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  1. AeroFishOne

    New Logo Coming

    I think that logos going to look really good on white.
  2. AeroFishOne

    New Logo Coming

    Someone of the Chris Creamer forum pointed out that the later released “concepts” either have part of the logos scaling into the barcodes or into the dividing line at the top, whereas the initial logo does not. The initial leaked logo also is the only one with the copyright on it.
  3. AeroFishOne

    New Logo Coming

    Yeah I could live with either the original one or the currly blue one. There’s no way they are still deciding if it is to be released in November. Either someone’s trying to throw off the scent as it’s been mentioned or the 2019 date is wrong as reported. Being that Lukas said it was in the style guide for next year, I’d imagine they are trying to throw people off.
  4. AeroFishOne

    New Logo Coming

    I’d like to see a better pic, but I could dig it. Might look really good on a black hat. Almost looks blue and purplish on the outline. Like it better than What we have now
  5. AeroFishOne

    New Logo Coming

  6. AeroFishOne

    New Logo Coming

    I’m hard.................ly able to contain myself.
  7. Sorry if it’s been discussed but just saw that my local team in Greensboro is now the Pirates affiliate. Sucks for me because I only had mild interest in seeing the team with our minor leaguers. Now it’s basically non-existent. Have Miami announced replacement plans?
  8. AeroFishOne

    13 let go from Minor League Coaching & Development staffs

    Unfortunately doesn’t mean a whole lot if we fire Hill or scouting staffs now. You’ve done traded our most valuable assets. If the plan all along was to fire hill and scouting after one season you would have been better off holding onto them one more year considering our history of things no panning out. . If you wanted the players gone, you should have made management moves before making trades
  9. AeroFishOne

    2019 Enhancements to Ballpark Experience

    In person I imagine it sucks. Camp days never bothered with on TV though.
  10. AeroFishOne

    2019 Enhancements to Ballpark Experience

    The Vuvuzela game it was. That along with the game where the whine of the blimp overheard all game were the most annoying games I’ve ever watched on tv.
  11. AeroFishOne

    2019 Enhancements to Ballpark Experience

    6/19/2010 When the idea of musical instruments is brought up, that’s the game the Marlins new ownership should go back and watch every single minute of it.
  12. AeroFishOne

    The education of Derek Jeter, baseball CEO

    I have no idea what he’s going to do. If I did I’d be making a lot more money if I could read the future.
  13. AeroFishOne

    The education of Derek Jeter, baseball CEO

    We shall see. If it’s something as simple as fit the M version of the old logo, might not take so long. . Complete over haul. your talking time.I haven’t heard them say one way or any other.
  14. AeroFishOne

    The education of Derek Jeter, baseball CEO

    I don’t remember that, but not doubting you at all. I know we were all guessing on the colors based on the Marlins Park logo. Uniforms they did a good job holding out on. Now that I’ve caught up, I still think we will see the new update next year. It’s one of the few thing Jeter can do in the short term to boost some interest and retail money when next season won’t likely be better I think Jeter had already chose Teal before they even did the surveys. Might be a rush job but I think it’s something they probably want to get done as soon as possible to establish this new owner era of Marlins.
  15. AeroFishOne

    The education of Derek Jeter, baseball CEO

    I haven’t caught up in the thread yet and it might have been answered but we didn’t get the 2012 update leaks until either the night of or night before of the fashion show. The only leak was of the home jersey on a ticket stub. They did a pretty good job of keeping it quiet. Nowadays with leaks it’s hit or miss and some times how big of a hit. The Lakers leaks were the epitome of a crap storm whereas some other teams have been able to keep it under wraps longer.
  16. AeroFishOne

    Liquor connosseurs

    Kinda going with the craft beer thread we had for a while. Is there anyone that has a finer appreciation for spirits? I've never been much of a drinker and don't see the fascination with getting wasted. I somehow got looking up reviews and videos for spirit tastings recently and have found it pretty interesting. i also really find the designs of the decanters and bottles to be fascinating. Anybody appreciate liquor as anything other than a vessel to plasteredville? Looking for recommendations.
  17. AeroFishOne

    Isaac Galloway called up

    Good for him. Remember seeing him when the Grasshoppeers actually had interesting prospects on the team. It was around the same time Ozuna and Yelich were in the outfield. 2010 was a fun year in Greensboro. Haven’t been interesting really since. No Kolek didn’t count.
  18. AeroFishOne

    Dimelo, Miami

    @THRILLHO Those uni’s you posted do have teal it’s just difficult to see because it blends in with the black and silver. I have several at home including game worn. One thing I did like about that set was the silver sparkling fabric to accent the teal. The amount of black ruined it. The silver sparkle really reminded me of a fish and the way it sparkled. It had been teal outlined in the silver and black, probably much better.
  19. AeroFishOne

    Manfred, The Commish

    Wondering what everyone’s thoughts on Manfred are so far. There have been several things that he’s said and recommended that makes me shake my head but I recently saw his statement basically calling out Mike Trout for not promoting the game. To me it just seems the game is headed to another lockout. Tensions running high between league and Players and the league isn’t doing much to help their case.
  20. AeroFishOne

    Manfred, The Commish

    Saw a good tweet from someone on Twitter that basically said that it was ironic that Manfred mad about trout not selling the game when the mlb blacks out teams 12 hours away. i can attest to this. As a fan in NC. The nearest team is approximately 6 hours away but yet Nationals, Orioles and Atlanta is blacked out. They want players to market themselves but when they show any form of individuality like with the cleats they put a stop to it. The whole protecting the catcher rule still pisses me off even thought it might have been Selina rule.
  21. Have we won the World Series yet? This year I mean.
  22. AeroFishOne

    7/3 Rays @ Marlins 7:10

    Tuned in for my first game In almost a month to see them start losing within a half inning. Sorry guys.
  23. AeroFishOne

    Straily and Mattingly suspended and fined for throwing at Posey

    Posey has fucked up all kinds of things over the years. Ruined the plays at home because he didn’t set up properly and caused an entirely stupid rule to be implemented. Mlb is dumb as hell with the warning system anyway.
  24. AeroFishOne

    Tommy is Back

    Didn’t know Gaby Sanchez was an analyst. His close line of Nyjer Morgan will go down in Marlins history. Glad to have Tommy back but frankly they should have rich and tommy back in the booth. I like the two new guys but it just seems vanilla.
  25. AeroFishOne

    6-8 San Diego at Florida

    Is that replicas or authentics?

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