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  1. Andrew Miller 18 GS, 0 CG, 85.1 innings, 1-8, 6.01 ERA, 1.86 WHIP, 61 BB/66 K (In AA this year) ^Yikes! I gave up on Miller a while back, here's your chance again,kid. -We've shot ourselves in the foot many times this yr,but damn, we can't catch a break either. What a yr it's been..geesh *Bullpen *Fredi *Cogs *Paulino *Nolasco-hopefully not done for the yr..
  2. [/quote] Hanley's not in the lineup tonight. [/quote] Ha,nope he isn't, totally missed that. Not a surprise at all though,especially the way he's been struggling. The last day of a long road trip is a common off day for regulars. Triple from Boni tonight...
  3. 6-4 for the roadie with a win tonight. Not bad, but it's a damn shame we couldn't get one in Cincy. Noticed we get the Pirates again(4 gamer) for the last series of the season in Oct. Besides the sac fly, Hanley looked terrible at the plate last night
  4. Stanton is expected to be batting 5th today, and hopefully for the rest of the season. Glad to see this,hope it continues. He's crushing the ball right now. Solid chance to avoid the sweep today with Ani. He's been really good his last two road starts. Bailey still has a lot of problems staying consistent,he's been up and down several times with the Reds. Jump on him early,he tends to rely on his FB too much. Hate playing the Reds,we always seem to have a hell of a time beating them,especially in Cincy.
  5. ^Yep,jump on Volquez early,he gets rattled easy. He has nasty stuff but his inexperience gets the best of him at times. Even with JJ on the mound , let's keep mashin the ball,hope we saved some hits after the Nats series. I can see a scenario where we go from really hot bats to ice cold. We've certainly done that many times before. Stanton absolutely crushes the ball. Love that kid. No Cueto this series ,he's suspended. I've tried to find the Reds probable starters for Sat and Sun,but everything I've found says TBD.
  6. I am enjoying this. We can't let up though ,considering we will probably have to use the pen later. Would love to hit like this in Cincy too,JJ on Fri,Ricky Sat. I'm really looking forward to seeing Stanton grow into a complete player the next couple years. It's been said plenty, but he is indeed a beast.
  7. If they think they can really get in all of the game,they'll start it as late as tonight I would guess. Even if they have to make St Louis change their plans a bit and leave Miami tomorrow morning instead of tonight.
  8. So how long until we see Hanley get a home run? I'm not that concerned with Hanley's lack of HR's. It's pretty apparent he's going to end up having a really low number this year(probably low 20's at the most). But he just isn't driving the ball off the bat right now. Hitting leadoff he needs to be ripping singles and doubles,he's hiiting it right to guys pretty much everytime up. .279 is way too low for a player of his talent.
  9. Oswalt and Kendrick are beatable. Halliday, eh not so much. Go and take 2/3 and get closer in the division. Well,he is sorta beatable,he's lost 8 games this year. Obviously we've not had too much luck against him though anyway. I'd feel better if it was maybe Ricky or Ani going up against him tonight. You're right though take 2/3,which is always the goal.
  10. Didn't realize Halladay already has 8 losses. I thought Ani would get the start today, oh well. Kinda wanted to see him against Doc. Guess he's getting the start Wed. Hopefully West can be consistent enough to stay in the rotation the rest of the season be our #4 or #5 with Volstad. Maybe the HR by Hanley Sunday will fire up his bat during this short homestand. Doesn't have to hit it out everytime he's up if he's gonna stay in leadoff, but he needs to start knockin around some doubles/singles to get the scoring going.
  11. 2/3 would not be disappointing imo. A win today just caps off an already successful series. I understand what you mean as far as having your #1 guy trying to close the sweep out,you expect it to happen I guess. Really looking forward to todays game as I've only been able to see two innings in the series thus far.
  12. If Ani and Ricky can keep this up,we definitely have a chance to make a little run here down the stretch. Obviously we will still need Uggs,Gabby and others to drive runs in. Ricky has good enough stuff to pitch like that every game though. If our big 3(JJ,Ricky,Ani,) can go 7-8 innings every start it's huge for us. As great as JJ is,I'd love to see him get through the early innings a little quicker. He still seems to get in a high pitch count by the 6th 7th inning. Probably why he's had just one CG. Stanton------->beast Congrats to Uggla
  13. Not much to my story Originally from KY(near Cincy) moved to FL in 98, Never really grew up a Reds fan though a lot of my friends were. I guess I pretty much jumped on the fish bandwagon in 97 in the playoffs and WS then ended up moving to southwest FL a yr later. Probably around 99-2000 when I really started watching a lot of the games.
  14. No matter how this year ends up, one bright spot we can all agree on is having a rejuvenated Anibal Sanchez. Yep, have always liked Ani a lot. Out of all of our pitchers glad to see him get a CG the most. Just one f'n hit from having two no-no's in his career. Hanley Rameriz needs to start crankin it like yesterday. damn
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