn’t set up properly and caused an entirely stupid rule to be implemented. Mlb is dumb as hell with the warning system anyway.
  2. AeroFishOne

    Tommy is Back

    Didn’t know Gaby Sanchez was an analyst. His close line of Nyjer Morgan will go down in Marlins history. Glad to have Tommy back but frankly they should have rich and tommy back in the booth. I like the two new guys but it just seems vanilla.
  3. AeroFishOne

    6-8 San Diego at Florida

    Is that replicas or authentics?
  4. AeroFishOne

    6-8 San Diego at Florida

    I cant stress enough how much beauty there is in this game. The teal looks less gaudy then what we are currrently calling our uniform set.
  5. AeroFishOne

    25th Anniversary Weekend is finally here...

    They are going all out. Even using the proper helmets instead of getting cheap like some teams and using the regular helmets on throwback night. This game looks so right. Fricking awesome looking
  6. AeroFishOne

    2018 Draft

    Osiris Johnson. Don’t know anything about him but he was projected 103.
  7. AeroFishOne

    Countdown to 25th Anniversary Weekend

    I look goofy as hell in most of the standard caps. Most of the hats I bought around 2010 fit well but the new stuff, the quality control has sucked, even some of the American ones.
  8. AeroFishOne

    Countdown to 25th Anniversary Weekend

    That’s kinda why I got out of collecting MLB stuff. Went from being relatively possible to buy everything worn on field to about impossible with a new design for every holidays. Took my love of collecting out of it. ....And it doesn’t help that these speciality hats are almost 40 bucks for a pretty crappy product. You have to try 13 different caps of the same size to find one that fits and hopefully your don’t buy on that the logos are off center or falling off.
  9. AeroFishOne

    Countdown to 25th Anniversary Weekend

    Thanks for the heads up. New Era and kids embracing the low profile on field hats was the best thing they’ve every done in a while amid all the other quality issues.
  10. AeroFishOne

    Countdown to 25th Anniversary Weekend

    I actually have a Miguel Olivo game with vest that Piazza picked up for me at a team sale a few years back. Those things were awesome and I definitely liked the majestic cut jerseymore then the old Russells.
  11. AeroFishOne

    Countdown to 25th Anniversary Weekend

    I know I’m not hip enough but the only word I can think of is “Fresh” when describing these. This looks even better than I remembered. All the social media post are being flooded with “being back this look.” Jeter would be crazy not to make that one concession when he already has a lot of haters, rightfully or wrongfully. The hat is an improvement. I’ve always hated the off center F and frankly didn’t even notice the white outline until Penguino mentioned it. Don’t mind it one way or another compared to centered-off centered “F” which would have driven me crazy.
  12. AeroFishOne

    Bring back Hanley!

    Don’t want him back, but if we did I hope they make him cut that stupid hair. Looks bad. For the record, I’m fine with dreads but he has enough to mop the deck of the titanic three times over.
  13. AeroFishOne

    Dimelo, Miami

    I’d buy the hell out of it even though I don’t get excited about the roundel on the shoulder. I always liked the F logo on the sleeve over this one even though I’m general not a fan of duplicating the hat logos on jerseys. Really like the road but wouldn’t mind seeing the old soutache on the sleeve ends to give it something a little extra.
  14. AeroFishOne

    Is there an exciting player in this organization?

    Anderson is the most exciting at the moment but like you said, is he even a core player.
  15. AeroFishOne

    Marlins claim British Virgin Island citizenship

    Makes sense. Hadn’t seen to much in that part.

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