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  1. Oh, I didn't understand that. So basically they could put you anywhere - wherever they want to assign you? Or I wonder if you buy it for a certain section for those 10 games? Because otherwise, isn't that what they do for the other 71 games? Oh you showed up, you're in seat ## in the outfield.
  2. Someone was saying Seattle only had 250K left, and I believe you can only trade in 250K increments.
  3. Yeah, if I can flexibly go to any game I feel like (I assume the base 10 would be set games) and move around as is customary at Marlins games, it sounds like a good deal.
  4. It's interesting that it's for all 81 (well, 71) games. It'll be interesting to see how this works. Wouldn't be totally crazy to try it here as a way to get people in the door, though I'd worry about backlash if they take it away later.
  5. Roger Roger -- Maybin to Mariners for a prospect and IFA money.
  6. Mish now saying Maybin is who the Marlins/Mariners are discussing, with IFA money probably involved.
  7. Heyman said we're talking to teams about Dietrich and Bour.
  8. Me either, but I expected some IFA money too. Heres why there isn't... they're paying his salary.
  9. Apparently Eveld is from Coral Springs and went to USF.
  10. Mish now saying Jarlin is taking Ziegler's spot on and is headed to Atlanta. But "still waiting team Ziegler is going to" LOL.
  11. Mark Feisand, Jon Morosi, and Jon Heyman have all said the opposite - hasn't been dealt yet, but deal may be close. and not to the Cubs.
  12. I agree, however, a good thing to point out is by "absorb," he may have meant the acquiring team can take his salary without hitting luxury tax.
  13. A few notes from MLBTR: -The Yankees have been in touch with the Marlins about both Cameron Maybin and Ziegler, reports Mark Feinsand of MLB.com (Twitter links). New York has reportedly been eyeing an extra outfielder with Aaron Judge and Clint Frazier on the DL, and Maybin would fit that bill, while Ziegler would further deepen an already solid ’pen by giving them a strong weapon against right-handed opponents. -The Cubs do not have an agreement in place with the Marlins, but they remain the front-runner to land his services, per MLB.com’s Joe Frisaro. However, other teams remain in the
  14. I had done this a while back in an attempt to mix the old and new logos: I like 6 the best. Not sure why I can't get it to display without having to click the link.
  15. I'd love to see us announce reduced concession pricing next year. That membership thing for the A's is...interesting. If I'm understanding it right, whatever plan you get (10, 20, 40, etc. games), those tickets are guaranteed/reserved in whatever seat you got, but you have access to the remainder of the season's games, and those tickets are general admission (probably the outfield or something)? At parks with low attendance - and yes, I get this is to increase attendance - wouldn't everyone buy the 10 game plan and then just come to the other games and move to where they sat before withou
  16. Yeah, it seemed to me that the template used to be: Scene 1 - teases something to do with the sequel to whatever movie was just shown Scene 2 - teases something in the general MCU If they're going to continue to be something like this Ant Man & Wasp one, I won't stay for it. Or if anything, make the funny one the first one and "reward" the people for staying until after the credits with an actual teaser.
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