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  1. Jeter should sign a good construction company sponsor with all the rebuilding they're always doing...
  2. rmc523


    Victor? Why would they (the Nationals) do that?
  3. Slamming it against a wall or something? I’m just guessing lol
  4. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/07/marlins-select-corey-bird-preston-guilmet.html Cooper has been diagnosed with a torn UCL in his left elbow and will undergo season-ending surgery, reports Craig Mish of the Miami Herald (Twitter link). The procedure comes with a three-to-four month recovery timeline, so he should be at full strength for Spring Training in 2022.
  5. Smashing a controller in frustration maybe?
  6. Wrong thread first off. Second, I was asked what my favorite was. Not ones I like lol. Why is this bad news? They’re both FA after the season. Trading for Trout? Haha
  7. I think I’d a team wants to overpay, sure. But in my mind there’s no reason to get rid of him just to get rid of him. I understand trading matte because he’s a FA after the season but at some point we have to start keeping some guys around that’s be pieces to compete. Nothing official, but it seems to be widely anticipated. I don’t expect it to be announced anytime soon either with CBA negotiations sure to be a cluster.
  8. Or wouldn’t have been available at all…
  9. He had so many injuries it’s possible but who knows. I’m too lazy to look it up
  10. Don’t forget. We’re not expected to score runs! Haha in all seriousness though the others have addressed your point.
  11. Results after the fact have seemed mixed for sure.
  12. There's been a few guys lately that have had this surgery. I can't think of specific names, but I'm pretty sure it's been more than just 1 or 2 now.
  13. The fact that these players didn't play much if at all last year can't be overlooked as well. I know we get further from that as time passes, but it's still going to take different players different amounts of time to get back into their full groove too. I'm not too concerned.
  14. So he's not really getting 45 M in 2023 then, except on paper.
  15. The Mariners like to trade to trade? lol
  16. But I was told he's terrible now.
  17. I'm interested to see if the Marlins leave the offer out there for him in the offseason, or if they just say "no, you didn't accept, bye", which I think is dumb. It's entirely possible other teams' offers wind up in that range and at that point if he did truly want to stay in Miami, maybe he'd be willing to accept our offer then? (i.e. Team X offers the same 3/30, if he wants to stay with the Marlins, that could sway him back to Miami) Obviously they can't leave it out there all offseason if they (hopefully) want to make other signings, but I think they can have it out there in case his market doesn't materialize like he hopes.
  18. I know, I'm just saying that'd be the only way I'd really want to sign him. The Hosmer thing was more about essentially buying prospects (ideally close to majors ones).
  19. With the talk of Buxton - If they decide Buxton is for sure the guy they want, I'd be more interested in an incentive laden contract with a low base salary with a variety of "easy" to reach incentives - i.e. games played, ABs, etc. as protection from his injury history so that you're not losing as much if he's not playing - as opposed to a straight guaranteed contract. --- Reports are the Padres might be open to trading Hosmer to help with their luxury tax situation - he has 4 years/60M (21-13-13-13) left on his deal - but the intriguing part of the report to me was about the Padres would need to attach significant prospects to him to help facilitate the deal. I know we probably wouldn't do something like that but it was interesting anyway.
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