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  1. There has to be something in his physical or medical history that was not disclosed.
  2. Honestly the season is long and this is probably the most important quality to have in making the playoffs. Teams that stay focus and continue to battle throughout the season are usually the best teams.
  3. Not gonna freak out over right elbow soreness yet... Its alarming... but he had the same injury last year and hopefully just maybe miss a start or something...
  4. FS1 Broadcast just said training staff said day to day... Hopefully he is okay...
  5. if its something minor i would suspect we will hear something tonight during Mattingly post...
  6. Again take the wait and see approach. Change of scenery can be a big deal for players and especially for pitchers.
  7. If this is what happens and we go out and acquire Shields contract it makes more sense to deal Capps.
  8. Benedict is legit and knows what he is doing. His track record has proven that. All I am saying is we have been scouting for weeks now and I think there may be more to some of these evaluations than we can all see both in the guys we gave up and the guys we acquired. I am hoping at least.
  9. Admin do you think we are done? I mean I know we gave up a lot of pieces so our options are limited so I can't see a lot of scenarios... but you never know.
  10. I am not happy about dealing Capps either... but lets let cooler heads prevail here. I do believe the Jim Benedict probably saw a few things in these pitchers that influenced these deals. Probably that he could help Cashner return to form and maybe some issues with Capps that didn't bode well for the future. Lets all remember how trades can look good or bad initially and the future can change them dramatically.
  11. Agreed... and this is also the point in the year where if Jose wants to earn his money he needs to pitch like an ace down the stretch. He laid an egg last night.
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