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  1. Tweaking here and there won't give the "hey look, we're doing something different here, we're reinventing the franchise" "bang" that I think they want, though.
  2. They're not going to keep changing the uniforms every year, tweaking slight things. They'll make a change or won't.
  3. I have no problem with having a female reporter - I liked Allison Williams. I just haven’t liked Blaylocks work since the beginning. But I guess Allison was a tough act to follow. its good to hear Tommy again
  4. I’m not a hug Minervini fan as the play by play guy, but at least he has some “home team” energy to his calls. can we ask the real question here.... in all the broadcaster shuffling, how is Jessica Blaylock still around?
  5. Agreed. my view was that he was kept on because he knew the system and there wasn’t time for a new guy to come in and take over.
  6. I wonder if this is a precursor to reverting back to Rich and Tommy in the booth next year. If they want to keep Holly and make him the pre/post game guy, I’d be ok with that. Severino hasn’t done much for me (my vote from the announced list of finalists was Scott Braun), so I’d have no problem with him leaving.
  7. His point was that they actually put the old logo onto the helmets instead of just using the existing helmets (I know it's just a sticker). Other things I noticed: When I got to my seats last night, there was an envelope on it inviting me up to a suite. It was obviously to get people to sign up for ticket packages, but it was neat to go up into a suite. Interestingly, nobody approached me (and my brother/family friend) while I was up there. I did see the new VP of tickets/sales, Travis Apple, there when we left the suite, but didn't talk to him or hear the expected speech I figured he'd give, though he may have done it after I left. I also saw team employees timing concession lines, which indicates they've identified that as an issue. It's good to see that they're paying attention to details like that. Beyond that - I too am hesitant about catering too much to latin/miami vibe. Not saying they shouldn't, but not every fan there is latin. I also would like to see them work on a better way to get people to the park. I think they lost a lot of broward fans with the move......there's nothing they can do about the location, but it's just inconvenient to drive down, and terrible to get back with only the single northbound lane on 395.
  8. They have to start somewhere, though. They're only going to overcome that image by making moves like that (signing JT) and sticking with them and building around him.
  9. Yeah I was hoping there’d be a bigger crowd but it was still a decent turnout - much better than other games I’ve seen (not that that’s saying much).
  10. I love all the details. They even put lines on the advertisements to mimick the “flip” and boards that would rotate between advertisements. Have they done anything different with the sound system this year? It’s very echoey....I don’t remember it being that way in the past.
  11. I did buy the Fathers Day hat 2 years ago, and the independence day one last year. Obviously they're making enough for it to be worthwhile for them. And I'm sure that kind of stuff sells more in other/bigger markets.
  12. rmc523


    I haven’t been watching, but if he’s had fielding gaffes lately, it indicates to me that the batting troubles are carrying over into the field now.
  13. That was my point - it's a short term "lessen the rainbow" of the current stuff this year before changing to the new look (whether that be next year or the year after). When I was saying it's a sign they're changing, I didn't necessarily mean that black will be a major color in a new look, just that it was indicating a move away from the current look.
  14. I think it's obvious a rebrand is coming. The Dimelo surveys indicate that. A few things we know: -more use of black in team messaging, advertising, branding, etc. -Reduced lime green at the ballpark (coincides with more black) -As mentioned, Dimelo surveys asking about unis. My take: - I view the use of more black as just being an easy way to kill two birds with one stone in the short term - 1) reduce the bright colors of the current logo/script (especially orange), and 2) it's an "easy" neutral color that allows them to really go any direction in a new look. - Changing the backstop from green to black to me indicates they don't like the lime green and want to change it. Now it looks like any other park on TV --- I'll address the walls first before getting into the uniforms/logo.......While I've come to like (or at least tolerate) the lime green walls, a change wouldn't bother me, depending on the change. If the keep it, I do believe that the lime green is best used sparingly - meaning only on the walls of the field around the field (including the backstop). I do NOT like it up on the walls beyond the field (like how it used to be on the area below the Budweiser bar that's now the red State Farm wall, or the area below the home run porch/around the super column - that's where it becomes too much/too bright. If they do change (which I think is coming), I do NOT want this to be Yankee Stadium south with some dark navy blue walls devoid of any personality. This move would also have to coincide with a logo/team colors change, but I would vote for 3 options in no particular order: Teal (which would be appropriate if they bring teal back The blue used in the current logo (if they retain some parts of the current setup....I bought one of the blue jerseys and love it) The WBC blue, which looked good, though that has no team ties. Regarding the uniforms. When a change is to be made, I think it has to be back to teal as the primary color. I get the argument for "this is baseball, we need traditional!", but let's be real - we're a young team at only 25 years old; we have a modern ballpark. We are not a traditional team. I'm not arguing to have our uniforms designed by Britto with 8 million coloors, but turning us into the Miami Yankees would be a mistake. I don't think we need teal uniforms every night (use that only on throwback days, or Sunday day games or something), but have teal be the main color. Bring it back to the teal and black, with silver accents. Away uniforms - gray or black tops, gray pants, teal or black hats Home uniforms - white or black tops, white pants, teal or black hats (Sparingly used) Alternate - Teal tops, white pants, black or teal hats I don't even think I'd mind seeing teal pinstripes on the home unis.
  15. who was playing first? When will they just get rid of Ziegler already? It’s pretty clear he doesn’t have much left - and certainly won’t be a piece a contender wants to acquire with how terrible he’s been. I was all for the idea of giving Tazawa and Ziegler a chance to go out there and become trade pieces for us, but it’s obvious that won’t happen (Tazawa is obviously already gone). Just get rid of him already. How demoralizing is it for the team to be in a position to win one of the few games they’ll win this year, only for him to cough it up again. You could see it on JT’s face.
  16. rmc523


    Adeiny Hechavarria anyone?
  17. rmc523


    Well, most of us (I think) believe that he shouldn't have been here to start in the first place - if for no other reason than just service time. Beyond that, I'll agree, you can't necessarily expect instant results, but you'd expect to see some kind of improvement - identifying pitches better, walking a bit more - something, but it doesn't seem like that's happening.
  18. I think it's only a matter of time before we see a rebrand. And with them using the teal/old fish on the 25th patch, I won't be surprised to see them revert back to the black/teal - that's why I tried to modernize the fish and pair it with the current M (I tried creating an M in the old F font, but it didn't look good at all). If they do that, I wonder if we'll see the outfield walls become teal again too?
  19. The guy we traded to acquire Fernando Rodney.
  20. I had created a few logo variations a few months ago: Do imgur images not show up in posts here?
  21. rmc523


    He should've been sent down to begin with for service time reasons alone, and now it's evident with the results. I can understand the points made by Holly in Thrillho's post, but I think you send him down now for service time and to rebuild some confidence. If he goes down and rakes, bring him back up the day he passes that extra year of service time threshold.
  22. I like the idea of it, but they just got rid of Stanton's contract, and Machado is going to have around the same contract, no? At that point, aside from the "Miami kid" argument, why trade Stanton if you're just going to give another guy a huge contract? I suppose it won't be as long of a contract perhaps, and include an opt out or two?
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