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  1. I think some did want to come here, but we gave our usual lowball offers.
  2. "That's so Marlins" "That's Marlins Baseball"
  3. Years ago for guys like Cespedes, Abreu, etc....we were on the short list and never got anyone.
  4. I think this is how most of us feel - I understood/didn't have a problem with the Gordon, Stanton, or Ozuna moves, but the Yelich one was hard to understand. Who knows, maybe it'll turn out ok and they (the guys we got) just had down years and they'll bounce back next year, but it's not looking pretty so far.
  5. Agreed. I get it's a new group, but how many times have we heard "Marlins are at the top of the list for player X" only for nothing to happen.
  6. I agree - it'll take sustained winning for any sort of long term consistent attendance.
  7. I get your point, but at least they're trying something other than the same old same old. I'm completely with you - winning will solve most of the issue, but at least they're attempting to make the in-game experience better. That said, I'm with you about the latin music thing - I'm not against it, but it doesn't need to be all Latin music. I'm skeptical it'll bring a ton of people in, but the idea of a cheaper ticket is good......though why can't they do this now without altering a part of the park? I'm also not against the home run sculpture, but they seem dead-set against it.
  8. I did add new WS banners - I find it pathetic that the only two instances of success in the organization's history are relegated to some tiny little metal "flags" (it was even more pathetic when they did the limp, windless flags. Nobody noticed the Publix Park either.... hehe My idea was that it would wrap around in front of the existing staircase, so that the staircase (which never gets used currently) would be behind these new platforms and be the access route to the three levels, and also allow for access to what is currently the Clevelander during the game. I'm also supportive of turning the Clevelander into a family zone, allowing kids to use the pool during the game, that would necessitate moving the Clevelander somewhere else, though. From Bowers' description, it sounded like the top tier was an extension of the promenade, as he mentioned views of both the field and the skyline. I suppose it's possible they go the cheap route and just put 3 tiers within the existing "bowl" the sculpture is in - but I don't know if it sits high enough to match the description of views both ways.
  9. So from the article, they describe the three tiers: He described “Homer’s” current home being transformed into a three-tier structure, with the lowest floor reserved for large groups. The upper two levels would offer all ticket holders a place to stand and watch the game on one side and admire the sights outside the park through the retractable glass walls on the other. “What we think is so great about Marlins Park is you have a beautiful ballpark with an unbelievable view of the downtown Miami skyline,” Bowers said. With “Homer” in place, he said, the plan can’t move forward. “It’s the only place you can do this.” I did a rendering of what I think it could look like:
  10. Agree. Definitely interested in seeing what changes they make to the park. Though I think the place is going to look boring with just another flat thing of tiers of seats out there. Maybe I’ll try to photoshop something here in the next few days...
  11. From what I've read, we've wanted to sign him still, but at a reduced rate since those test results.
  12. Victor Victor, Victor Jr, and Sandy Gaston will all be having a showcase then/there.
  13. Both...ok? The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? --- Lol. Don't have a subscription.
  14. The Athletic has this article, but I can't read it ? https://theathletic.com/545591/2018/09/25/jose-fernandezs-death-forever-changed-the-marlins-and-two-years-later-its-still-impacting-several-teams/
  15. In a devastating blow to their amazing 2018 season, the Marlins were eliminated from October baseball with just a few days left in the season.... ....who would've thought that after this past offseason! hehe
  16. I don't think he contradicts himself. He originally said he waited 90 mins to break it (from finding out), and later says waiting 25 minutes - but that was time waiting after he had the 4 sources. I think we all still wonder what would've happened on the field between then and now had it not happened.
  17. Here were final 2017 ratings: https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2017/10/10/here-are-the-2017-mlb-prime-time-television-ratings-for-each-team/#49ebc6c13799 2017 ratings (22k households, 1.32 rating) were down 30% over 2016 (~28.6k household estimate, 1.88 rating). Here's 2018 ratings through July: https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2018/07/19/prime-time-tv-ratings-for-each-team-at-the-mlb-all-star-break/#31cad4814c4f Ratings for 2018 (through July) were down further - 19k households, 1.16 rating. Interestingly enough, if I'm interpreting it right, at least as far as households go, we didn't drop as much from '17 to '18 as from '16 to '17. So viewership didn't crater as much as I would've expected. --- I know I went to 2 games this year, and never watched a full game on tv. I'd maybe watch part of an inning or two here and there very sporadically. The broadcast team didn't exactly make me want to tune in either.
  18. No, they’re not just going to throw things at a wall and see what sticks.
  19. Yeah, I completely get the Stanton and Ozuna trades, but Yelich seemed like they traded him to make a trade when there was no need to do it.
  20. Maybe Jeter wasn't sure if Mattingly is under contract next year, so he was asking anyone that might know. And here we are getting mad at him for asking.
  21. I think they do bring in "their" guy - both at GM and manager. The question is whether it happens this offseason or next.
  22. In theory, it could mean that we will have new uniforms that won't be direct copies of the old ones (allowing for a throwback night), but yeah, you're right, it likely means we keep the same ones and just have throwbacks.
  23. rmc523

    2 years ago

    I work not too far from the ballpark, and will sometimes randomly decide to go after work. I wound up going that day coincidentally and got to see his last start. It does suck from a baseball perspective that his death changed the direction of the club for years.
  24. Joe thinks a lot of things. I'll believe it when I see it. --- There was speculation at another forum that signing both could be a way of getting them more money - on paper give Victor Victor our top offer for this signing period, and then later sign his brother for another high figure.
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