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  1. As much as I would like to add a veteran like Kotsay, the Fish will probably go with Cousins or Petersen, also both outfielders invited to ST are lefty swingers Kroeger and Lubanski. I agree, especially since we've got Bonifacio who can play in the outfield. Let's hope that Cogs works out in CF and stays healthy (along with LoMo and Stanton), because we are really thin in the OF.
  2. Are you a redditor? I moused over your troll face to see if there was any alt-text.
  3. Meanwhile I don't use mine for Blu-Ray. Refusing to convert even though the quality is better cos I have so many DVD's I don't want them to become irrelevant. You do know that Blu-Rays are DVD players as well right? Yeh but I already have a DVD player in the same room I'm curious, do you have your ps3 connected to your tv via hdmi? Because it does a great job of upscaling dvds. They look really good! You'd never use your dvd player again.
  4. I played The Show 07 at Best Buy, 2 weeks later I bought a PS3. I'd be scared of seeing how many hours I pour into this game every year. But I'd say there's plenty of reasons to get a PS3: Blu-Ray, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Little Big Planet, God of War, Gran Turismo, etc. The exclusives list is pretty impressive and ofcourse you've got all the cross-platform games as well.
  5. Here's a link to the preview: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/114/1140079p1.html Anyone else excited about this game? The biggest change is the implementation of analog controls for most aspects of the game: pitching, throwing, batting. But the feature I'm most excited about is offline/online 2-player co-op. This is a feature that was in in EA's NCAA Baseball 06 game, which I loved: basically 2 players can control 1 team (so if one player is pitching, the other can control the defense, or just the outfielders or infielders, etc.) and you then take turns batting as you see fit. This means you can get a 2 vs 2 couch game going (or 2 vs online!) which should make this a really fun party game (for us baseball fans, at least). Out in early March, I can't wait!
  6. "looks like someone could use a humidor" lol. "they see the glow of the fire and turn around to return home" brilliant. Haha those were hilarious. I think my favorite was the story about the As taking 3 weeks off during the season. lol
  7. http://oldtimefamilybaseball.com/post/2684297035/strange-times-in-baseball-1845-1875 Some very odd moments in baseball history...
  8. i can't wait til the season starts. with health and consistency we should be able to contend. I'm on the same boat. Thankfully MLB 11: The Show comes out at the beginning of March, so that should be enough to get me through to opening day (that and Spring Training, ofcourse).
  9. Like others have said, I think the expectation on Offense is that we should be at least as good as last year (which is not bad). The biggest improvement should come from the bullpen, and some improvement in the starting rotation. We will definitely contend barring catastrophic injuries in the starting rotation and bullpen. Offensively the front office seems to be counting on the fact that most of our young players will be one year older, one year wiser: Gaby, Stanton, LoMo, Cogs should all improve, which bodes very well for the offense.
  10. First of all, I will say that I hate Nyjer Morgan, I love Gaby Sanchez, and that "Lariat" was awesome! Having said that, I don't see why Gaby's getting so much praise (badass, huge cojones, etc.). Basically he blind-sided Morgan, who was clearly not expecting him to fly in and whack him. I've got no problem with what Gaby did, but I don't think it takes any real bravery on his part to do so. In conclusion, Gaby: great execution, I bet you're glad to know you've got a wrestling career in case baseball goes sour. :lol
  11. two hands hanley.. two hands. :mischief That was his Encarnacion impression.
  12. I dare you guys that are against instant replay not to change your opinion after that. That wasn't human error, that was human f*** up. What happened Horrible call by the ump at 2nd base. Hairston never caught the ball and actually was in mid-air by the time he even made contact with it and the ump called Stanton out at 2nd. Turned a 2 baserunner, 1 out scenario into a runner at first with 2 outs scenario.
  13. Venable got owned Lol. Yeah, it definitely looks like he got the worst of that collision. Maybe next time he'll try a moonsault over Ronny. :lol http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5gXRyD17wM That's exactly what I had in mind. :hat
  14. Venable got owned Lol. Yeah, it definitely looks like he got the worst of that collision. Maybe next time he'll try a moonsault over Ronny. :lol
  15. Wow, Padres caught a real break there.
  16. I can't believe Toerralba is hitting .460 with RISP. :o
  17. Omg. If that bat doesn't break that's a no-doubter.
  18. Hallelujah! There's been a H2R sighting!
  19. Nice play Gaby + JJ. Great half inning.
  20. That was a big clutch hit by Ronnie. For a minute it looked like we weren't going to get anything out of that inning, which would've been terrible considering the circumstances and the fact that the Padres pitch so freaking well. I can't believe JJ hit 3 HRs last year, all to center field. Freaking nuts!
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