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  1. Loria vs Miami-Dade County: One Last Battle

    You got to grease up and not tense up.
  2. Loria vs Miami-Dade County: One Last Battle

    It's like the second coming..
  3. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    I mean less about what we got back in trade and more about what we lost in the players ability and value to the team.
  4. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    Here's my question though, who would/did hurt more when traded, Miguel Cabrera or Stanton?
  5. Sale is done; votes are in

    Wonder when we will get a press conference with the new owners with some info on the direction they will take.
  6. 10/1 Braves vs Fish

    Sucks this might be the last time we see him in a marlin uniform while we have millions being paid to scrubs that aren't even playing
  7. Should the new owners change the look of the team?

    I'd be more worried about the new owners going with less is more than more is more. The earliest I see changings being made is 2019. Normally takes a year or two to get the changes going.
  8. Should the new owners change the look of the team?

    I'd say it's all but certain the look will change. I'm hoping for something very similar to the blue on this forum or the color of the seats. Maybe accents of Teal as the throwback. I'll be very disappointed if it's something very bland though.
  9. Chris Volstad

    Saw the title and all I'm thinking is...
  10. Jeter Fires Conine McKeon Dawson & Perez

    Man, this Hit hard. He better be working some fucking magic when he takes over because he seems to be wanting to one up Loria on the asshole scale.
  11. Jeter/Sherman still short by 150 million

    This seems to becoming a shit show if it's not already.
  12. 8/27/17 POST GAME!!!

    Hey look we are winning.
  13. Loria agrees to sell Miami Marlins to Sherman and Jeter.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was a priority on the bargaining table however low. You give my step son a position and I'll allow you more time to get a deal done.
  14. Loria agrees to sell Miami Marlins to Sherman and Jeter.

    I thought I would be excited for this day when it came but right now I'm indifferent if not alittle bummed. It's not that I don't want Loria to sell but Mas seemed like the better fit for this team based on what we had seen. Really seemed that Mas never stood a chance as long as Jeter hung on. Don't call me optimistic for spending on payroll when they struggled and struggled to come up with enough to purchase the team.
  15. Marlins Sale Rumors

    If it goes that far where Loria pisses everyone off and no sale happens, that will probably be it for me until it's sold or something changes. It's hard for me to keep up my enthusiasm up for the team as it is especially when living out of state and can't catch games in person. Work and family make it hard to devote time and effort into this team. If he don't sale just remember we are probably stuck with Mike Hill due to that contract extension.