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  1. I simultaneously don't want either of the Dodgers or Braves to win.  But seeing as LA has been in the world series the last 800 years in a row, I guess I'm "rooting" for Atlanta in the "indifferent but if I had to choose one" sense.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Michael said:

    We could see three eliminations today.

    Or three teams surviving for a fifth game.

    Or two eliminations.

    Or one elimination.

    Or two games played and a rainout.


    We could get any of these things today!  lol


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  3. 2 hours ago, Michael said:

    During the regular season, absolutely.


    This, however, happened on a national stage. The rule changes occur under two circumstances.

    1. National Stage

    2. High-Profile Player / Team


    My examples, and I'll admit some "apples to oranges" stuff here. First for #2:

    No more home plate collisions. Buster Posey getting injured was the catalyst for this. Catchers got trucked for years, got hurt, and said "it's part of the game." Nowadays, young, high-profile star on a team that just won the World Series gets hurt? "We better change the rule." Brett Hayes got absolutely hammered in September of 2010 (ya know, the reason we went after Nyjer Morgan!). Nobody cared. "Part of the game."


    Now example for #!:

    Sliding rules into bases. For years and years and years, takeout slides occurred at second base to prevent double plays. Players got injured for many years. "It's part of the game." Chris Coghlan slides hard into second and breaks Jung Ho Kang's leg in September of 2015. "Well that's unfortunate." Chase Utley slides hard into second and breaks Ruben Tejada's leg in the NLDS, a national stage. "WE HAVE TO CHANGE THIS RULE, NOW."


    In the NFL, it's similar. Patriots vs Chiefs in the AFC Championship a few years ago. The rule hasn't yet changed, but it got everyone talking - Patriots won the coin flip, marched down the field and scored a touchdown. Mahomes didn't get a shot to try and tie it. For years and years and years, it was simply, "it sucks ... but it's how the game goes." As soon as this happened in a game where the winner gets to go to the Super Bowl, AND against a young and high profile superstar, "maybe we should change this rule ..."


    This will, at the very least, get a lot of discussion this off-season, and "how can we make this better?" It's a play that should involve umpire discretion.


    Here's the play in question:



    Yandy Diaz started at first base and was already at third base by the time the ball bounced over. That's where the umpires ended up putting him. He would have very obviously scored on this, because he was on the run with the pitch as well.

    Kiermaier would have possibly ended up at third but wouldn't have been the worst thing ever if they placed him at second.

    This really needed to be an "umpire's discretion" situation.

    It'd be nice to have a synced up view to show where he was when the ball went over, but at the very least he looked to be at least halfway between 2nd and 3rd already by the time the ball had landed, at which point I think he should be given 2 bases from where he was when it went out, which would be scoring.  Had he not passed second when it went over, I'd be ok with putting him at 3rd, because you can't assume he'd have scored from there.

  4. 4 hours ago, marlinsmaniac said:

    It’s not even really a respect thing. He has one more year of control, he’s not the player the marlins need at this point so it isn’t really likely that he’d even be a real target at this point.

    Trading from the pitching for a good controllable catcher is a good idea but contreras isn’t controllable anymore. 

    If they can work out an extension as part of the trade, that's one thing.  But yeah, with only a year left, he's not the guy.

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    Here's MLBTR's arb predictions.

    Marlins (13)

    Jesus Aguilar – $7.4MM

    Richard Bleier – $2.5MM

    Jorge Alfaro – $2.7MM

    Garrett Cooper – $3.0MM

    Dylan Floro – $2.4MM

    Brian Anderson – $4.5MM

    Elieser Hernandez – $1.4MM

    Sandy Alcantara – $4.5MM

    Pablo Lopez – $2.5MM

    Lewis Brinson – $1.3MM

    Jon Berti – $1.2MM

    Magneuris Sierra – $700K

    Jeff Brigham – $600K


    At minimum, the bold (Sierra and Brinson) can be dumped for around 2M savings.   Sierra is beyond useless, and Brinson's time is up for me - if he goes on and does decently with another team, so be it - he's had chances here and never taken the opportunity, whether it's pressure or what, he just hasn't gotten it done.  Move on Marlins.


