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  1. If it wasn't for Uggla, we'd be out of the playoff race. Did you guys hear them talking about how crappy our hitters did in July? The whole time I was thinking, who the hell produced? Uggs!
  2. Mother of Mike.... This guy's unreal.
  3. I laugh at all of their football analogies for Stanton 'cause that looks nothing like a corner intercepting a pass. I think that's what it would look like if football was played with a baseball and the corners had to wear 1 baseball glove for some reason.
  4. wtf. Did you guys hear that story about Stanton getting 6 pics in a game?
  5. I think with Cantu gone, Cody is the slowest guy on the team. uncle wes disagrees As does Paulino. :lol
  6. Wow that Stanton blast went a long way. I think at least 450 ft. What do you guys think? Upper decker in the left-field gap? How long are the gaps? I'm gonna say at least 435...but 450 wouldn't surprise me at all. Left field is 365, left center is 402.
  7. Wow that Stanton blast went a long way. I think at least 450 ft. What do you guys think? Upper decker in the left-field gap?
  8. Bullpen was lights out, gathering 7 Ks in 4 innings and at one point getting 11 straight outs!
  9. Oh how I love DPs.... must... resist... that's what she said joke....
  10. That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Poor guy. :lol
  11. Chris looks good! Very nice to see.
  12. Clay has failed us! :confused
  13. I think you guys are being extremely optimistic if you think that Logan is going to have equal to numbers to Cantu next year. Cantu is a seasoned veteran who is still batting around .300 with RISP this year, and hit 29 HRs for us last year. Logan is a young prospect with 0.000 years of MLB service, he could come out next year and completely tank, then what do we do? I know it's not realistic to think that we're going to sign Cantu through next year, but honestly, I wish we would .
  14. I agree that Nate would probably make a decent bullpen arm. In some ways he reminds me of Brian Sanches: slow fastball, with good control. And like some have said, he also reminds me of Hendrickson who had pretty good success eating up innings out of the 'pen.
  15. I'm surprised Cogs didn't append "also, it's God's will." to that tweet.
  16. Both. You trade Jorge, move CC back to his native position of 3B, and put Logan in LF. I would like to see if Gaby could play LF before doing that. Logan has the far better glove at 1B and I would hate to see that go to waste. Defensively speaking 1B is a pretty important position. Just ask the rest of the IFers. If this were the case (Gaby could play LF), wouldn't we have Gaby at LF, Cantu at 1B and CC at 3B? My guess is Logan would play LF, Cogs at 3B and either Cantu or Uggs at 2B.
  17. I was reading Hensley's comments about the injury, how he tried to pitch through it, but it got worse and his performance on the mound suffered during that time. I know it probably happens to all teams, but since I have tunnel vision, it seems like in recent years a lot of our pitchers have little nagging injuries that they try to work through but always backfires and costs us a few games. I am thinking back to Kevin Gregg, etc. I know baseball players are supposed to be tough and grin and bear it, but you'd think after your first poor performance after an injury, you'd go to the manager and say that it is affecting your performance and you'd rather not penalize the team to save your face. Also, you'd think that if the manager and FO were aware of your injury and saw a repeated poor performance, they'd sit you down and/or DL you faster. Not go out there 3 or 4 times, give up runs, put our backs against the wall then decide it is time to go on the DL. I have to agree here. The player thinks that he's being selfish is he complains about his injuries and takes himself out, but the reality is that he's being selfish by going out there considerably less than 100% and having his performance suffer (and the team suffer) as a result. Clay's been one of the few bright spots in this bullpen though, so I'm kind of relieved that the main cause of his performance issues are due to injury.
  18. ok we seen how bad we playing i starting think owner wont want upgrade he i bet piss that season been failer this team didnt do as other team east did get better by keeping team same but we learn that didnt work so we most likely seller get young player for bullpen and maybe other postion player too that start at first in jacksonville or new orlean maybe come play marlins next season so what thinking on trading deadline??? Wow dude. I have no idea what you were trying to say here at all. If it wasn't for the title of this thread I wouldn't have a clue what we're even talking about. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but you need to use some punctuation man!
  19. St. Claire better be chewing Tank the f*** out. We're up by 5. POUND THE ZONE.
  20. I would hope a 5 run lead is enough for Tank to hand it over to Leo for a save opp.
  21. Boy Hanley didn't take much of a lead on that steal attempt. If the throw would've been decent, he was toast.
  22. Come on Chris, join the fun Serious Fun lol, get in on it. I bet that's where he wants to be. Yeah, I mean he's gotta be there!
  23. Wow this is the second game where Wes almost gets nailed in the face!
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