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  1. There ya go. Otherwise it seemed to me as just your average __insert name here__ night and not really an effort to involve the community around the team. It'll be interesting to see how these events are received.
  2. I agree with just about all of this. The team aspect will take a few years, so a lot of the tinkering and stuff is just "get through" ideas until they get there with the team, but I agree - consistency is what the organization is lacking (well, aside from consistently being a circus and not being good). If they can do that, I agree fans will show up. Here's an interesting question - in all this Miami/latin focus they're having - what are baseball games like in Latin America? Do they have a DJ yelling at everyone? If they're so focused on trying to infuse the team with the Latin market, can they pull ideas from there as well?
  3. Oh I completely agree - there's been plenty of times for me where I was thinking about going to a game soon or on the fence about attending a specific game, and then see it's Realmuto bobblehead night or they're running some sort of discount (though I usually get tickets on Stubhub, but if the discount is enough, I'll go through the team) and that gets me to pull the trigger.
  4. That's interesting.....might be something to take advantage of. I know in the past, like you said, you could always tell who bought the promotion because one section was packed to the gills in an otherwise mostly empty park (I'll never understand why they wouldn't try to spread people around to at least give a look of a "filled in" crowd - sounds like that's what they're doing now) I do recall seeing the "fans of the north" comment (game of thrones tie in? haha).
  5. That's a fair assessment. This year has been a "throw darts at the wall and see what sticks" year as far as marketing/promotions, etc for the new group. They've indicated more and bigger changes are coming for next year. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with. I'm curious how other teams market themselves, and how it's different from what the Marlins have been doing? Obviously most have a better on-field product to market, but outside of that, I'm assuming they do other things too? I wasn't criticizing the Sandlot promo itself, just unsure about the celebrity thing as a whole. But SilverBullet is right - it may not appeal to us that follow the team and would consider going anyway, but if appeals to Joe Schmoe casual fan that otherwise wouldn't go but goes for those days, it worked.
  6. I wonder if you have to provide some sort of residency proof? Or anyone can click on it and buy them? Maybe it's just one of those things intended for whatever community is highlighted, but if you're "in the know", you can take advantage of it even if you don't live there. The only thing would be - I assume you're seated in a certain area, though it's not like you can't freely roam/sit elsewhere. Agreed - Handing out free tickets works for a day but not long term, it needs to be a longer term effort (why I proposed some sort of community outreach program that people see what the team is doing for them). Does it get old/overplayed if they do it multiple times/season per community? If you do 3 nights/community, you're already at 30 games. There should be a "Fort Lauderdale night" or make it a "Broward night" too - in the effort to "Miami-ize" the experience, I worry they alienate other groups of fans. I still think they should partner with Brightline to work on getting northern fans to the games (though they'd either need a shuttle from the Brightline station, or also a Metrorail partnership, and subsequent shuttle from there to the park). Agreed - I remember getting calls/emails from a sales rep to buy one of those flexible 4 packs or whatever they're called, and by getting one, I could "guarantee access to limited edition bobbleheads" or something to that effect......I didn't do it (though I thought about it), and later on saw the advertising for the bobbleheads, which were DJ Khaled, Pitbull, that Sandlot character, and someone else......why would I want ANY of those? Though maybe I should've done it and sold it online like someone said above. I get we don't have many marketable people on the team right now, but that's what they resort to? Lol.
  7. I think they'd have to pair it with some sort of community fundraiser or community project or something to truly have this have some sort of impact. The "oh hey, the Marlins helped us raise funds for project XYZ, let's go to a game! Oh look, there's community __Blank__" and then have some sort of "The Marlins are making waves in the community" thing before/during the game.
  8. I know this thread is really old, but I just saw it. I too am an XBox One person, and I had several variations of MLB 2K_ back when they made those for the 360. I think 2K13 was the last iteration of it. I'd buy another if they'd make one (or something like it).
  9. I saw it two weeks ago. Like others said, the movie otherwise unconnected to Infinity War aside from the end credits scene. They do parallel each other, though, and the end scene explains where they are in the timeline of the broader MCU. There is a second scene after all the credits too, but....meh is how I'd describe it. You could skip it and be fine/not miss anything if you don't want to wait. Hopefully that gives some insight without giving it away.
