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  1. Gallen is pitchablility with a nasty cutter. Gallen isn't lighting up radar guns, but what he throws IS good. Plus he knows what he is doing. He is a pitcher, he has a craft he is always trying to improve. If he didn't have a plan, he would be hit hard. Gallen is the exact opposite of Alcantara, in that Alcantara doesn't need a plan, he can just throw and it will be fine, not great, but fine. Gallen is also, at least for me, the reason the marlins need to be concerned about Richards. Richards only has 1.5 pitches to work with. He doesn't have the arsenal to be in a position to take advantage of that change-up. Even Hernandez has a changeup on top of that slider.
  2. Sandy hardly gives up any hard hit balls. His problem is he only gets swing an misses early in the count, so 3-2 is more likely to end up with a man on first than an out. Alvarez did the same thing, but he didn't produce ANY swing and misses, which honestly was fine. He didn't walk anyone. If he hadn't had shoulder problems he was going to be a consistently solid pitcher for a while. Who knows he might have figure out how to turn 98 into k's.
  3. MOVE HIM!! TELL THEM THANK YOU!!! AHHHHHHHHH Diaz get on the next flight! https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/07/marlins-have-received-interest-in-starlin-castro.html
  4. ugh, that's such a Frisaro tweet. Castillo had positives and negatives with a plus plus pitch throughout the minor leagues before he was traded. It was unclear if his secondary stuff would work against more advanced approaches. To say he was less or more advanced than someone else is just a statement to defend the trade. You just can't know with pitchers.
  5. Cooper, Smith, Lopez, and Anderson were all hurt at the time of selection. All 4 of those players were more deserving than Alcantara. With that said, Alcantara has been extremely interesting.
  6. For me this all goes back to how the organization views starting rotations. If the organization is going to scrap the 5 man rotation for the deep bullpen starts, Richards is super valuable. He has a plus plus pitch, with an unconventional repertoire. If they are insistent that starters go 5+ innings, and the bullpen is used for the tail end of the game in 1 inning spurts, his value would be limited.
  7. That's one way to put it? It's really just modern baseball, and use known tendencies to inform how the team approaches an already obvious problem.
  8. Alcantara DOES miss bats, just not on the third strike. Alcantara's problem is his pitch selection. He doesn't get hit hard, so I would say he has the most potential going forward. By a lot! Richards has a lot of potential too, he has a plus plus pitch! I'd just move him because he is a major league starter for a competitive team, plus he has long term upside. Not an ace, but a lot of competetive teams have terrible back end rotation players. Or (the better option) a great long man out of the pen, we should use more pitchers fewer starters and more guys out of the pen. Let them pitch once through the order. Elieser and Richards are great, but not twice through, they each have 1 dominant pitch. If the marlins ever decided to be great, they could shorten starts and immidiatley be effective. It would improve an already good starting rotation.
  9. how much is misner's slot? also how much do the marlins have left?
  10. his brother is 22 and hasn't played the game in a year. He will adjust. Actually I feel confident that 2 or 3 of the 22 year olds in high a will make the majors. If
  11. didn't we save a ton of money later in the draft. like we signed a guy for 10k where his slot was worth 500k?
  12. the downside of it is many or most people won't understand what is going on. so they'll be upset if it doesn't work immediately.
  13. the article is overall positive. it emphasizes how there is a lot of potential and value found from unusual places. I think its a fine fangraphs article about a bad team.
  14. I mean if we are being serious, there is a lot to say about optimizing pitcher use. Let Gallen, and Smith pitch deep. Everyone else shortened starts. Richards, Hernandez, and Yamamoto out of the pen. I think we'd be better off for it.
  15. Why not instead of trading the pitching depth, we have an inning shortened rotation. Let guys go twice through the order and then replace the pitcher with another young and electric arm. Let them go through the order once through, and get to a fireballing reliever.
  16. Who started this site?
  17. I'm surprised there isn't a legal argument calling it fraud. I'm sure attendance effects valuation price.
  18. ler's just wait and see what happens. Right now we have a bunch of 18-22 year olds in the minors who can play pretty much every position. A lot of them have real upside. Let's just wait and see. Our pitching has come around in a minute, lets see if our hitting does the same thing.
  19. I guess this is where I would put this. Which young pitcher gets to stay in our rotation? Gallen looked amazing. He has the pitches to be really good. And he knows what he is doing. Hernandez has a plus slider, I personally am all about. Yamamoto has 6 pitches. Nothing great, but THERE ARE 6!!!!
  20. Still how do we get Gallen on the 40 man roster?
  21. Let's not get too excited here. I think we should hold off on selling low on Anderson. This is his second year in the league he is 24, still cheap, he is only going to get better. Let's wait a bit. I think there is something to be said for shopping Smith, and Richards. I think there is also an argument to be made that both are off limits. I think this should come down to your plans in the next year or so.
  22. What would that war be without Walker?
  23. Is Lopez going on the IL-60? how did they make room on the 40 man?
  24. Urena won't be eligible to be traded. Chen, Grandy, Castro, Conley all have no value. Zac Gallen does not belong in the minors. Hernandez has shown to be at least a solid mlb starter with his super spin slider. Rojas, Dean, maybe Riddle, all have value at some level. Nick Anderson is our only real trade piece, maybe guerrero if you want to go that direction. What do you do? We could move one of the high floor starters I.E. Richards or Smith? We could start to trade problem children, Dean for el tortuga or the like. We could do nothing, though I'm not sure that's the best idea, personally. What should we do?
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