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  1. You guys are always so negative. Our pitching is some of the best in the league. Even guys like Romo who have been bad, if you check statcast have been just very unlucky. Steckinrider and Chen are actually bad at baseball and SHOULD be sent down/released. But beyond that we should be dominating, and we kind of are. Alcantara, the ground ball machine, has coaxed hitters into bad contact. KKaleb Smith has been one of the most dominant pitchers in all of baseball. Pablo Lopez has furthered the trend and has been very unlucky. Trevor Richards has been league average. The bulldog has been league average, he is our 4th best pitcher and he has been league average most teams do not have a 5 who is league average. And Urena...welll he is urena. He had is crappy april, righted the ship early, now is back to being a dependable arm (personally I'd like him to be traded). Oh yeah did I mention we have lots of other guys in the minors who look awesome too. I know this is not what this board is about. Talking about what this team has done well. But we look really good. So now the big question, does anyone know how to make our offense league average?
  2. So question? Can anyone play a role on the major league offense this year?
  3. eh, it's game 5. lots of positives. We lost, but there is a lot to like about this team.
  4. haha so number 4 for me was a positive. I expect this team to be an all or nothing type offense. A handful of guys in the lineup will make very little contact and so it's nice to see them making the most of the contact they made. Rojas, Prado, even Castro to some extent aren't really going to hit a lot of extra base hits, so they are pretty much a 1 in three chance to get on. For us to be successful the other guys are gong to have to hit XBH. If more than half our hits are extra base hits we will win a lot of games.
  5. What do we do about him then? Personally I'd prefer to send out Gallen.
  6. Can we move Urena? Like he hasn't shown an ability to get swing and misses and because of that his ceiling is limited.
  7. Honestly I am really happy he has offers. I didn't want him out of baseball, I just don't want him on my team. I'd rather us trust the young staff than give a guy who doesn't have a lot of upside a start. I dislike the move because he is a good guy, but I agree with it. Jeter believes winning is the best way to get fans behind the team. This move and the move to send down o'brien show that it will come down to performance. By the end of the season I think upwards of 40 different players will suit for the team. Exclusively due to individual performance.
  8. It'd be nice. But sadly I don't think it is going to translate into the season. Our offense hasn't, at least in ST, shown to have much ability to not strike out, or hit fly balls, or have extra base hits. With that said it might be because there are a lot of guys that have had a lot of at bats who do not have many extra base hits.
  9. Has Brinson fallen off a cliff after his hot start?
  10. This early in spring. I don't trust anything. Brinson isn't going to be MVP. O'brien isn't going to hit 100. I think We are going to have to wait another week to say anything. But at the end of the day we don't have the statcast data, we don't know how this team is evaluating the players.
  11. I hope Yamamoto gets into the game. And Halloway. And Granderson. Are Lopez, and Smith healthy? If so it'd be nice if they played too.
  12. Exactly. The final score doesn't matter. Literally means nothing. What does matter is what you are seeing guys work on. I wish we had video to identify if Richards was working on a third pitch (which he needs). I also wish I knew the types of At bats Diaz had. Also what kind of exit velo Harrison had on his hits. Ugh, early spring training is such a tease. There isn't enough information to say anything, and anything you assume to be true could be taken as small sample size problems. I guess we should just be happy baseball is back AND wins and losses currently don't matter.
  13. I think the expectation was that the braves or someone else would bite. The plan was a top 20 prospect. That was pretty much how you got to the table. It's the what else that was holding up this trade. The marlins wanted clearly at LEAST 1 more high upside piece. Either that be a major league asset, or a prospect. Then they wanted a guy with good numbers in the minors. This wasn't the ideal package, but it checks all the boxes. This is exactly what I expected during the winter meetings and this is what I am glad we got. Now the big question going forward and it's the question that we still aren't sure we are going to like the answer to, is can we turn raw talent into baseball success? I'm not sure, the organization believes that they can. We will see.
  14. What now? How much money do we have? Could we conceivably sign Yolbert Sanchez? Will we sign Josh harrison, Logan Forsythe? Is Brett Anderson coming to camp? Literally now that the Realmuto trade is over, and we got about what we should get. What do we do now?
  15. No, but we didn't "get money" we got the right to spend money.
  16. Why did we get the money? we have what 1 million right now in international pool money?
  17. No, you need that third/fourth piece. Sixto is a high upside guy. Alfaro too. You need a third piece to make the risks worthwhile.
  18. I don't understand the insistence of the mlbpa to have the dh in both leagues. if the rosters are expanded to 26 they get an extra player on the 40 man roster. Why do they have a preference between a pitcher or a hitter?
  19. why arent we giving a window, thats dumb
  20. Ugh, so the story continues. What do we end up getting you think?
  21. So far this off-season I would say there have been more false rumors, than true rumors. Personally I don't think anything is going to happen until it does in fact happen.
  22. Sign all of Brad Miller, Matt Davidson, And Marwin Gonzalez. The first two should be cheap, and Gonzalez can play most positions.
  23. The previous regime avoilded winning like the plague. They did everything they could to be bad. I have stood by this idea for a while, if we had done nothing, not tried to win, not traded anyone from our organization since 2015 we would be in contention right now, with top prospects, AND a good rotation. This is even assuming Fernandez's tragic death.
  24. I think they move him too. I think we get 2 top 100 prospects, and a low ceiling major league player. I think thats a good return for a top catcher in his prime. One of the prospects will have some time in triple, the other will be young 20 at the oldest. I would also venture to say that one is a pitcher, one is a hitter, and the mlb piece will be one of the two.
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