  10. Here's an article on one of the ways they're trying to involve the community(ies), though "Neighborhood Nights". I personally don't get the celebrity bobblehead giveaways - why would I want a DJ Khaled or Pitbull bobblehead? Reaching out to the community is good, but I'm just curious what they're doing that isn't just "Ok Doral, buy season tickets!" https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/mlb/miami-marlins/article215440605.html
  11. The Rays traded Eovaldi to Boston for LHP Jalen Beeks.
  12. Yup, I think that's the exact scenario I was talking about. It's pathetic, but that's how it works I guess.
  13. I don't really understand the push for this either. The moves they make speed the game up by what? 5 minutes AT MOST? Yeah, THAT'S going to get people to watch. "Hey, Joe! That baseball game you wanted to watch is 3 hours now instead of 3 hours, minutes! I wouldn't watch before but NOW!!!" I get that they're also working on the "pace" of the game - I don't have a problem with the IBB thing - though it almost happens too quickly sometimes, you look away for a second and the next guy is there and you're like what happened? I'm ok with the between inning clock, and don't mind the mound visit thing, but the idea of a pitch clock is excessive. Enforce rules already on the books. Do we really need to watch Joe Schmoe player readjust his batting gloves after every pitch - whether he swings or not? I don't think the catching rule happens if it wasn't Buster Posey that got hurt. I remember that same season, I'm pretty sure we had a catcher (don't recall who) taken out in a similar situation, and nobody cared, but oh, Buster got hurt! We need to change it!
  14. I think he was a waiver claim, no? Got nothing. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2016/04/padres-claim-brad-hand-from-marlins.html
  15. Brad Hand just got traded to the Indians.
  16. Well, that's one way to keep your fans in the stands...
  17. Inter Miami? What does that even mean? I read something that speculated since they called the redeveloped Melreese "Miami Freedom Park" that it might be called Miami Freedom (which I'm not a fan of).
  18. I see your point, but you can't just look at official attendance numbers, though. With Loria & Co inflating numbers, "20,000" would often be 7,000 actually there. I don't doubt that actual attendance is lower (I wonder if they have internal numbers as to what actual attendance - scanned tickets - was last year), but it's probably not as drastic of a drop as the YOY official numbers indicate.
  19. They should have put the storefronts on the inside of the garages facing the stadium, then restaurants and whatnot could've opened in them and been "connected" to the ballpark and environment, rather than a separate entity from them now. Though, I suppose that doesn't help them the rest of the year when there are no games. Your idea of using the home run sculpture as SRO bar - so you're basically saying just extend the budweiser bar then? I mentioned the soccer stadium, and said that it wouldn't happen. I looked up the MLS season - it's literally the same as baseball season - March through October. Teams play 34 games, half home/half away, so that'd be 17 games a year home. The schedule seems to vary, but it looks as though games are typically 4-7 days apart. So Marlins attendance may take a dip on those 17 days throughout the season, but it shouldn't affect the other 64 games. If they put the soccer stadium at Melreese park, I think there may be a bit of an "east vs. west" thing too - meaning those that live east might just go to the marlins game and those west might pick the soccer game unless they really want to go to one or the other.
  20. I'm wondering if they'll eventually build a permanent structure for it if it seems to be successful - can't imagine they'll keep it in a tent forever.
