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  1. Literally only to keep them on your mind. Starbucks I think is different, though, in that they don't have major competition for "specialty" coffee, whereas Coke has Pepsi, McDonalds has Burger King/Wendys, etc.
  2. Oh sure, companies wouldn't pay for it if it didn't work. For a company like Bally's, it's obviously reaching people that otherwise might not know about it. For something like Coca-Cola or American Airlines, it's more to keep them on people's minds, as you'd have to be living under a rock to not know companies like those.
  3. I don't even know what Bally's is lol.....I thought they were talking about the gym. They seem to have no idea what they're doing.
  4. I know, everything these days is racist if it involves something not positive (I purposely didn't use "negative") with any sort of minority involved.
  5. Is it horrible of me to throw out a stove-kitchen-woman joke/line? I'll go back into my corner now.
  6. I think it’s outside the box because she wasn’t associated with the team and not rumored to be a candidate (though to be fair, I didn’t see but one person - that Raad guy already with the team). she’s been a GM candidate for a long time now, I always remember reading her name pop up when openings come up.
  7. Gotta love the complaining about something that hasn’t happened yet.
  8. Somehow no matter what is said how, someone here has some sort of sarcastic comment on it. It’s quite impressive actually lol.
  9. He apparently interviewed for the Mets job the other day. Ha. I thought the same thing too. I get your point, but I’d have to imagine that they’d make sure whoever they hire would be good with keeping a similar set up to what they have now if they like how that setup is working before hiring them.
  10. The author alone should've told you it was a useless article.
  11. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/11/red-sox-to-hire-alex-cora-as-manager.html Continuing the trend with Hinch, Alex Cora has been re-hired by the Red Sox themselves. So essentially he just took a year vacation and got his hold job back.
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