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  1. I like CC batting second, he previously had shown to be patient at the plate and have the ability to get on base. If Pierre gets on base in front of him, he should see decent pitches. Realistically, we don't have a hitter in this lineup that can bat second do we? I hope Pierre plays well, CC plays well, and Ruggiano plays well to the point that each OF gets a day or two off a week. The team is better with CC and Ruggiano on it and playing well, mostly because one or the other will be playing for another team sometime soon. Nah man, CC showed that he was patient at the plate for 1/2
  2. It's as simple as, "If you win, Miami fans will come"
  3. I have amassed so many more though. really my love of gifs is ridiculous
  4. Who cares about a backup to a backup catcher's opinion? Please, the only thing Matty is good for is getting his wife to throw out the first pitch or give an interview.
  5. Game. For a while there it looked like we might climb back into it. Then we remembered that we're the Marlins.
  6. Nice DP! I can't stand Bryce Harper. Like I really never want to see his g** d*** face ever and every time I do, I get more infuriated.
  7. our chances are getting slimmer and slimmer...
  8. What the flip was that pitch??? Baker, where have you been? Blah, was interning at a hospital all summer. Crappy hours and long commute. I went to a couple of games though!
  9. Does he deserve to be suspended? YES. Am I absolutely glad that showboater ahole Bryce Harper got pegged (and should it happen as often as possible)? YES. Did Harper get the last laugh? YES. That being said, I don't like Harper and the baseball player he is. I don't know any baseball player his age, and remember I worked with them in UF, that acts like he does. I don't get it.
  10. I'm glad to see some emotion from the players.
  11. And that was the last time that ball was ever seen again. Some people say it's now a moon orbiting Jupiter.
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