  21. At the couple of games I've been to this year, the music/sound has seemed a lot more "echo-y" than in years past - perhaps that's because it's louder? Here are the few things I've noticed....and it's not that different: -more Latin music/theming -They added "Billy's corner" (I know I have the name wrong) in the outfield, which is basically a little area for kids with stuff to climb on and take pictures with. -They dumped the 'energy team' and have the mermaids back, but I felt like they weren't seen much, and there's less "clap your hands" type things on the video boards. -They have done a better job with the out of town scores by putting them on a larger video board/showing multiple scores - last year it was delegated to one small video board that'd show one score. I realize they did it for ad revenue, but the huge out of town scores showing an entire league at a time on the board below the sculpture was better, IMO. -Sea creatures race is gone. I personally liked it, and was sad to see it go......I found it entertaining, especially when the games often aren't. I get that they need to engage the community, but I worry about them going overboard with the Latin thing......not everyone that goes is latin. It'll certainly be interesting to see what they come up with for next year. I wonder what classifies as a "big change" - what can they really do? I will say, at the 25th anniversary game I went to (the Friday game), they did a sales outreach thing where they invited some people up to a suite, and the Apple guy was talking to everyone (the friends I was with didn't want to stay for the sales pitch) I also saw people in suits that worked for the team standing by concession stands timing how long it took for people to get their food and taking notes on service, so I'd imagine an improved concession setup/approach will be something that is part of the changes......while on that topic....the concession menus! WHY when you have about at least 6 video boards per stand, do they ALL need to be on the same screen at once and flash back and forth from one set of menus to the other? I can't tell you how many times I'm sitting there trying to read something, and then *click* it switches to the drink/snacks menu and I have to wait a minute or so for it to come back to continue reading. All they need to do is have them paired - 3/6 show the food options, 3/6 show drinks, and have them next to each other (food, drink, food, drink, food, drink) so people can see them across the whole width of the stand. I think they should partner with Brightline to try to attract fans from Fort Lauderdale and West Palm. There's no direct connection from the Miami Brightline station to the park, but they could run shuttles or something instead of having to take Tri-Rail. Could either have a shuttle directly from Brightline or I guess you could ride metrorail to the culmer or civic center stations then to the park from there? I've never taken metrorail before. Yeah, the area does suck. There's nothing around it worth coming early to or staying late at after. Friends and I will get in the car and head back home to Fort Lauderdale to eat, or occasionally to Miami/Miami Beach. I will say, there has been more development in the area within the last year or two (nice looking apartment complexes around the corner, a school, etc.), so maybe it's just a matter of time, but since it wasn't done by the team as part of a ballpark "village", it'll have to come organically - and that's a tough sell to businesses when so few people go to games, as there's no other draw in the area, no other real reason for businesses to open there. I don't say that to be negative toward residents there, but it's a reality of it being a lower income area - it's not going to draw the restaurants and bars and stores that you see in those "hangout" areas around other parks, at least until more consistent crowds start showing up. I don't think it'll happen, but putting Beckham's park next to Marlins Park would help this effort, as it'd be an additional draw for businesses to open there. SunTrust Park was built with this in mind from the get-go - they built a whole complex around it to draw those businesses. Marlins Park was plopped in an available plot of land, but hey! There's storefronts in the garages (some of which are still empty, btw)! That's cool, right??? It also seems they've downplayed the Clevelander this year - not sure if it's a Clevelander choice or a Marlins choice - the sign that was above it in the park is now the "just gettin' started" sign, and post game "promotion" (the "hey, check this out after the game" thing) has gone to the 5th base instead of Clevelander like years past. --- I wonder if they could build something like you propose in the right field corner by the supercolumn? It wouldn't be the biggest space, but it's currently unused. See by the Micosukee column sign: One place they could probably easily do what you're proposing without building something new (they'd have to remove sections) would be on the third base line - there are 3 sections in the upper deck that are by themselves between the supercolumns: They could do something like what Coors Field did and lop of the seats and install what you're proposing: Before: After: I haven't been to the 5th Base before - is it an outdoor thing or enclosed? As I mentioned above, it seems like the 5th Base this year has taken priority over the Clevelander, but it's also good to have options - Clevelander has a night club vibe, whereas from the description, 5th base is more of a bar type setup?
  22. Oh I don't remember that. But that sounds more accurate. Found this article about Mattingly's hire that mentioned Manny Acta, Larry Bowa, and Bo Porter had been candidates: https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/giants/ap-sources-marlins-hire-mattingly-manager Can't seem to find anything about them getting permission to not interview anyone, but your account does sound familiar. I still think they'd have been fine had they not fired Redmond, but....Loria. Something I just realized - 2018 is the first season in a while that we've only paid one manager. Redmond's deal went through 2017.
  23. No, I think they "interviewed" other people because they have to (including the obligatory Bo Porter interview since we interview him every time), but it was known Loria wanted Mattingly, and it was pretty much a given he'd be the guy. I think he was still under contract with LA, though, at the time, but the new front office out there wanted to hire their own guy, so they let us talk to him/sign him.
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