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  1. Duh. They have the internet. The Florida sport channels are unavailable on DirectTV as well as the Yankees and Red Sox channels.. And it's too late in the season to pay for MLB.
  2. Sooooooo does this mean the Marlins will still have orange as one of their colors and no change in the logo? I haven't been paying attention ? as moved to Tennessee. Basically only game I can watch is Atlanta so last two nights I have been able to watch. Not even the Yankees or Red Sox on their own stations are available here. I didn't know that Bour was traded as moved here on July 16th until I heard that recently. ?
  3. I didn’t watch game as living near Knoxville now and without internet at the moment. Will buy MLB Network once have tv/internet. But I see they won 3-9 with 5 runs in middle inning. Anybody give me a synopsis that’s a Marlins’ fan perspective. Hate to think I’m in Braves territory? Thanks.
  4. There seems to be some skill on the team without big names/powerhouses but it seems to lack consistency.
  5. How are they doing? Been out to dinner and unfortunately not a sports place. Just know the score
  6. Yep. I thought it would not be them as giving up 20 runs in 2 games. So Heat provided Friday’s ?. Now they Iost 2 home games!! Oh vey for SOFL sports ?
  7. Maybe this has been answered after this was written, but Jeter fired who is in the hospital with cancer?
  8. Sooooooo I read it we got less shit then what was traded IMO. Way to Go
  9. I don't like the coloring. It now looks like a light orange and brighter orange, and the "weave look" reminds me of the batting on the back of a patch/embroidery piece. Looks cheap to me. But going to lighter material that is the dri-fit would be good. Not just a feel but actual.
  10. I was thinking it was 100% of the contract!! You mean we get THEM and give the Giants CASH??? HELL NO!
  11. I kind of think the opposite. Celebrate we have a team on opening day and then SHIT on them in not attending during the year. Watch them on tv IF it becomes interesting, lol. Sorry to say but keep hitting them in the wallet UNTIL something changes. As I said in another post IF this team is contracted (which I don't think MLB will let it because of the Latin American gateway idea), I can spend $ on MLB online or tv and for the cost of 1 or if cheap, 4 tickets, I can watch a HELL A LOT OF BASEBALL and come up with a favorite. I really don't want to do this, but this constant SHAFT is getting to me. True we lost Loria, but we haven't lost the philosophy. Personally I think if they gave us a year or two of good baseball by getting some adequate pitching, we would be, or I would be, more receptive of taking another fire sale. And continue my loyalty with my entertainment $.
  12. Why can't we down vote? I'm not criticizing Bullet or Mish, but I certainly want to down vote the deal!!!!
  13. It wouldn't be a problem IF the "elite prospects" turn out to be something. That's happen to us before and we've gotten SHIT in the past when the dust settled.
  14. Actually I'm extremely surprised the voting was this close. I didn't expect Joey V to be that high. And I don't believe he had any year-end awards to add to his collection.
  15. Ahhhhhh, I forgot that. Yes "you" did a number on him/them. Thanks for that WONDERFUL reminder :3_grin:
  16. Thanks Jack. This somewhat surprises me because I thought "you" did some "scouting" around the area in which "you live" as well as at spring training. I may be wrong
  17. It appears to me this voting was not the norm. Isn't it true that most likely someone from the World Series team OR in the playoffs has the MVP? I don't believe the first five vote getters fit into this category.
  18. Just want to make certain I understand this because I thought I read this differently earlier. Just a clarification. McKeon was NOT asked back?
  19. Normally, well almost all the time, I don't agree with you but this one I do. And ENTENDU, I agree with your sentiments "Maybe forever... " because with the Marlins it appears to be working out this way. There is an article on MLB this morning entitled "Help Wanted: 11 clubs with biggest FA needs" and surprise....we're not listed. So again we're behind the 8 ball. We're the poor step child who can't play because we don't have the equipment or can't wear clothes like others have. It's a sad state of affairs. And here, again, like what has happened before, the Marlins will lose their most valuable asset, now NL MVP, before it was Miggy, because of no fault of our own or his. Even though we have new owners we have the same philosophy. Put mediocrity on the field and expect the fans to foot the bill so those with $ make more money. I truly understand that this is a business. And with any business the purpose is to make money, or the very least, break even. But with a business the business owners don't expect to put an inferior product out and the consumer to buy MORE!! The owners step up to the plate (no pun intended, but it works) and correct the product--make it better--or fold. Yet again the Marlins fan base is expected to suck it up, turn over our hard earned $ and fix THEIR problem. But as fans we do have a choice. We can give our $ supporting the same shit under new owners who state the same stuff we've heard for years.........we'll just do a tear down/fire sale/market correction and in a few years we'll have a better team..........or we can use our $ and pay for MLB online or on tv watching another team. And we can join others who don't have a sports team in the area. I'm certain any one of us can list a handful of states off the top of our heads. Or be those sucky fans who come to the Marlin games wearing other team jerseys of which they have no affiliation. Like those Phillys or Mets or Yankees fans where it was their father or grandfather use to live in the other cities and passed down the love of the sport in those teams. YUCK! Maybe Miami can't have a viable team. I more than bet Ross is spending $$ of HIS money trying to field a team, we know Arison has paid luxury tax to have a viable team, and I know absolutely nothing about the Panthers. But at least two aren't looking for a hand out from us. They did what they had to do. (If you remember Ross tried that with the state, was a no go and put up his $$$ to not only get free agents, but renovated his stadium.) What's the solution? All I know I'm tired of all this. And I'm getting mighty sore of getting the shaft again just by a different party. When will this end??
