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  1. rmc523

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    It's quite distinctive and can become a signature "Marlins" color if they'd just use it.
  2. rmc523

    What is everyone wearing for opening day?

    When I was there, I'd say it was pretty well/evenly mixed - a lot of old (Loria) logos, but quite a bit of the new stuff too. --- As for what I'm wearing for opening day - I'm likely not able to go, since the game is 4:10 on a Thursday, but if I do make it, I'll be sporting the new blue jersey (no name on the back), either blue or tan jeans, and the new black hat (proper logo, not the ST hat).
  3. Unless it's just a "blank" glove.
  4. rmc523

    Urena to start Opening Day

    I don't see the need to rush a trade now just to make a trade.
  5. Didn't Loria always envision the Marlins as the Yankees in the south, minus the payroll? His dream is coming to fruition.
  6. rmc523

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    I'm not sure. May be one of those "team store only" items for now, and added online later.
  7. rmc523

    Yelich vs Samson

    I hate that the Wild Card game is a single game and not at least a 3 game series.
  8. rmc523

    FanFest - Feb 9

    What was wrong with the merchandise sales process? Or you just want discounted prices? --- The last question on that survey was "do you plan to attend opening day on March 28th, 2019" yes or no. I put no, but wish I could've given a reason - it's a freaking 4:10 start on a Thursday. I'm at work at that time and the game will be 3/4 over by the time I can get there.
  9. rmc523

    New Forum Setup?

    Sure. I'll even throw in an extra 3 cents for a total of 5! But in pennies. Not a nickel.
  10. I figured he was kept for the first year as the guy who knew the system, and would be replaced this offseason, but I guess they like what he's been doing?
  11. rmc523

    New Forum Setup?

    I like it now that I know how it works. It was just unexpected and confusing when I clicked the "home" button only to be seeing the same exact page I was on (it left only the Marlins discussion checked initially), until I figured it out, so some sort of post explaining the change would've been/would be nice (though maybe this thread acts as that now). I know I had that happen - there were threads I posted in, but forgot to check them because they weren't in the main discussion one, and would think about it a week or more later. The only thing about the new setup is the checkbox thing on the right doesn't have descriptions of what belongs there like before......most are self explanatory (Marlins discussion, game threads, sports), but the "Media guide" and "outfield" are a little less clear as to what belongs there. My 2 cents at the moment.
  12. rmc523

    New Forum Setup?

    I get it now. I was just confused and thought something was not working on the site. It's kinda cool that you can "mix" posts from all forums so that you don't miss any that you may not check often.
  13. rmc523

    New Forum Setup?

    Is there a new forum setup? When I went to the home page, it just kept the same Marlins discussion posts there. I did see a "checkbox" thing on the right to switch forums. Is that how we're supposed to switch to other sub-forums now?
  14. rmc523

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Hm. I don't remember seeing that one.
  15. rmc523

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Maybe next year's ST hat will be black/blue bill with just the fish (no M) like this years. That'd be a good look.