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  1. Have a game Starlin. Should've played like this before the deadline!
  2. Hmm. Well my reverse psychology kind of worked...
  3. Let's watch Brinson flail at a ball in the dirt for strike 3
  4. No. It'll be the first ever triple city team. 1/3 in Philly, 1/3 in Montreal, 1/3 in Tampa. --- When's the last time we've had 15 runs?
  5. Mattingly GENIUS. He used Chen to give up runs earlier so he couldn't give up the lead later in the game.
  6. Not sure why I sacrificed my record for this game lol.
  7. Players Weekend Jerseys are ago. The Phillies are indeed wearing black pants too.
  8. Yeah, I don't know what the purpose of writing this article now was.
  9. Not a good enough prospect. We should trade Bleday AND Sixto for Rodney.
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