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  1. I'm starting to be convinced that there's a committee somewhere that meets to determine "what new ways can we take a dump on Marlins fans this time?"
  2. Along those lines, I wonder if you can start with an existing park and make modifications to it? Like start with Marlins park and alter it to create your own version of Marlins park?
  3. That's a good question - it'd be neat to be able to create more than one.
  4. 1 - with a game like this, I wonder if they'll already have old ballparks built in/available. 2 - seen that place in enough games/old MLB games that I'm not going spend my time creating a custom park that's been around in other games My opinion anyway.
  5. Yeah, that looks pretty cool, and more customizable than I expected too.
  6. rmc523


    I think it's both. I'm sure a good chunk of it is just remembering it better than it actually was, and views on types of food changing as you get older. But I also feel like you probably did get "more" years ago. Conversely, I feel like there's been a lot more "craft" chains that have popped up and provided a nicer atmosphere and "better" food, even if it costs more and is more a la carte than your Wendys etc.
  7. What's all this talk about teams can just end the inning if they want?
  8. Brinson with a batflip? Seems unnecessary. Guess he's off to his usual good spring lol.
  9. They're at the Astros/Nationals spring park.
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