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  1. Should've been done in a bubble like the other sports.
  2. I agree - it would be us when we finally had some positive things going on (pun intended?).
  3. I know - it seemed like we were one of the few teams with little to no exposure before that.
  4. Sole possession of 1st place for now (ATL/NYM haven't played yet).
  5. Paul had to open his mouth - "oh it looks good with 2 strikes and 2 outs"
  6. They're talking about our pitchers.
  7. Well he seems ok, hopefully it stays ok.
  8. What's with the guys watering the turf in the background of Blaylock's segment. Didn't anyone tell them it's turf now?
  9. I get that you can't reveal a player tested positive if they don't approve it, but It's just funny because it's painfully obvious that they had a positive test when they suddenly wind up on the DL for "reasons" with no explanation.
  10. Yikes, another walk.
  11. Weird, the EDIT options wasn't in that manu when I went to edit it before.
  12. I forgot that was in this thread lol Looks pretty close, you just combined the leagues. I can't edit my post? I forgot to change the two to "West", but I'm sure y'all figured it out.
  13. In any sort of expansion, they'd have to add at least two teams to keep the numbers even. So that'd wind up being 1 in each league. Putting them in the NL would give Atlanta and Cincy a nearby division rival. Without altering what existing teams are in what leagues, they could go like this: NL Southeast: Marlins, Braves, Nashville, Reds (could swap Reds with Nats) Northeast: Mets, Phillies, Pirates, Nationals (could swap Nats with Reds) Centeral: Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers, Rockies West: D'backs, Dodgers, Giants, Padres AL Southeast: Rays, Astros, Ranger
  14. When is the last time we were at .500, let alone 1.000? haha
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