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  1. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

  2. Sale closed, Jeter/Sherman officially now run the team

    Good luck to THEM. Obviously I don't think he's manager material.
  3. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    I find your synopsis interesting so I'm going back to read the comments again. I only saw the Jeter letter. Anybody know where I can listen to the presser?
  4. 2017-2018 Miami Dolphins Thread

    You agree with me, huh? Not much to watch. And that's going to be a miserable VERY, VERY, VERY LONG plane ride
  5. 10/1 Braves vs Fish

    This team isn't going anywhere. Some players might, but the Marlins stay here.
  6. 2017-2018 Miami Dolphins Thread

    Two words-----they suck!
  7. 10/1 Braves vs Fish

    If players are taking over managing today, I wonder if Ichy pitches also
  8. 10/1 Braves vs Fish

    It would be nice to see the Marlins win final game as they normally don't do well against the Braves
  9. 10/1 Braves vs Fish

    Moving up Stanton hoping he gets more at bats
  10. 9/30 Braves vs Fish

    Well Stanton didn't get tonight and you could see his frustration
  11. 9/30 Braves vs Fish

    I'll be switching channels watching football and baseball. Not certain Stanton will get 60 but I think he won title
  12. 9/30 Braves vs Fish

    Attendance is up. Obviously waiting for home run
  13. 9/30 Braves vs Fish

    It's a good game and you're the only one here? So far Dee got his 60. Hope he gets another
  14. Sale is done; votes are in

    Any word who came up with $ for sale to be finalized? The last I heard they were short
  15. Don wants to stay even if there's a firesale

    I'm talking in total. Front office/administration isn't paid by the Keebler elf. It's part of the total cost. Those contract costs either cut the profit or increase loss. Loria was dumb/hit/mad enough to pay YEARS of people he fired and had to continue to pay their contracts. Loads of them