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  1. I don't have a pay wall? I guess they give you 5 free articles, this was my 4th. Long story short, three of our top draftees jumped low A and are in greensboro, and are right now looking promising. One is just 17.
  2. 97marlin


    isn't sierra 22?
  3. 97marlin


    odds are good with enough guys with solid numbers in the minor leagues, we should be at worst .500.
  4. 97marlin


    if 4 of Schales, Diaz, Harrison, Twine, Miller, Brinson, can become consistent major league bats. Then we'll be fine bats wise. And pitching wise, we have a lot of guys who still have a huge variable margin of how good they are going to be. No clear can't miss guys, but a lot of guys with good stuff and very interesting potential. Yamamoto for example, killing double A, and has a plus pitch or two. Neidart has yet to falter this year. I'm not saying either of these guys, or any of a number of other guys are going to be aces, but a 22 year old pitching well at double A, has a lot of potential.
  5. 97marlin

    The Monte Harrison Appreciation Thread

    yeah, lots of doubles, and triples.
  6. 97marlin

    The Monte Harrison Appreciation Thread

  7. 97marlin

    Jeter inexplicably opening the roof in August

    Well, I guess someone has to. lol I love the feeling of watching baseball in a sauna. Its a passive activity that allows me to lose some weight. I for one am thankful we have a partial owner who is so considerate of the gym day we chose to skip to see a game.
  8. 97marlin


    I'm not sure about that. I think in terms of potential there is enough there with Urena to imagine him being good. He has a mid 90s sinker, that when he can locate makes his change up quite effective. He is a ground ball guy, so he is a guy who is pretty much only good if he can throw strikes. I think there is a world where Urena is a 3 or 4 on a good pitching staff.
  9. 97marlin


    If you could really know who was going to win each game, you wouldn't watch them. At the end of the day the advanced metrics are supposed to inform the way you think about the game, not be the end all be all of it. That level of randomness makes it fun.
  10. 97marlin

    The Marlins and The Rays

    I'm not sure it is time to be able to say one way or the other about what the marlins organization is doing. As for the Rays, they are the best organization in baseball. After the new ownership came in, they changed the way they did business. Changed the way they think about baseball. They are playing a different sport there. You can tell because everyone has talked about how they gave up over the summer, and yet they are under performing with a winning record. Everyone said at the deadline the trade of Archer was them throwing in the towel, but I don't think there is any evidence that they are giving up. And since that trade the media has pointed out how stupid they are to not have a starting pitcher on their roster, and yet they continue to find ways to piece together baseball games. In short, I love the Rays organization. They are the ideal organization. The marlins are still wild cards. They haven't been here long enough for me to have a real idea of what they are trying to do.
  11. 97marlin


    Why did we make a thread upset that the sinker ball pitcher is giving up homeruns? He hasn't been able to locate his pitches in the last 6 starts. You see that with an increased homerun rate, and an increased walk rate. If he misses, his mid 90s sinker gets hit out, just like every other sinker ball pitcher ever. If there was a rule book to being a sinker ball pitcher, it would read "Rule 1: Don't walk guys. Rule 2: don't miss up with the sinker." I'm not worried yet.
  12. 97marlin

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    Joe Mauer lasted 8 until they moved him to first.
  13. 97marlin

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    I hear you. Why have a catcher if they don't stay as catcher. I would almost rather use catcher as a journeyman position. Have guys who hit okay, but are good defensive catcher back there just because the potential for injury is so high. I think what I'm really getting at is do we really want to build around a catcher?
  14. 97marlin

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    Buster Posey is 31, and he has had a significantly worse season, mind you it's unclear if this is an outlier season for him, or if this is the trend but it is still concerning. I think if we don't address it now, he won't be the best hitter on the team when he is 31. I'm not saying shift him completely. But I think it'd be worth a lot if we could move him to a plus position as well as have him play catcher. Catcher/Third base would be a super valuable thing, and it would give us more versatility, and potentially extend his bat and value through a deeper contract.
  15. 97marlin

    Marlins trade Ziegler to D-Backs for Tommy Eveld

    They also have revamped the importance of the analytics. Giving the analytics an equal footing to Denbo, and Hill.

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