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  1. I've never seen a pitcher hit a HR like Big Z hit today. That was awesome.
  2. Our starting pitching has been amazing. I hope we can keep it up.
  3. Jesus H. Christ, Some of you guys make me want to run head first into a wall and make me wonder how horribly you would run a team. Some of you would probably have 3 managers in two years and be fielding a team of minor leaguers because you haven't declared that they "suck" yet like half these scrubs were fielding. :sarcasm: I don't care who's pitching but 4 straight walks between JJ and the rest of the bullpen in that situation is straight up embarrassing. Doesn't matter who got pulled or the reason, Do your damn job and get one out. Some of you guys must have forgot how Ol' Freddy managed the bullpen. I agree. Bullpen sucked it up. Also the one run we got was pretty lucky as Stanton was out by a mile at home, but the short hop throw bailed us out. Offense is really anemic right now.
  4. Showing LoMos tight and late BA was a good omen!
  5. Boner rules. That is all.
  6. Sounds good. I'm coming from Hollywood, so I'll try the 836W tonight. I'm not in a big rush. I'm leaving about 10 after 6. I would *think* there would be even less traffic from the east side, seeing as how the majority of the Miami population lives West of I-95, but from personal experience, 17th Ave was great.
  7. I'll be at the game tonight. Dreading the drive and parking situation, but I'm going to tough it out. I've gone to 3 games already. parked free every time just a few blocks away. its not a dread at all. I have a parking pass, I just don't know whether to take 95-S to the 836 or 95-S to the 112. I went to last night's game, and I took the 836 and got off on 17th Ave, I had no issues at all with traffic, and we didn't get there that early (maybe 6:30-ish). I had a parking ticket for lot W3, and it was a breeze both getting in and out. Granted, this was our lowest attendance of the year, so I'm sure that was a factor.
  8. I think we will average about 28-30k. If we hover around 1st and 2nd place in the division and play well at home, I could definitely see this, or even better, when it's all said and done.
  9. He ate all of Stanton's power in Spring Training. I think Mike is getting into shape, in the last 2 games he's had those Stanton-patented low flying line drives that hit the bottom of the fence before touching the ground.
  10. Hanley has been absolutely crushing the ball, but this can be a double edged sword. Ive seen hanley many times try to crush the ball behind the count. I don't mind this if he's gonna hit 50 hrs this season, but at least try to make contact on a pitchers count. I agree too, but so far this season he's hitting the ball the other way which shows his head is in the right mindset. That last game winning hit was behind the count and the other way like it should be. Yeah, and his homeruns have been to Center or Left-Center, so he's not yanking the ball the way Omar seems to do. I do agree that sometimes his swings look like he's going for the fences, but that could just be an optical illusion of his long and extended follow-through. Either way, he's killing it right now, so I hope he keeps doing what he's doing.
  11. http://hittrackeronline.com/detail.php?id=2012_253&type=hitter The distances on Hanley's 3 HRs this year are: 429, 447 and 439 Holy crap. I think he's back. Discuss the power!
  12. Great game overall. Boni is playing out of his mind, Infants stayed hot, Baby showed signs of life, and Hanley has been superman the last 2 games. JJ looked shaky with a ton of lead off walks, but we had a bunch of double plays which killed their innings. I was at the game in section 23. Did they say anything on Tv about the guy who took the foul line drive to the face in left?
  13. One of the many headscratching things about this game was that inking where Gaudin ended up hitting. How do you not steal 2B with Hanley when you know that with a 2 out hit you're going to hit with your pitcher? Hanley was on third, though, when Gaudin was batting. I mean when Hanley was on 1B. First with 1 out and then with 2 outs and LoMo batting. How do you not try to take 2B there knowing that you're not going to get a chance to drive him in if LoMo doesn't get an extra base hit.
  14. One of the many headscratching things about this game was that inking where Gaudin ended up hitting. How do you not steal 2B with Hanley when you know that with a 2 out hit you're going to hit with your pitcher?
  15. Just finished the game on the DVR. What a bizarre series. What an awesome game from Hanley.
  16. That game hurt my soul. Just about everything was going our way until that evil 9th. As bad as Bell feels right now, I think LoMo feels even worse. Hopefully we can win the series tomorrow and put this terrible loss behind us. By the way, the move for Bell looks terrible right now, but Zambrano is performing (should be 2-0) and Reyes is living up to the hype, so it could be worse.
  17. Damn it I double posted. Other thoughts: I think Hanley suicide watch is now in session.
  18. First game I miss turns out to be the most exciting one of the season. Oh well, if that's what it takes to get Gang going and win, I can live with it.
  19. That pop-up on ball four was brutal, almost made me break the remote! C'mon Gabby hit the effing ball please. How could he swing at a ball so far outside the strike zone? He's got 8Ks and 0BBs thus far. I'm as big a Gaby fan as they come, but man, he is not seeing the ball at all right now.
  20. I felt like we had some bad luck this series. Lots of hard hit balls and outstanding defensive plays from the Phillies. Also felt like our defense really let us down. If we would've played defense like the Phillies we could have won the series. Having said that, watching Lomo, Gaby and Buck has been painful. Hanley looked great at third today. The announcers made a good point that he's thrown the ball very well from third base.
  21. Cuban-born checking in... I feel everyone is overreacting, not because of what was said, but because of who said it. Let's face it, Ozzie is an uneducated, fast-talking, slow-thinking man, who knows of nothing but baseball. Obviously the guy misspoke in the interview, he said it himself, he's lived in Miami for 12 years, if he really was a Castro supporter, those would be the last words to come out of his mouth. I feel that in the moment, being interviewed by Time magazine, thinking of himself as the big-shot can't-be-censored manager, he was too proud to redact his statement (again, not the brightest guy around). Bottom line is the people who are complaining about this are old Cubans, a lot of whom have lived longer in the US than they did back in their native land. These are the same people who tell you how Cuba was basically the Garden of Eden before Castro got there, and all they do is complain about this country and how much better Cuba was. These guys couldn't be any happier that Ozzy opened his big mouth because it gives them a chance to re-chant their stories and cry. Some idiot said something stupid, who cares; f*** that noise, let's play baseball.
  22. Overhed

