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  1. Wait, aren't you Jeter!? I mean........*says loudly* THE FENCES MAKE IT VERY TOUGH TO GET IN. I CAN'T GET IN TO THE IVY!
  2. I make my way in for free. The extra fences have made it more difficult, but I still manage.
  3. I think so. I could be wrong, though. It's been a long time since I've gotten one online too. But I'd be surprised if there wasn't one.
  4. No I get that. I meant push as in about even because that $20 online is before they include their 'service fee' BS that's usually like $3-4 itself. So you wind up only saving a dollar or two by getting a parking pass online in advance.
  5. So an extra $5 because you don't pay in advance? This doesn't include fees they have online, so it's likely a push. Agreed - until parking equals that $10 of that lot down the street, I'm not parking in the garage either. Like you said, I'd much rather put that toward concessions than parking. There's no incentive to use the garage - I get a block closer and have to deal with traffic getting out of the garage (Not that there's much of it now) for $15 more? No thanks.
  6. Yeah, the black on black on black tops need to be changed. They're charging $25 for parking now? I thought it was $20. That's ridiculous. No way I'm paying $25 when I can park a block away "no blocky" for $10. I didn't get anything on the 3o5 menu, but I too did notice they seemed like smaller sized items. Guess that's what they're counting on. I had no idea the logo in CF lit up. Seems like the only time you'd have it lit up would be when the lights are off? As long as the game is fun/entertaining, it can be a great place to go and have a good time. When it's complete domination by the other team, and we don't have a chance, it's not that fun to be there. I don't understand why they'd even bother to put a plate there and not just cover it up?
  7. I picked Rendon to get a hit for my BTS thing tonight too. I had a feeling Urena would pitch well.
  8. 2-0 against Scherzer eh? Didn't see that happening.
  9. I was going to say this as well. This move means Mattingly is also on a short leash if things don't change soon.
  10. Wow, we did it! *Back to your regularly scheduled losing tomorrow*
  11. Ohh. maybe it's the in stadium thing she did. Or Billy's bunch.
  12. Hm. Maybe she's just randomly subbed in for us from time to time.
  13. Wasn't Kelly Saco with the Rays before?
  14. Eh. I'm streaming it on my computer so I can have something worth watching on the tv.
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