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  1. Well, in the past he would've hacked at that one.
  2. this ump keeps calling balls out and in as strikes.
  3. This immediately made me think of when I was at opening day 2015 (How in the world has it been that long already??) with my dad and it rained when they had the roof open. Such a Marlins thing to happen. The annoying thing was it was one of those 10 minute long showers so by the time they had the roof closed, it had stopped and was an otherwise beautiful evening.
  4. The Cardinals now have 7 players positive, and 13 total.
  5. I agree, especially when they have to report players that go on the IL/aren't available, it becomes painfully obvious they have it when they're suddenly on the IL for "no reason".
  6. So we got Kevin Cash? Has anyone told Mattingly yet?
  7. Rumor has it, COVID is the best strike thrower on the team.
  8. You're assuming he know's who's in the bullpen normally.
  9. Not Marlins related, but the media is so ridiculous.....the Weather Channel is terming this hurricane a "COVIDCANE" like really?
  10. They'll probably try to say it's because the Cardinals share a ST complex with the Marlins. DUH.
  11. Not only that - if that was the intent, why not have it that way from the start of the season a week ago? Like why now? All the sudden they realized they want to preserve pitching?
  12. I don't really see what the point of this is.
  13. It doesn't make sense, obviously. But I'm legitimately trying to figure out how in the world the Marlins messed up baseball over the last 27 years? Because of firesales that affected our club? I don't understand.
  14. That sounds like something a moron would say that thinks he's entitled to his own opinion...... (yes it's a joke)
  15. Gotta love this line from Manfred: “We think we can keep people safe and continue to play,” Manfred said (per Bryan Hoch of MLB.com and Bill Shakin of the Los Angeles Times), adding that the league hasn’t seriously considering shutting down the season at this point. For MLB to do that, it would require one of its teams “losing a number of players that rendered it completely non-competitive,” Manfred stated. As if losing 11 players at once doesnt make the team non competitive... Not saying this should automatically trigger them cancelling the season, but that's a du
  16. Do the tests just take that long to process in the sense of they have to let it sit for X hours? I'm just curious why it takes 12-24 hours?
  17. Yeah, I haven't understood that. It's not a normal situation where you have one guy that gets injured. Now we have nearly half our team out, and we're supposed to replace them and then when they return, we have to just throw out a half a team's worth of guys because? So dumb.
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