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  1. Posada is a good guy, but has no coaching experience. Mattingly is far better at this point. If Jeter has a thing for Girardi, fine, but this team needs some stability and trying out Posada is not the way to go, IMO.
  2. It would be a terrible decision to part with Mattingly in the middle of a season, not only does it make no sense to pay two managers at once, there is no time to form a search committee. Moreover, Mattingly has been the stabilizing figure in the locker room, has the pedigree as a player and manager and has done his job like a team player. After everything, he still wants to be in Miami. That’s why the Marlins should extend him another 1+1 contract with a team option; let him see the project through. I am not opposed to letting Hill go if things don’t turn around by the off-season, but only if you have a top, proven GM you’re going to bring in. I’m not interested in another unproven GM. In that respect, Marlins should take a page from the Panthers and Dale Tallon.
  3. Everyone they have write for them write like 17 year old kids on an online forum. Clearly this moron did not understand the Marlins situation, just like all of Twitter. A rebuild doesn’t happen in two years. If we’re stinking by end of next year, then you can ring the alarms.
  4. I'm assuming Stanton will request a trade (and rightfully so). Afterall, he wants to win now, not in maybe 5 years. You win now and build a contender. Jose will be hard pressed to leave a team in contention. Plus, he has years of service left.
  5. I really don't understand this ownership. Why the hell doesn't Loria spend big money? Make a contender and fans will come. Trade Fernanandez, a fan favorite and the best young pitcher in MLB and Stanton will be next. Our pitching is bad enough already.
  6. For years I've been wondering why Frisaro seems to be such a mouth-piece for ownership. This guy is a joke and I don't understand why he has a job covering the Marlins. He needs to be thrown out with Loria and Samson.
  7. I've been scouring the upcoming free agent list for a while now and the market is pretty thin, I admit. Would Stanton ever be OK with playing 1B? If so, it opens up options. However, there are SP options on the market, as others have already mentioned, but Loria would never dish out the cash.
  8. If Bour is your starting 1B next year, you're not a contender. We need a big bat at 1B who can provide 30+ HRs and get on base behind Stanton. We also need to spend on two true ace pitchers. If you can upgrade Prado, do it via trade. Find a backup catcher and some bullpen help. For now, at least we have the Dolphins soon!
  9. It has nothing to do with South Florida and baseball; nobody in any city, or any sport, wants to see a perpetual bottom feeder. Coupled with the deep disdain towards ownership / management and perpetual talent drain, it's very difficult to get butts in the seats. We all agree that 90-100 million is not astronomical, it's very reasonable for baseball and still a low payroll. The Heat will be spending over 130+ million this in salary this year, the Dolphins 145 million and Panthers 60 million. Baseball is not a "build through the draft" sport. You need a smart front office that can pull off trades and lure free agents, not just rely on a farm systems. Loria isn't Airson or Ross, both of which are owners who are willing to spend to win. Obviously Loria is "only" worth $500 million, so spending much more than the team revenue isn't likely to ever happen so long as he is still the owner. Loria wants to luck out and build a winner mostly through the farm, which will then put fans in the seats so he can spend. The reality is that is very difficult to do. Spend some money now, build a teams that can contend for more than one year and they will have everyone's attention. The Panthers made it to the playoffs a couple of years ago and the arena was packed, yet the next year came and they returned to irrelevancy and the poor attendance returned. The difference is you can build through the draft in hockey and the Panthers are looking strong going into the season. The Heat and Dolphins will also field strong teams, while the Marlins aren't getting any better.
  10. We would all like the Marlins to sign a proven big bat and an ace pitcher, but the additions needed to make this team would mean a payroll of 90-100 million, which although it's a reasonable payroll for baseball, our shitty organization won't do it. I really don't understand why the Marlins don't spend the money; if you win, you will fill the stands, sell jerseys and make the playoffs. I hate the team excuse that they're playing in a "small market". Has someone explained to them their franchise in is one of the largest cities in the country and they're the only baseball show in town? When will they realize the fans have figured out they're selling snake-oil, and nobody is buying. The Heat were top 5 in the NBA attendance last year despite missing the playoffs because the fans believed in, and rewarded the organization for trying and building a culture of winning. The Dolphins are similarly being rewarded for the prospect of finally busting out of mediocrity, with season ticket sales up 75% since 2010... Yet the Marlins offer nothing but losses and gimmicks.
  11. Which is why they should have invested in some pitching during the offseason. But SP is not the only problem with this team, too many nights the bats fall silent, with the exception of Stanton and Gordon; we've lost way too many low scoring games by one or two runs.
  12. Scherzos is 30 years old. If the Marlins were to pay him, and I don't believe they will, they would have the best rotation in baseball. Shields is too old for the money he wants, but I'm sure someone will pay him.
  13. Bonifacio can play all all INF positions and can play CF if Yelich needs time off. DD should be getting reps in AAA.
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