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  1. 139 Most of my misses came, expectedly, from the early to mid 90s, when I wasn't here. The one I'm surprised to have drawn a blank on was Emilio Bonifacio in '09, considering it was the best game of his career (so far) and I was in attendance. Fixed that for you.
  2. Damn, this game is incognito. I was hoping it'd be on the radio somewhere...
  3. Not wanting to see Stanton in a HR contest is like thinking Wes Helms is worth a million bucks. Just craziness. Dear sir, I'll have you know that Mr Helms' professionalism alone is worth $1,000,000.
  4. Not sure If I want that if Stanton starts mashing. Swinging for the fences all the time is a sure fire way to fail. Take your cuts when you can, but also take what they are giving you. One slight "problem" here. Stanton hits the ball so hard almost every time that a single by him might not score Hanley from 2B. Not a problem here at all. They'll be hit so hard that when the ball reaches the fielder, they'll be knocked down allowing Hanley the time to round third and score. Speaking of this, anyone else excited to see a ball that bounces 15 feet to the right of the short stop and
  5. Not factoring in Nunez, Hensley, Badenhop it's awesome how much better our projected Opening Day bullpen is to last year (yes I know it is 5 v 4): Dunn/Webb/Choate/Mujica/Sanches v Pinto/Veras/Wood/Meyer Just subtracting Pinto made the bullpen better. lol Truth. I too am very happy that we're having this discussion. It's going to be great not to have to let out a loud groan when they announce who's warming up in the bullpen during a close game (aka The Pinto Effect).
  6. It would be relievers and 4 starters, IMO, as far as the schedule reasonably allows. This is correct. Volstad won't be with the team for 7-10 days or whenever they need a 5th starter. They are opening with 8 relievers like they always do. It's who that gets sent down is the question. It would be easier to try and sneak Sanches through a DFA second week of the year, but I'd imagine someone would claim him fairly quickly. And agree that Nunez should be the one that goes. Save that money and turn him into a 3B. I still think the Rangers eat a ton of Young's salary at some point. He has no
  7. Talk is cheap, I hope he comes with the right attitude I agree. Lets see his attitude after an 0 for 16.
  8. I think that Hopper has a slight edge because he gives us longer outings. I think what im having a hard time believing is that brian sanches and the hopper are the 2 worst players in our bullpen when they were a couple of the only bright spots last year.
  9. http://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/marlins/1269676.html By Joe Capozzi Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Updated: 6:12 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011 Posted: 5:14 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011 JUPITER — The day after the Marlins' season ended last October, pitcher Burke Badenhop reported to jury duty at the Palm Beach County courthouse. He wasn't picked to serve, but he did talk just a little baseball with the judge. "The judge said, 'What do they call you on TV? The Hopper? That's right,' ' he recalled Sunday. Badenhop's day in court, where he said he "served the great Count
  10. It sounds like a good idea. But his back problems have been a nagging issue the last few years. Also, he might not want to play for us in a limited platoon role (which might not even last a full season).
  11. Go to a JJ start...... I agree with this. Watching JJ pitch is a thing of beauty.
  12. For sure we will be at both of the Sunday games, plus the BoSox game. And I may make the Saturday game (conflicts with wife's schedule). But it's nice to know they will be televising more than is the norm. There was an article in the PBP not long ago that both teams may not be here after I think 2015. Most teams are going to the west coast and it makes traveling a slight prob for ST. RDS is trying to get the teams to commit right now before they will spend county $ that is already allocated to renovations and the teams are saying it's too early to commit to that. They want to wait and
  13. I was wondering how long it would take for some to take a very positive thread and turn it into a negative. No records were broke here, but a good effort was put forth. In all fairness, watching Coghlan get mauled by that dog was absolutely hilarious.
  14. FSU with the top recruiting class in the nation! Whatchu know about dat? You know it! The thing I'm most excited about this year is definitely EJ taking the reigns at QB. Fingers crossed that we stay away from the option offense as much as possible to avoid getting him hurt.
  15. I say don't sign him for insurance, sign him to give him the job! If come June 1st Dominguez looks ready then bring him up and you save a year on arbitration :thumbup This sounds like a great suggestion, in theory. But there's just too many question marks at 3B at the moment to really assess this situation (is Chavez really as healthy as advertised, is Boner is horrible as we remember him, is Dominguez ready for Big League pitchers now, etc.). I think by the end of Spring Training we'll have a much clearer picture to look at (as will the Marlins). In the mean time, I would love to see Cha
  16. f***ing U2. I've been waiting YEARS to see Ichiro, and they took it from me again. Damn, so true! We might never get to see Ichiro play against the fish at home.
  17. Castro is not underrated. Right now he's not even good. Dunn is a good player but is actually quite overrated. Braun is also a good player and he gets the credit he deserves. Zimmerman is very good but I wouldn't say he's underrated. From early on in his career he was getting accolades. I would say his first couple of years he was overrated but now he gets the credit he deserves. TL;DR: no such thing as underrated.
  18. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/story?columnist=stark_jayson&id=6044419 Fun to read. I'm not sure about Adam Dunn (and who the hell is Starlin Castro?).
  19. Meh, I'm not saying that they should do away with numbers. I'm just saying they're not that big of a deal. Like you said, obviously you'll need them for substitutions, etc. But it's not like football or hockey, where in all likelihood without the numbers you'd have absolutely no idea/verry little idea what player caught the ball/scored/whatever. Meh or no meh, the point is that there are many reasons that there are unis numbers in baseball. I said why do numbers even matter? not why do they even have numbers? Other than a player's ego... they don't do much. It doesn't matter who is
  20. I think it might be fair to say there's no roster spot for C.C. (which would bring a trade). But as he is here, there will be a way to fit him in the lineup. He still is, relatively, the odd man out. And I thought, from reading your previous posts, that you had no sense of humor Good one. I just want you both to answer this. If there is one spot for Omar Infante or Chris Coghlan, at 2B, who do you think the Marlins pick? Also, it's nice to know, watertown, that you're clearly not trying to be intelligent. It makes me feel way better than when I thought there was just som
  21. Do any of the new bullpen guys have a good track record at closer? I'd be hesitant not to sign Leo if all we had was hensley for the tail end of the bp.
  22. Yay! Here is my bold prediction for this year: Clay Hensley will be our closer before the all-star game. Also, he will kick ass.
  23. Unfortunately this reminds me a bit too much of the matt lindstrom days: "he just needs 1 more pitch to complement his fb!" Having said that I've seen Leo pitch lights out at times with just 2 pitches, and he's very young, so there's hope!
  24. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=el_yvuqJtY0 I saw SSSC when I went to see NIN at the Cruzian Ampitheater, they were pretty good.
  25. Those look nice. I especially like the black with the cap logo on the shirt. But it's probably not "baseball"-y enough. I'd like to see some cut-offs like the Rays have though.
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