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  1. Red blows. I love Jack but please no more Jack. I wouldn't be against Leyland. Knowing Loria though I'm pretty confident I won't like any decision he makes with hiring a manager if it comes to that. And as bad as Redmond is, the players just aren't getting it done. Top two pitchers out and this lineup just isn't clicking yet(hopefully). Bad deal all the way around, just a real shitastic start to the season. I feel like it's already done and it's hardly been three weeks old. 
  2. McGehee absolutely...but gotta love the way Ozuna has started showing more pop with the stick and the way he's covered center. I've liked big O since day one.
  3. Rays blow this yr but that sweep was sweet. If we could just beat the f'n Braves.
  4. wait no it's not. It's blacked out dammit
  5. ^yep that's who I meant. It's on
  6. Is FSReds not doing the game either? Was hoping to catch it on there MLB Extra Innings is doing a free preview
  7. I like the way that lineup looks much better than the first two games. Still would rather see Rugg batting 4th behind Stanton but whatever.
  8. I'm at the game. The Yelich HR was an absolute bomb, landed in the lake well behind the stadium. Rain delay
  9. If I heard him right when they showed Loria outside with reporters, stood there with a straight face and said they are fielding a championship caliber team. lol c'mon man I hate him
  10. Honestly People, I think you are all over reacting. We got the Blue Jays #2, #5, and #8 Prospect, as well as a pretty decent shortstop. I feel like Reyes, Johnson, Buerhle, and Buck weren't going to be worth the money toward the end of the deals, however, I am mad we are getting rid of Boni. Other Than That, I think it's a pretty fair trade if the Blue Jays take on all the money. lol c'mon man.. I'll give you JJ and Buck yea sure. But not Buerhle, Reyes, and even Boni. This deal is an absolute fan killer.
  11. This is a terrible move for baseball in sfl. yep. It just doesn't make any sense. It's beyond ridiculous.
  12. I hate this team so much. Ozzie wasn't the greatest, but have some freaking stability. Agreed. Have never been a big Ozzie fan really, but I think it's a bit silly to let him go after one season.
  13. ^yep so much for that sweep. 3 runs should be plenty for Mets
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