    The italics are other question marks at best for another potential 7.5M savings.  I'm not advocating dumping Cooper, just saying he could be moved somehow as others have discussed.  I'd rather keep him if we can confirm the DH which would be good for him and his injury history, with some occasional 1B games to get other guys rest.  Alfaro - guess they could keep him as a backup?  But getting expensive for a guy that can't hit, can't catch, can't call a good game, and has passed balls every other pitch.  I'd rather have a Mathis-esque backup that's great at game calling/defense.  I know they like Berti, and I have too, but as the price tag climbs and he didn't do as well this past year, do they keep him?  Brigham, I honestly don't know enough about - is he worth keeping?

  6. 15 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

    Through the eyes of the TV networks, baseball is still a TV show and thus entertainment, even if there are good one man commentators I can't see them going that way ever. There's the entertainment aspect of having more than one person so they can have conversation and banter. Silence between pitches is probably something the TV networks fear, especially considering the already relaxed pace of most baseball games. 

    That was the good thing about Rich and Tommy - they had great banter together, while also realizing not every single second of air time needed to have rambling *cough Holly *cough.  They wouldn't go radio silent for minutes, but also would take a break for a second and just let the game happen.

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  7. 15 hours ago, Michael said:

    And if they end up losing this game now, we're going to get a MAJOR rule change.

    I honestly don't know what happened/what play you're referring to, as I haven't watched any baseball in months, but it's the Rays, the league won't care.


    If the roles were reversed and the Red Sox got hosed, there'd be a press conference and the rule changed the next day.

  8. 4 hours ago, SonOfJack said:

    Tbh this is possible. He's a former Marlin (and Yankee) and did studio work before becoming manager. If he is canned, he isn't that likely to get another skipper job immediately.

    Joe Girardi this this between his Yankee and Phillies gigs.  Saw him earlier this evening.

  9. 4 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

    With this news I think the Miami Marlins have already secured a successful offseason. This is a move that already improves the 2022 Marlins, the first really major step from this ownership towards creating a first class championship level organization. 

    If anything, it'd make the hot garbage the team will be without any moves more watchable....

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  10. I think Rich just got hired by the Angels in the middle of this past season to be their PBP guy, unfortunately.  I wanted him back too.

    I'm just glad Holly is gone - Severino, while still too national sounding, at least has gotten better over the last couple seasons.  Holly just seemed to get more and more annoying, to my point.

    Sounded like Tommy would be open to doing some analyst stuff, though not 162 games at his age.


  11. 3 hours ago, SonOfJack said:

    Of course. And odds are if they actually did market + 10% they'd be able to land at least one guy they are going for, assuming some other club doesn't overpay more than that. If we do see a target such as Castellanos sign elsewhere for a market deal, we can likely assume they didn't try hard if at all.

    Yup, exactly.

  12. 1 hour ago, Das Texan said:

    Ya but nobody is recklessly throwing that kind of money at Nick.

    But at the same time the inference was they shouldnt overpay for a free agent.

    they NEED to overspend for a free agent or two for so many reasons.

    They are fucked in that the position they need the most help at offers no real viable solutions, so......

    I agree that given the team's history, they'll have to overpay for any FAs, but even then there's a limit to the overspending......to build on @SilverBullet's example, you don't give Castellanos 300M when his market is maybe half that.....it's market + 10% or something.

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  13. 5 hours ago, SonOfJack said:

    This is the kind of comment I'm fearing though. If this happens - some fans (maybe not you) are going to take this as acceptable and say we need to give them another year and try again next off-season.

    They need to get things done and if it means going above market value, so be it. They have the room in the payroll. They can't possibly swing and miss on every single free agent they target, if they actually give it a real try.

    I am done moving the goalposts even if some others aren't.

    Agreed.  I'm shifting to not caring/watching from afar without moves being made.

    1 hour ago, Major-Minor said:

    I would love to go back to last offseason and just start reposting all the hot takes. 

    I am pretty sure a handful of us were saying exactly this and our fear of the 20-21 season.

    Yup, I think the consensus was after the pandemic season, we understood being hesitant with purse strings, but that things needed to be done, and they didn't.

  14. 6 hours ago, SilverBullet said:

    No that doesn't seem right. Castellanos would fill the role that Marte would have filled if he accepted their extension offer. That offer was about 40M so that 40M would be their allocation for that one role, it's not their entire total budget.  

    Maybe.....hopefully.  If 40M total is all they're spending, there's no hope lol.


    I don't see them blowing out the farm they've built to facilitate trades for everything we'd need either.

  15. 4 hours ago, FishFan95 said:



    If this is true, they're only planning on spending 40M total over x years spread out over x number of guys?  yikes.

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