    Pick The First

    Hit - Reyes Double - Giancarlo Triple - Reyes HR - Hanley RBI - Gaby Run Scored - Reyes Walk-Off Hit - Gaby Stolen Base - Bonifacio Caught Stealing - Bonifacio Error - Reyes Win - JJ
  23. The "Esto no es un bakery" line was the best.
  24. Overhed

    MLB The Show 12

    Beginner or whatever the lowest level is. Just makes it even sadder that I can't put together any offense. Check out this thread on Reddit. Also check out my comment below the original post. Work on pitch recognition and the approach that the OP suggests, and you'll be crushing the CPU and playing in All-Star mode in no time. http://www.reddit.com/r/MLBTheShow/comments/qvabl/so_youre_having_trouble_with_the_show/
  25. Overhed

    MLB The Show 12

    RTTS seems good this year. It's an odd thing, but I think they tweaked something with the pitcher-batter match-up. Even though my contact is a crappy 30-something, I've hit a couple of doubles in the gap and a triple through 5 games or so. I feel like I make solid contact when I should, where-as in the past, there were times that you'd have good timing, on a ball right in your vision oval, and you'd still hit a slow chopper, at least early-on in your career. Honestly, my favorite thing this year is the addition of the Analog Zone Hitting. Not so much because I move the Plate Vision Indicator around, but because if you're patient and wait for a good pitch in the heart of the zone, you'll always hit it well it if your timing is right. Last year I got frustrated often because the PVI would move around depending on how the pitcher pitched at you and how your timing was. This resulted in the occasional Home-run on a low ball in the zone, but it also resulted in weakly-hit balls on pitches right down the pipe! I hated this. This year, it's perfect.
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