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  1. Well my Hurricanes finally we’re eliminated so now I can focus my attention on baseball. Are we world series contenders yet? Is Jeter the greatest owner of all time?
  2. I have noticed that Marlins social media has been pretty keyboard PC warrior since the switchover. The designated poster is definitely letting a little to much of their personal opinions through at times.
  3. Why does urena look like he has gum all in his hair?
  4. About the same. I’ve felt the home and road jersey are superior in all iterations especially this one, but it’s mostly about the usage
  5. Don’t know much about the game other than the Braves teeing off but I do know I’m am already getting tired of seeing the black jerseys
  6. To add on about the quality, I actually like the new flex base fabric but don’t see where they get the 200 plus out of it. I absolutely loathe the air belt concept they came out with and hope they ditch that idea. It makes them look ridiculous untucked and really is your ass getting that sweaty?
  7. I want an authentic home and road jersey but it’s gotten hard to justify the price for a Authentic baseball jersey when looking at the quality compared to hockey jerseys. Even the adidas authentic hockey jerseys are comparable to the current MLB Authentics as far as material feel and patch work. The upper price for a customized MLB would be fine around 210. Pushing 311 before sales is just too much for me. Hoping for a sale when the Majestic deal ends.
  8. I ordered a fanatics Carolina Hurricanes puffer coat. It literally felt like a cheap thin garbage bag with a cheap screen printed logo. The zipper felt like it would rip the bag, I mean jacket in less than three months. Sent it back for a refund. At 30 bucks it felt like a ripoff, never mind the original 80 dollar price tag.
  9. I didn’t watch many games last year but is Jess Blaylock still doing games?
  10. Hey Sign guy is back. Did I miss that before?
  11. Might be old news, but Pop! vinyl figures is doing MLB mascots including Billy. Hate the things normally but I’m going to have to get Billy.
  12. Besides let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be the worst thing you’ve probably spent money on. Love you.
  13. Not into Arcade style sports games. Thing I love about The show is the Live a Life more. One of the reasons I’ve been disappointed with the NHL series. EA too focused on the micro transaction game modes and refuse to provide content for the single player.
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