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  1. 97marlin


    YAYYYYY!!! I knew eventually the splits would make him look good.
  2. 97marlin

    Trevor Richards "Great Changeup"?

    I figured it out! So essentially because the change up is so much slower, the spin rate being faster makes it an effective pitch. The reason everyone else's spin rates are slower is due to the fact that the literal speed of the changeup is slower. In fact what makes Richards effective is his spin rate on his changeup. With that in mind what makes his slider so pedestrian is it's lack of spin for the speed of the pitch. Essentially I answered my own question above. The fact that it does almost appear to be a slow fastball is what makes it so good. https://www.drivelinebaseball.com/2016/11/spin-rate-what-we-know-now/
  3. I'm so confused. I was bored at work sifting through some of the statcast data and I got curious about Trevor Richards. Every time I've watched him the announcers talk about his changeup. I know his fastball has something to be desired but the changeup has been a dominant pitch. It was especially devastating in the last start where he finally showed some control. This lead to the question how did he change last start to be more effective. The answer was equally obvious from the statcast data he increased his use of his slider, essentially using both his other two mediocre pitches to allow his changeup to be a true outpitch. This is why I'm making this post. His changeup doesn't seem to be that special, if anything it seems to be a bad pitch based on what I think I should be looking for. It almost seems like more of a slow fastball than a true changeup. What I mean is a good changeup should have a slower spin rate than the fastball, and that slower spin rate somehow causes more swing and misses. What I don't understand is how his most devastating pitch doesn't have that same characteristic of other successful changeups. His fastball, changeup, and slider for that matter have the same spin rate across the board. Below is the statcast data, and the fangraphs info showing the pitchval. if someone could explain what I'm missing I would be very thankful. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/trevor-richards-670950?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb&season=2018 https://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=19309&position=P#pitchvalues
  4. 97marlin

    Lock up Realmuto and Anderson long term

    In theory yeah, but no one is gonna bite on the asking price. Either because they don't have the prospects, or they don't want to move the prospects. I think it is as likely we sign him long term that we move him by the deadline.
  5. 97marlin


    clap? Why this thread? If we didn't believe in the Marlins we would have stop watching after Yelich was traded.
  6. 97marlin


    He has a BABIP of .190 and is pulling everything. He is producing a lot of soft contact. and is producing so so so many ground balls. There was a fangraphs article talking about him turning into a flyball hitter. His natural athleticism is being undermined by his high groundball rate. Honestly I can't watch him play without envisioning a super star. He has hit 10 home runs while only making contact to 66% of all balls he swings at. It's unreal levels of power.
  7. 97marlin

    Lock up Realmuto and Anderson long term

    Anderson is "just getting started" he is still making adjustments. If you were following him as a prospect you saw that there was a lag period before he started to destroy pitching. Realmuto personally I'd rather trade for several super stars.
  8. 97marlin

    The Monte Harrison Appreciation Thread

    anyone notice that Isan Diaz is hitting though?
  9. 97marlin

    Nationals Recently "Checked In" on J.T. Realmuto

    So Do we want to trade him or sign him? How much would it cost to keep him around long term (7+ years) and would we get more output from 3 guys(Robles/Soto, Kiebloom, unknown). I don't know that it would be a bad move to at least listen. If they start with those 2, and we get one more. I might listen. Robles/Soto are thought to be guys in the same vain as Harper. At worst Yelich level talents. Kiebloom is looking to be a solid bat/glove. We would probably speed up our time table by a year with those two guys. If we can get a low level Pitcher like Crowe. I say we should take it. It takes some pressure off Brinson (who I still think will be a good major leaguer). Plus it gives Isan Diaz a little less pressure to be a super star. It would hurt, but I just couldn't turn away a deal like that.
  10. 97marlin

    6/7 @ Cardinals 1:10 PM

    Richards has such a small window. If he misses on a pitch and goes behind in the count it is almost a sure thing the hitter gets to first base. It is honestly kind of amazing to watch him pitch.
  11. 97marlin

    Jorge Guzman

    With all we know about HIll we can only be so mad at the guy. He did suggest blowing up the team after the death of Fernandez. He did not like the idea of signing inferior closers once we didn't get the guys we wanted. He was held on given a somewhat overseer role after they brought in Denbo. For me I am not a Hill fan, but I am not sure he is bad at his job.
  12. 97marlin

    Tyler Kolek (lol)

    What happend to this guy? I thought he was supposed to be pitching this year? This should be a short lived topic, I just want to know what happened to the worst 6 million dollars spent by the marlins in recent history.
  13. 97marlin

    Jorge Guzman

    I think we have enough hope for our pitchers, my big concern is the other side of the game. Hitting. We still need to score runs. Schales is the only guy who is young and really crushing the ball. Dean is still a borderline prospect. Everyone else is just kind of okay. Maybe the John Silviano?
  14. 97marlin


    I agree, we want him to be good. I'm sick of this debate, bust not bust. Good not good. Brinson is 24. He has real power but has no approach at the plate. He will be bad the rest of the year, but the physical gifts he has only require him to improve one category and overnight become good. Contact %. He doesn't have to hit for average, he just has to make enough contact that his bat speed does the rest of the work. His defense is really good, and his power right now is good enough to survive in the majors. He is on pace for near 20 HR for a season where he is hitting under .200. That kind of says what we are looking at. He is raw. Personally I'd like to send him down so he can catch his breath. So he can develop his approach. But right now there is a lot of positives to be excited about him in the future. I think it would be rash for anyone to call him a bust, and it would be really dumb for someone on this forum to say that.
  15. 97marlin

    Pablo Lopez

    He was talked about a few weeks ago in an article about prospects knocking on the door, on mlbtraderumors. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/05/knocking-down-the-door-alcantara-de-los-santos-fletcher-jimenez-santana.html

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