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  1. Alright Omar! Way to rip it.
  2. Mike is resurrecting before our eyes. We're in business here.
  3. Dobbs for bloop hitter hall of fame.
  4. Honestly, I'd rather see Hanley strike-out looking on those borderline low-and-away pitches than do that crap and chase when they're out of the zone.
  5. Brutal. What a terrible call by the umpire.
  6. Take the f***ing dog faces off, they're now good luck for the Angels. :banghead
  7. Mother of god. Bobby "Fish Killer" Abreu
  8. Oh gosh, Brian is sweating bullets out there.
  9. Chased it pretty good, but nice swing.
  10. Oh Boner... for such a fast guy, your baserunning was horrendous right there. At least Gaby's @ 2nd.
  11. Oh god, it's painful when Rich tries to roll his Rs. "puerorico".
  12. Wtf, I missed the dog face meme. I thought it was the same person posting over and over. Great start to the game by Brian 'Red Wolf' Sanches.
  13. Good job, Annibal. Hopefully he settles down now and has a quick 1-2-3 in the 3rd.
  14. I thought Boni was going to dive at that. -_-
  15. I thought we'd win this game, but I just saw the lineup... Oh boy. Annibal, we need a no-hitter.
  16. Am I the only one who is becoming progressively more attracted to Allison as the season goes on? Maybe it's the losing streak, but she's starting to look pretty good.
  17. Give these players some xanax to help them relax at the plate. They look very uncomfortable up there no matter who's pitching. Warren Cromartie just said on 790AM that its hard to play baseball, looking over your shoulder, and they have proven they will get rid of someone who is in a slump. He said their is lack of leadership, and that Uggla was the guy that guys looked to last year. He says his voice is missing. Get the hell out of here. Who is going to listen to Uggla when he's hitting below the Mendoza line.
  18. Dare I say, Volstad looks solid. Good command of the breaking ball and the change up.
  19. Did I just hear that hitters are hitting .419 against Volstad's FB?
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