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  1. I was going to say, can we help him find it?
  2. Not sure why they're releasing it so early.
  3. I'm only into it because it's the local team and I played/still play sometimes for fun. I otherwise don't really watch soccer.
  4. Do we need an awkward 10 minute pause before the game?
  5. Anyone watching the game? It's on ESPN now. Nice to have some sort of sports going again.
  6. That's a neat idea. The Marlins should do this normally so the stadium looks more filled 😛 😛 😛
  7. 8 team divisions. Yikes. But obviously you'd have multiple teams from each division making playoffs. What, 2 from each division, scrapping the wild card?
  8. I definitely think they'd ideally like to get Seattle a closer opponent, which is why a Vancouver or Portland would work.
  9. I agree. There's also that group that wants to bring a team to Portland.
  10. That's a good question - initially I was leaning toward expansion, as it's a way to inject funds into the game with lost revenues from this year, and there's already a group working on getting Nashville a team (obviously). I guess it depends on how viable MLB still thinks that idiotic split city plan is.
  11. I'm excited for a Nashville baseball team.
  12. We may or may not have an opening day starter. We may choose not too and just use the pitching matching. Still deciding....
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