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  1. Joe Frisaro has given up...

    Lol, nah.
  2. August 19 Marlins @ Mets

    clarkspencer ✔ @clarkspencer The Marlins have grounded into four double plays in the first five innings. That's hard to do. Goes in streaks. Obviously some pitchers can get the batter to play where a double play can be made.
  3. August 19 Marlins @ Mets

    Want a sweet sweep
  4. Joe Frisaro has given up...

    Ah, thanks. Didn't check that. Enroute to NC for the eclipse. Oh is my butt getting sore
  5. Joe Frisaro has given up...

    Unless I'm reading it wrong, it is 59-61 so isn't that 2 back in the loss column? We're WAY behind the Nationals.
  6. August 18 Marlins @ Mets

  7. Loria agrees to sell Miami Marlins to Sherman and Jeter.

    It does if it is Perry Hill or Mike Hill. And it isn't your but you're
  8. August 18 Marlins @ Mets

    Empire State Bldg ✔ @EmpireStateBldg Look up New York! We’re honoring the @Yankees winning the @MLB #SubwaySeries with a dazzling light show! New York Yankees ✔ @Yankees Bend the knee. pic.twitter.com/LjqudpzD9N
  9. Loria agrees to sell Miami Marlins to Sherman and Jeter.

    Not PERRY Hill, right?? Hopefully they don't make a mistake between the two, lol
  10. August 18 Marlins @ Mets

    The Mets just came off a DISASTEROUS series with the Yankees. How will they respond? Tune in to find out!!
  11. Loria agrees to sell Miami Marlins to Sherman and Jeter.

    Barry Jackson ✔ @flasportsbuzz As Dan Le Batard reported, new Marlins ownership plans to hire new top executive to replace David Samson, source confirmed.Samson to move on If MLB commissioner is telling the owners that Samson is out, it makes me believe the owners' vote is a foregone conclusion.
  12. August 16 Marlins vs Giants

    True. I was anticipating an early one, lol. And guess they did too! Patrick Pinak ✔ @pinakk12 Replying to @pinakk12 Nope. Maybe next AB? Joe Frisaro ✔ @JoeFrisaro Oh well. Groundout. #Marlins lead 7-1. Joe Frisaro ✔ @JoeFrisaro Stanton's up with bases loaded. Patrick Pinak ✔ @pinakk12 Stanton is up...with the bases loaded...he hasn't homered yet...
  13. Marlins willing to engage on Stanton talks with other teams

  14. August 16 Marlins vs Giants

    It didn't appear to be Urena's day today. Thank good it was only 1 run! Now.....let's see what happens with the bull pen
  15. August 16 Marlins vs Giants

    It doesn't look like G is going to get a HR today. Oh well.....an off day happens.