  20. NADA. Just because Jeter is "intelligent" by Manfred's standards means NADA. There are a lot of intelligent people out there.
  21. In another post you say..............He financed the purchase with a $220 million loan from Bank of America BAC +0.37% and assumed $55 million of debt from a previous loan with Major League Baseball, according to the Sports Business Journal. Here you say......We dont have any "debt payment" to make. So there is NO debt payment on the books, right? Well I found this quote on FOX News in September 2017 which says.......The incoming group, unanimously approved by baseball owners on Wednesday, will assume $100 million in the team’s debt and is restructuring an additional $300 million of the club’s debt. The sale is scheduled to close Monday, the day after the regular season ends. To my knowledge this didn't disappear when they took over on Monday when it closed. This is a DEBT PAYMENT ON THE BOOKS which you said there wasn't any. ( https://www.foxsports.com/mlb/story/jeter-4-percent-stake-in-marlins-who-will-have-400m-debt-092817 ) These may be different, but I'm may be wrong that the loan may NOT be on the Astros books Astros as it states HE financed $220M AND assumed $55 M in debt. The Marlins have $400M ON THE BOOKS. Oh yes.....Astros HE isn't a HE, but there is a membership group of 14 people from an article I read so it amounted to a $25M investment each. PLUS HE BORROWED $220m to buy the team. “But it’s also kind of a family experience.” Lummis sits on the Astros’ board of directors, a foreign concept for the 19 years of the McLane administration. The board consists of 13 votes, each representing investments of at least $25 million. Some of those seats on the board are further split, leading to the much larger total sum of investors. For instance, Crane — the largest investor and chairman of the board — has three full votes plus a portion of another. ( http://blog.chron.com/ultimateastros/2012/03/21/new-ownership-group-brings-new-way-of-running-astros/ ) So to my knowledge there is a MORE than a little difference between $55M and $400M, and the interest payment would be a little MORE also. NOW as for this statement above you say.....What is your point? We have a shit ton of talent at the start of the rebuild to make this an expedited rebuild if they make the right moves. Hmmmmmm, one of my points is you know that for a fact? "We have a shit talent at the start of a rebuild.....IF....... But that really isn't my point........these Marlin guys are STRAPPED......a pun on words as like in no money and HUGE debt. Unfortunately Jeter has done nothing to relieve fears that MAGICALLY as you state "We have a shit of talent at the start of a rebuilt IF (my capitalization) they make the right moves." Also a difference the Astros principal owner said if they need to go off the books, meaning more money, they will go back to the "board" of I believe 14 people. Jeter and Sherman have made it clear they aren't doing that. Yes Loria ran it in the ground which we all knew was happening, yes they are losing money because of mismanagement, no player visit/interviews around town, Jose's death, a plethora of stuff. But why buy a team in which you only have ONE way to "make money" by gutting the team. That's the ONLY one they has been given. Are there other ways which may be better from a fans outlook? Now I'm not saying it won't happen, but why put yourselves (owners), the team, AND THE FANS (unless you know differently) most probably won't come out and support a team winning 55, 56 or 51 games? Hmmmmmm so attendance will go UP? Or will attendance will go DOWN? What direction do you say it is going?? By the way, the Astros made fan incentives shortly after buying the team. Jeter or Sherman saying anything about that? The ONLY thing I've heard is.........buy tickets! And frankly I certainly wouldn't want or plan to buy tickets when there is NO idea who will be on the field. (This point of buying the tickets were brought up NOW elsewhere instead of the Marlins waiting until January and making the comment.)
  22. So they had lower attendance, BUT didn't have a HUGE DEBT LOAD payment to make? Hmmmmm
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