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  1. Wasn't able to watch the game as I was attending the A's/Royals game (can't beat $2 tickets) so I'm wondering how Stanton looked. I read some comments he made about the knee being an ongoing concern and not something that's going to get better by playing everyday. How much concern should there be about that?
  2. I read somewhere in this thread that about 200 people showed up to the protest? I thought that was a decent amount until I just read that around the same amount of people showed up for a Petrino rally at Arkansas.
  3. I noticed a strong absence of a firing squad during the press conference.
  4. Old Timer is bringing out the doomsday scenarios here. People getting fired, shot at, comparing it to a legitimate national controversy in (Elian). We all realize this is not an ideal situation for Ozzie to be in, but going to those degrees just doesn't make much sense.
  5. I know the situation is particularly sensitive to those who live in Florida, but I'm just weary on suspending/firing a baseball manager for political commentary that may or may not have been taken out of context.
  6. National media starting to pick up on it a bit. Ken Rosenthal had an article today saying the Marlins should suspend Ozzie. http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/Ozzie-Guillen-should-be-suspended-by-Miami-Marlins-for-Fidel-Castro-comments-040912
  7. Who the f*** is DJ Jazzy Jeff? Never heard of him. As mentioned, made frequent appearance on Fresh Prince, also was a co-winner for the first rap Grammy with Will Smith.
  8. Hahaha, I'm watching a stream with Philly broadcasters and they are so confused on what the lo viste thing is They weren't just confused, but insulted by it lol
  9. I have the cheap version of mlb.tv where I'm forced to watch the home team's broadcast of the game. I'm definitely not a fan of this Philly duo. However, there is a DJ Jazzy Jeff cameo so I'm happy now.
  10. This mlb.tv contraption is proving to be an awesome investment.
  11. Keep the at bats coming, we need Infante to get a single!
  12. I've decided a majority of my posts will now be a name followed by an exclamation point.
  13. Didn't the White Sox unretire a number for Omar Vizquel? On to the game...
  14. Buster Olney retweeted someone before the Bruce HR saying there hadn't been a homer in the NL up to that point.
  15. Although the result of the appeal should make people lean towards saying "he's innocent" it probably won't happen. Eric Byrnes said on MLB Network what a lot of people will be thinking. If he got off because of some procedural issue (i.e. the test not being shipped on time) then people will still think he's guilty. It's something that will probably continue to follow him through his career.
  16. As for Stanton, he was overlooked because he wasn't even considered on many of the lists for MVP. How many votes did he get in the end ? I don't think he was even 3rd or 4th place, I know Kemp was 2nd. Trolling me yet again ? You actually expected Stanton to get MVP votes?
  17. Let us know what you made and how it turns out. Me and a buddy of mine did a porter. It was our very first time brewing so its all a pretty basic starter's kit using extract as opposed to all grain. We are about to bottle it tomorrow so we won't know how the finished product is for another couple weeks. In the meantime we tried to brew an IPA today. Everything was going splendidly until we were at the very last stage. We had everything ready to go and put away for fermentation, then a friend we invited over decided to try and pick up the carboy but dropped it and broke it. Everything just went to waste. Now we have to do it again tomorrow.
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