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  1. Dude, how the hell is Wes Helms still playing in the major leagues? Holy crap, he is horrible.
  2. Did Stanton get sent down, injured, etc. . .? In the doghouse? Out with an eye infection of some kind...
  3. Dobbs has been doing that a ton lately. It was a pretty well-hit ball. Great to see a run score in the first, even if we got lucky (Wise got uber-jammed on that pitch by Shields).
  4. Dobbs is in RF today. 1. Dewayne Wise CF 2. Emilio Bonifacio SS 3. Logan Morrison LF 4. Gaby Sanchez 1B 5. Greg Dobbs RF 6. Hanley Ramirez DH 7. Omar Infante 2B 8. Wes Helms 3B 9. Brett Hayes C ROFL What the hell?! We'd rather have Hanley DH'ing and Dobbs in RF than Hanley @ SS, Dobbs @ DH, and Bonifacio in RF?
  5. @Manny_Navarro: Several players fought back tears after hearing news Wow this team is not mentally tough at all then. Professional sports is a business and you're not supposed to really get attached to your manager...or anyone for that matter. Oh, come on. First we get on players 'cause the "don't care", and then we get on them 'cause they do? This is definitely shocking news. I think this slump has nothing to do with Edwin. The team is in a bad rut right now, I think most of it can be attributed to injuries and bad luck (how many 1 run games have we lost in June?). I hope the tea
  6. Hayes better get more starts now. That's all. This is the only positive we can take from Sunday's game, I think. Hayes is definitely showing that he can hit well enough to get some serious playing time. It would be great if we could split time between Buck and him more evenly and keep both guys healthy and fresh throughout the year.
  7. Hate to derail the "discussion", but boy, I really thought this thread had jinxed Leo's "perfection" during today's game... :lol
  8. I went to the game and the atmosphere was great. This was a big win for us and JJ did an amazing job of getting through 7 considering how the first 3 or 4 innings went.
  9. Marlins are 14-4 in Volstad's last 18 starts :blink: I'd love to see where his run support ranks in the league He's getting 8.67 runs of support per start this year which is 14th in the league, 6th in the NL. Jeremy Hellickson is the league leader at 10.91, Mike Leake is the NL leader at 10.57. If only they gave JJ more than 1 ER a game. He's getting 6.37. I wonder if there isn't a bit of psychology going on there. When Volstad pitches, the player know they are likely to need to score lots of runs to win, whereas with JJ on the mound, they know they will probably win as long as t
  10. Anyone else think that a Dobbs/Bonifacio platoon at 3B is looking really good right about now? Dobb's defense has been great and he is hitting out of his mind. Boner has been hitting very well too. If it wasn't for those two guys stepping up, I think we'd be in a bit of a hole right now.
  11. Vote goes to Bonifacio. He did have a solid week, but the fact he actually hit the ball out of the park for the 1st time sealed it. I agree. If this performance isn't enough to get Boni FOTW, he'll never get it. Well, his opening week the year we went 11-1 was amazing, but yeah. Haha indeed, however I think we can all agree that the chances of that happening again are comparable to the odds of a zombie apocalypse taking place. :lol
  12. Vote goes to Bonifacio. He did have a solid week, but the fact he actually hit the ball out of the park for the 1st time sealed it. I agree. If this performance isn't enough to get Boni FOTW, he'll never get it.
  13. Game was painful to watch throughout. I feel terrible for Cousins because if he makes a couple of plays we would have won or at least gotten out of the 10th. I gotta admit that it was pretty cool seeing Coghlan come in and play the infield though. Hopefully we get them back today and win the series.
  14. He's pretty good. Yea, I'd say he's above average. Ehhh... I don't know... That's pushing it. :lol
  15. Team looks great right now. Hopefully we can keep it going. Great pitching performance today.
  16. Like a few others have mentioned thus far, for me the game was won when Bonifacio took that high outside heater for a ball on a 3-2 count. We ALL know that 80% of the time, he swings and misses at that pitch, but he was magically able to pick it up and lay off it. Also, that ball Infante hit was scorched, but should've been caught in left. All in all, amazing game. Love Hanley's clutch hit there in the 9th to keep us alive. Hopefully it's the start of a nice streak for him (hopefully enough of a streak to get him over the Mendoza line :lol).
  17. Gotta give it to LoMo. Dobbs and Brett Hayes each stepped up big time in the games they played. On a funny note, 6 of Coghlan's 7 hits were extra-base hits: 5 doubles and 1 HR. He slugged .536 despite a .250 BA. :lol
  18. Are we ever going to have our full lineup out on the field? Any takers on who gets injured the day before Hanley comes back? Coghlan tried really hard to add himself to that list the other night... Coghlan's only weakness involves shaving cream pies and end game celebrations .
  19. We won with Pierre's arm in center. I think we can do it with Cogs. Agreed. I think speed, range and agility are much more improtant attributes to have in a cf than arm strength. I think that his routes and play on balls has been great. Also I think there'a only a handful of cfers that make the 2 crazy highlight plays he's made. Hes been awesome and definitely one of the brightspots of the team thus far.
  20. Great clutch hit by Donnie. How sick was Coghlan's catch in center. Maybe I'm crazy but has he looked better at center than he ever did in LF?
  21. Javi's outing yesterday was terrible, but he should have left the game down by 4, defense cost us 3 runs. I went with Coghlan, but in retrospect, I should've voted for Hanley, who was almost invisible at the plate. Coghlan may have only had 1 hit, but he walked 3 times and his OBP was higher than Hanley's.
  22. I read on twitter that Mike would probably be back on Tuesday.
  23. Another positive would be that none of our starters struck out in this game. The Marlins only K'd twice, and it was Josh Johnson both times. For a team that's been at the top in strikeouts over the years, that was nice to see. According to my research, the last time we pulled this off was on August 16, 2007. This was the lineup: Hanley Ramirez SS Alejandro de Aza CF Miguel Cabrera 3B Josh Willingham LF Mike Jacobs 1B Dan Uggla 2B Miguel Olivo C Jeremy Hermida RF How the hell did we pull that off with Jacobs in the lineup?
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