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  1. I also didn't realize BA was at 1st until just now. I thought he was the DH.
  2. Also, do we need to play that welcome back thing every commercial break? It's quickly getting annoying.
  3. I'm thinking Box. Kintzler has been used in the last two games.
  4. Villar would've had it if it hadn't been touched.
  5. Series x one x 360 = series 360 ---- WTF was that loud screaming sound a second ago on the broadcast.
  6. Where's that annoying band section? They don't have that playing in the crowd.
  7. Interesting foul tip that doesn't hit the bat lol.
  8. So where are you supposed to enter those home run reward things? and do they expire at the end of a season?
  9. I'm glad they showed Sharp warming up instead of the play happening on the field.
  10. Same pitch again and now it's a strike again lol.
  11. Hm, that's the same pitch he called strike three a batter ago.
  12. WRONG. If it doesn't sound like 16 fans, I won't be happy. It won't be accurate.
  13. Reminds me of how they said Stanton swung for a strike when he got hit in the face years ago.
  14. What? They didn't overturn that? Must be blind.
  15. I saw it on the first replay that it hit the bat first.
  16. I didn't really watch spring much, so this is my first time seeing Brinson bat - even though he popped out in the end, it does look like there's a change in approach - in the past, he seemed to hack at everything - he showed some patience in that AB.
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