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  1. This is exactly right. But keep in mind the 10 lottery tickets that are guaranteed to make $2 also have a non-zero chance of being worth $100. With this little caveat it changes the calculus. By taking on the higher chance of getting $100 you are also taking on a non-zero chance of getting nothing. Yes, this is the worst possible outcome, but this isn't a possible outcome by taking the lower payout. I, as a marlins fan, understand that they have thought about the bet they have made, and that they believe in the law of large numbers. And that unlike in the Loria years they are stick
  2. I'm not upset about this trade. I think I am just upset about the rookies not hitting, and the constant fear that none of them might hit. And getting another one of these prospects is frustrating.
  3. You don't get a reward for having lots of potential prospects. You get awards, and you win games by having good big leaders. Connine, and a number of other players in our system might never be good major leaguers, while all being good prospects.
  4. So I get the name Connine is a thing. And Yeah I am with that. BUT Griffon is literally just another high upside super low floor talent bat. I AM SICK OF ACQUIRING THIS ARCHETYPE!!@!@!$%^%@!$@#!@# I was cool with it last year, but It is so sad to watch some of these rookies have terrible at bat after terrible at bat. It is really really really hard to hit well in the majors down 0-2 every at bat. I hope this is all just a response to the lack of minor league season, and COVID, but UGH it is so frustrating. The org loves these prospects, and it is well documented. It just feels
  5. I am not going to rule anyone out. Castano will get some starts somewhere in there. It's going to be a crapshoot. I think we make the playoffs if we hit enough, not if we pitch enough.
  6. I would disagree. We have a ton (I wanna say 5, but I am too lazy to check) of double headers. Our starting rotation will be a mish-mash of the 5 above, plus Neidart, Cabrera, Yamamoto, and Urena. I expect that to be our rotation with an additional "bullpen game" in there somewhere. Our schedule is grueling, just the sheer number of games.
  7. This sucks. Sierra needs to play everyday. Period full stop. Forsythe should only be used as a pinch hitter. Period full stop. Unless Villar becomes a high OBP guy, he should be used as a power bat with some speed. With that here is my marlins lineup: Cf Sierra DH Aguilar/3B Anderson SS Villar/1B Diaz DH Aguilar/3B Anderson RF/DH/Where ever Dickerson/Diaz Berti/C Cervelli Berti/C Lavarnway Of spot 2 Joyce/ Brinson/ Harrison Eddy Alvarez/ Harrison Honestly after writing this out, I think I have changed my mind. Without the fu
  8. So three 1 run wins. Normal season I would be shouting something like "it's a long season, it will all even out". but this year it might not even out! Isn't that great!!!
  9. I cannot tell if most of these comments are a joke or are serious.
  10. Why does conley suck so bad!!!????!!?!?!?! His fastball should be really effective, and generate whiffs, but it is hit so so hard. WTF!???!?!?!?!
  11. I feel like we have limited information for everyone not named Torkelson. Without a college season, there are just so many question marks. Meyer has been projected to go as early as 5. Everyone across the league talks about his physical gifts, it's not a bad pick. Even if it was it's hard to be mad with limited data.
  12. Man there was a point when Loria would hire anyone with a name. Half of the leagues stars played here after they got old.
  13. I get that. I think all of the sports writing world is suffering. Some sites, like fangraphs, are looking for membership. I guess MLBTRADERUMORS is just producing content.
  14. What is with mlbtraderumors. I get the marlins are a volatile team. And everyone has an opinion about them but man. I'm not sure there has ever been more articles written about them on a national website. Worse I feel like they are all rehashed articles that have happened before. April 22: The outfield trades April 25 morning: Ray's won the Anderson trade April 25 afternoon: Marlins Gambling away future Are they doing this for every organization? Or are they just especially obsessed with Jeter (maybe they are A-rod fans?). Not to mention two of those articles are rehashes, mind you in
  15. I can't wait till next week when someone writes about the el cabayo trade.
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