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  1. The big question mark, and honestly the reason his ceiling is so low, is because of the thought that he won't be able to hit for power.
  2. i guess the marlins think his power will translate.
  3. it's an international pool. They don't have to deal with the normal regulations so they are more expensive.
  4. if you trust this it puts us near baltimore.
  5. 97marlin

    Victor Victor officially declared free agent

    BearClaw moved to nats for money.
  6. if there is a handshake deal in place, then there is a number we HAVE to reach to get the deal done.
  7. 97marlin

    Dump Starting Pitching

    They didn't do it though. They didn't follow through. The Rays did it. actually pulled guys. lived by the 2 times through the order rule. Teams did it this year and were successful.
  8. 97marlin

    Dump Starting Pitching

    It does, but the number of pitchers doesn't have to increase significantly. You can have several guys capable of going 3-5 innings (1-2 times through the order). By focusing more on times through the order instead of innings pitched you can maximize the effectiveness of different guys. If you build a pitching staff more traditionally you are more reliant on every starter having a good day. You are sharing the burden of success rather than increasing problems.
  9. 97marlin

    Dump Starting Pitching

    It worked! The Rays won 90 games, when was the last time we won 90 games. The Brewers are in the playoffs and won the central. I think the evidence has already been shown to work. Reduce the amount of times players see your pitchers the better they do. Period. We have examples of other organizations who did it and it worked well.
  10. 97marlin

    Dump Starting Pitching

    The Rays were going to do it regardless of how good there pitching staff is. And just to be clear I don't think we should go a new pitcher every innings. I just thinking having a bunch of long guys in the pen, and restrict innings for starters to 2 times through the order can be successful. And considering how many prospects we have who are fine, i think it would make our pitching staff better over all.
  11. 97marlin

    Dump Starting Pitching

    We have tons of guys who are good starters, but if we use them to only go through the order once they will be more successful. Good starting pitching is really hard to have. I think if we just use them more often in smaller amounts they will be more effective. And our overall pitching will be better. Isn't that the goal? Give up less runs?
  12. 97marlin

    Dump Starting Pitching

    Why are we still trying to build a team around starting pitching. Our starters suck, we don't really have good long term options. Why don't we just do as the Rays do, and dump the idea of starting pitching. If we find we have an "ace" he can start but other than that let a bullpen guy pitch every day. We should have done this when Jose died RIP. We didn't we still suck. its been shown to work so we don't even have to be progressive. We Need To Do This!
  13. I don't want to wait that long!!! Theoretically, if he plays centerfield, what do we do with our current prospects?
  14. When is this going to be official??? Victor Victor has been hinting his interest in miami on twitter for months now. When is he going to sign?? Also important question do we also get the brother.

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