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  1. Guys. I just want everyone to know. I’m at the game. And I don’t remember who was playing; I don’t remember the score; but I remember the EXPERIENCEEEEE!!!!
  2. Apparently Urena has a herniated disc.
  3. I'm sorry. They made this move so they could add Yadiel Rivera? Really?
  4. Seems odd that he'd go on the 60-day DL so quickly.
  5. Someone pointed it out on another forum. We've allowed the fewest runs in the NL East.
  6. https://law.marquette.edu/assets/sports-law/pdf/Miami Marlins Lease Summary.pdf I found this. which is what @SonofJack just found
  7. I figured it'd be easier to have a single thread for IL news. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/06/latest-on-drew-steckenrider.html Apparently Steckenrider might be back by early August.
  8. Not to mention it's even louder when it's closed, so even a small crowd can make a lot of noise.
  9. Different issue as has already been pointed out.
  10. It's awesome if they're able to sign these guys so under slot. I'm just surprised at how large of a difference there is between the slot and some of these numbers. As you said, it just gives them more they can offer to the higher guys.
  11. Eh, I think they're at least at that line.
  12. Are some of those typos? Guys signing for 2.5k when the slot value is 147k?
  13. Huh? Are you saying he catered too much to the Hispanic card or not enough? Because I feel Jeter & Co have taken the hispanic card and multiplied it 200 times.
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