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  1. I hope the current organization structure is able to build a competitive team year in and year out. They have shown they have a vision both from an outreach perspective, and a baseball perspective. I just really hope the baseball side works out, so that they can follow through with the outreach side.
  2. It also sounds like this wasn't unexpected, but not expected per say. I can't imagine they had someone else in mind, so it'll be a little bit before they sign a new gm.
  3. I think this is overstated. Yes in Loria's tenure he had no control, but it sounds like in Jeter's everything was done as a committee. He had say, he just didn't have final say. I am sure everyone had something to bring to the table, and the decisions were nuanced.
  4. Everything we have heard about the decision making process of the marlins front office tells me that the hire whomever they are will need to fill in as a cog, not as a true authority figure. My picks would be either Barry Newell from the Rays organization, or Jean Afterman from the Yankees. Both are highly qualified, and bring a lot of information to the table. Neither would be expected to be a general administrator, but rather a clear authority in a particular area of need.
  5. in the 21 games not decided by 1 run or more than 5 the marlins +22. I wish there was a way to remove games started by people not on the roster. Or remove any loss or win by more than 10 (there were a ton of losses like this!!!)
  6. I looked around using baseball-reference pitcher splits. All-in-all it really is pitcher dependent. For example Pablo is noticeably better with Wallach. Alcantara is actually better with Alfaro. Yimi is always amazing. Sixto really only has 1 start with wallach and the game friday, so the sample is sort of small. If you go just by ERA in total Alfaro is better but almost half a run. But this begins to get into the issue with analyzing any marlins pitching stat in a wholistic way you start to include things like Yamamoto starts, or some of the Urena starts or honestly some of the other single a starts that did not go great. This is actually a problem I have been facing when evaluating the team as a whole. There are so many at bats/starts/innings pitched by guys who just weren't ready for the majors that it's hard to get any sort of read on the team that is playing on the field. With Elieser Hernandez our young rotation is really really good, that's pretty much the extent that I have gotten. And the back of our bullpen, asside from Kintzler, has been pretty good as well. And Trevor Rogers overall has been a nice guy out of the pen. Other than that we are in a weird position where it's difficult to argue with Mattingly because there just isn't enough information to straight up say his decision was wrong (within reason).
  7. WHYYYYYY SANDY!!!!!! Pablo has been the ace all year. He is a top 20 (Baseball Prospectus has him top 6) pitcher in the league. WTF!!!!! Pablo is great against not the Braves or the Rays. The Cubs lineup is the worst lineup the Marlins pitching staff will face all year, use your best pitcher first. Also, Trevor Rogers NEEDS to be the bridge to yimi and I guess Kintzler? I guess? ugh. I wish Mattingly believes in stats. So dumb.
  8. This is exactly right. But keep in mind the 10 lottery tickets that are guaranteed to make $2 also have a non-zero chance of being worth $100. With this little caveat it changes the calculus. By taking on the higher chance of getting $100 you are also taking on a non-zero chance of getting nothing. Yes, this is the worst possible outcome, but this isn't a possible outcome by taking the lower payout. I, as a marlins fan, understand that they have thought about the bet they have made, and that they believe in the law of large numbers. And that unlike in the Loria years they are sticking to that plan long term. I just personally find it stressful to gamble this way. Again, because of the non-zero chance of coming away with nothing.
  9. I'm not upset about this trade. I think I am just upset about the rookies not hitting, and the constant fear that none of them might hit. And getting another one of these prospects is frustrating.
  10. You don't get a reward for having lots of potential prospects. You get awards, and you win games by having good big leaders. Connine, and a number of other players in our system might never be good major leaguers, while all being good prospects.
  11. So I get the name Connine is a thing. And Yeah I am with that. BUT Griffon is literally just another high upside super low floor talent bat. I AM SICK OF ACQUIRING THIS ARCHETYPE!!@!@!$%^%@!$@#!@# I was cool with it last year, but It is so sad to watch some of these rookies have terrible at bat after terrible at bat. It is really really really hard to hit well in the majors down 0-2 every at bat. I hope this is all just a response to the lack of minor league season, and COVID, but UGH it is so frustrating. The org loves these prospects, and it is well documented. It just feels more and more like the bet is a long shot, not a large scale parlay, but it is frustrating. I wish we could accumulate high floor prospects.
  12. I am not going to rule anyone out. Castano will get some starts somewhere in there. It's going to be a crapshoot. I think we make the playoffs if we hit enough, not if we pitch enough.
  13. I would disagree. We have a ton (I wanna say 5, but I am too lazy to check) of double headers. Our starting rotation will be a mish-mash of the 5 above, plus Neidart, Cabrera, Yamamoto, and Urena. I expect that to be our rotation with an additional "bullpen game" in there somewhere. Our schedule is grueling, just the sheer number of games.
  14. This sucks. Sierra needs to play everyday. Period full stop. Forsythe should only be used as a pinch hitter. Period full stop. Unless Villar becomes a high OBP guy, he should be used as a power bat with some speed. With that here is my marlins lineup: Cf Sierra DH Aguilar/3B Anderson SS Villar/1B Diaz DH Aguilar/3B Anderson RF/DH/Where ever Dickerson/Diaz Berti/C Cervelli Berti/C Lavarnway Of spot 2 Joyce/ Brinson/ Harrison Eddy Alvarez/ Harrison Honestly after writing this out, I think I have changed my mind. Without the full roster, the only way this team is successful is if Sierra continues to be hyper selective, and plays everyday. There is only so much Mattingly can do. This team is just not good without some more consistent bats in the lineup. I think it is a mistake to not ride Sierra, but I don't know what is going one behind the scenes. It is clear the organization has high hopes for him, and are treating him as if he is a top prospect. They are really doing there best to mold this new incarnation. I just wish they'd trust the approach all together.
  15. So three 1 run wins. Normal season I would be shouting something like "it's a long season, it will all even out". but this year it might not even out! Isn't that great!!!
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