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  1. Any idea if Justin Twine is in the lineup today? He's leading off today. 1-1 with a SB and run scored so far.
  2. Experience. Veteran. World Series. Catcher. Ring. Fundamentals. International.
  3. Redmond has very yellow teeth and an eggplant head. He doesn't look like a good manager... certainly doesn't make good decisions like one.
  4. Cool to see Anderson start off hot. Now, is Kolek debuting tonight in the GCL? He's pitching on the 20th against the Cardinals I assume.
  5. Brian Anderson 2 G 2/2/5/0 (1 CS) Dis nakka great
  6. Could be our Mike Trout. You never know. This is a Stanton-like pick.
  7. Kolek has no polish as a pitcher, even less so than Fernandez at Alonso. And, if we're drafting a pitcher with virtually no polish, but crazy upside, you want to be extremely careful with his development. I think Kolek should not see the majors until at least 2017 or 2018.
  8. I think Realmuto should be everyday catcher from now
  9. I like the way Miami almost came back at the very least. Very different team from last season indeed.
  10. And he is -9 in UZR What is your point? Most def metrics shows he's about average.
  11. Fangrahps has him a -.6 ...which again, shows he isn't terrible. Even with the -0.6 UZR over 64 games, that is still about average.
  12. They also have him with a drs of 4... which is slightly above average. ...which again, shows he isn't terrible.
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