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  1. This front office only cares about 1 thing. And that's pocketing money NOTHING else!! Everyone gives them credit and for what? Yes they have make a couple nice trades, but nothing else! The 2003 team was NOT built by this ownership, but by the best GM in baseball Dave Dombrowski. We all have been brain washed with "building for the future" crap! Im tired of it, i want to win NOW! So go out and spend some f***ING money and bring some players that can hold the damn lead!! Still cant believe the "best GM (Admin)" passed on Billingsley and Kemp to get Miller, Maybin, Burke and Rabelo!
  2. I know the Marlins won 2 of 3 against the Rays recently, but the Marlins will have a tough time facing Tampa this weekend considering they have the best record in baseball. If the Marlins somehow lose 2 of 3 (or more) to Baltimore, I think Fredi might lose his job. If anybody loses 2 of 3 against Baltimore, I think that would cause a team meeting...
  3. Hey guys...first time poster...HUGE Marlins fan from baltimore. The team looks good, I'd hate to lose any of the starters, especially Cantu. He makes a big difference. The pitching is good, but the hitting needs to step it up. If I see another fire sale/more trades, I'll go crazy. I don't want to put the burden on Stanton, but I think he makes or breaks the team. Hopefully playing against The Rays will get him going again.
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