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  1. come on offense. What'd you use up all the runs the last couple games?
  2. I felt like I was watching Dora the Explorer or something with that talk about the container. "BUT WHY IS THERE SUCH A BIG CONTAINER??? COULD THERE BE MORE TO IT???"
  3. On the bottom, why would you have the "outside zone accuracy" graph green, and then show the inside the strike zone markings green on the upper graph? And the same with the red "inside" while putting the ones outside the zone red.
  4. Performance wise, I get it. But I'm surprised they did it with this being the last year of the contract and didn't just bite the bullet of having him on the roster this final year.
  5. There was the Washington walk off.
  6. Sucks that we easily could've had what, at least 3 more wins if we didn't have blown saves? I guess every team could say that, though.
  7. I like hearing Rich and Tommy...
  8. Yup, that's totally fair too - hard to get going when you get a plate appearance once a game if you're lucky. Though the same could be said of Devers. Who knows when he made the post too - was it RIGHT after when he's still upset about it? Most likely.
  9. I don't necessarily have a problem with a player voicing his displeasure with being sent down too.......but I'd rather see it in a case where he didn't deserve to get sent down. i.e. he was playing really well and was a victim of a roster issue. Monte really wasn't doing anything, so to me doesn't "deserve" to be publicly disappointed.....privately, obviously you don't want to get sent down regardless of the situation.
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