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  1. Tampa’s pitching is elite. This was somewhat expected no?
  2. I don’t think we need to see every nhl, nba or mlb game upcoming on repeat. Hopefully it changes. At least they made Glasnow throw a lot of pitches
  3. Anyone else not liking this huge bottom scoreboard/ constant scores repeating?
  4. They did give him a $4.35M contract for 1 year. Not sure what you're saying here. I would prefer they trade him for whatever the top value they can get for a guy who hasn't exactly lit it up his whole career
  5. Why haven't we given Max Meyer a chance yet?
  6. Brinson finally getting some luck. Hes been great this year
  7. Would of happened if he got a strike thrown. Ill take the walk. BA grand dong incoming I meant
  8. Aguliar just missed one first time up. Grand dong incoming
  9. I think its a mix of a few things. Arians "QB whisperer" tag is a bit misleading as he pretty much has only had 1st overall type picks. Manning, Rothelisberger, Luck, Palmer, Winston, Brady.. you get the point. I also think Tom is just old and doesnt have it anymore.
  10. Nice dong there. Crowe is playing with fire with his pitch locations
  11. Umps still trash all over baseball. Can't wait till it ruins playoff games
  12. This should not of been a loss.
  13. This offense needs to back him up. Letting in two runs should be nothing
  14. Twitter search "villar" looks like one of our game threads
  15. Come on lol. Its clear that any prospect sitting at the alt site this year isnt ready for any team
  16. So happy Villar isnt on this team anymore
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