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  1. cubs offense has been lacking a bit this year, hopefully we can squooze out a run or two and lock it down
  2. If we make the playoffs 50/1 is a bargain
  3. I got 50/1 on the marlins to win the NL pennant a few weeks back. $400 on it.
  4. f***ing assholes. f***ing garbage. took it up the ass from the braves i can see uggla mccann and chipper laughing at us
  5. it takes 3 series wins to undo a sweep. just saying.
  6. marlins > nationals nationals > braves ... braves >> marlins transitive property does not apply
  7. http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=19415793 REPEAT NOWWW
  8. kimbrel literally strikes out like half the guys he faces. we lose.
  9. f*** you heyward. f*** you buck. f*** it all.
  10. we can get this guy. we won't get anything off kimbrel
  11. team is (was) winning and attendance getting smaller as season goes on. nice.
  12. great outing, JJ I think he's back. we said that after the mets game
  13. mccann's crushed jj. should've pulled him.
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