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  1. rmc523

    2018 attendance on par with 2017?

    Here were final 2017 ratings: https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2017/10/10/here-are-the-2017-mlb-prime-time-television-ratings-for-each-team/#49ebc6c13799 2017 ratings (22k households, 1.32 rating) were down 30% over 2016 (~28.6k household estimate, 1.88 rating). Here's 2018 ratings through July: https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2018/07/19/prime-time-tv-ratings-for-each-team-at-the-mlb-all-star-break/#31cad4814c4f Ratings for 2018 (through July) were down further - 19k households, 1.16 rating. Interestingly enough, if I'm interpreting it right, at least as far as households go, we didn't drop as much from '17 to '18 as from '16 to '17. So viewership didn't crater as much as I would've expected. --- I know I went to 2 games this year, and never watched a full game on tv. I'd maybe watch part of an inning or two here and there very sporadically. The broadcast team didn't exactly make me want to tune in either.
  2. rmc523

    Teal Throwbacks Back in 2019

    No, they’re not just going to throw things at a wall and see what sticks.
  3. Yeah, I completely get the Stanton and Ozuna trades, but Yelich seemed like they traded him to make a trade when there was no need to do it.
  4. Maybe Jeter wasn't sure if Mattingly is under contract next year, so he was asking anyone that might know. And here we are getting mad at him for asking.
  5. I think they do bring in "their" guy - both at GM and manager. The question is whether it happens this offseason or next.
  6. rmc523

    Teal Throwbacks Back in 2019

    In theory, it could mean that we will have new uniforms that won't be direct copies of the old ones (allowing for a throwback night), but yeah, you're right, it likely means we keep the same ones and just have throwbacks.
  7. rmc523

    2 years ago

    I work not too far from the ballpark, and will sometimes randomly decide to go after work. I wound up going that day coincidentally and got to see his last start. It does suck from a baseball perspective that his death changed the direction of the club for years.
  8. rmc523

    Victor Victor cleared

    Joe thinks a lot of things. I'll believe it when I see it. --- There was speculation at another forum that signing both could be a way of getting them more money - on paper give Victor Victor our top offer for this signing period, and then later sign his brother for another high figure.
  9. rmc523

    Victor Victor cleared

    From MLBTR: the Orioles ($6.5MM), Marlins ($4.3MM), Rays ($3.6MM) and Dodgers ($2.78MM) as the teams with the most remaining money to spend.
  10. rmc523

    Don to manage MLB stars in Japan

    I don't necessarily disagree, but it's done often - a guy is kept through the rebuild, and the new "their" guy is brought in when they're expected to be in contention.
  11. rmc523

    Don to manage MLB stars in Japan

    Next year is the last year of his deal. I definitely don't see him being here beyond next year, but I could see them letting him finish out his contract next year and bringing in their own new guy for the "good year" 2020. Mike Hill I wouldn't be surprised to see go after the season.
  12. rmc523

    Marlins clinch October baseball

    You missed it, though - we're playing in Octoner, not October. Apparently they weren't if we're playing Octoner 1st...
  13. rmc523

    Rest in Peace, Marlins HR Sculpture

    Yeah, the kids area they put in this year is definitely just a makeshift, temporary thing to get something in for this season. I'm sure much bigger changes will happen this offseason. That's a good thing......and PLEASE, can we keep half the menu screens on the food, and half on drinks, alternating with every other monitor, and NOT have all the monitors flashing back and forth between food and drinks all at the same time? I HATE having to stand there and wait for the screen to flash back to the food options in the middle of reading the menu.
  14. rmc523

    Rest in Peace, Marlins HR Sculpture

    I was reading this article yesterday where they were talking about it: https://www.fishstripes.com/2018/9/5/17820294/marlins-rumors-home-run-sculpture-removal-derek-jeter-new-fan-attractions They had a few proposals: -a water slide for kids -a sandy beach area with lounge chairs -Marlins "hall of fame" sort of like Yankees monument park (this is my least favorite idea, as it'll just leave a giant hole in the ground.) -they also said take the opportunity to move in the fences in that area. ---- If they remove it, though, they could open that entire ground level area up, though - it wouldn't have to be confined to the "bowl" that the sculpture currently rests in. ---- The beach idea isn't crazy, but to me, that would have to be done in conjunction with redeveloping the Clevelander area into a kids-friendly zone with the pool, beach, and water slide (combining a few ideas from the link) - put some live palm trees back in like they originally were going to do. Perhaps they could do something more interactive for kids too - like an aquarium type thing with more fish (ties into the backstops), maybe even a touch/feel tank or something. I would then redevelop another area of the park and move the Clevelander there (perhaps in the 3B line upper deck between the columns, or under the right field seats?) if they want to keep the nightclub aspect it gives. That would make the idea of having the Clevelander open after the games more difficult, though, as having it on the outer edge/open to the outside lends well to that (they can keep it "separate" from the rest of the park while they clean up/shut things down).
  15. rmc523

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    You have to start paying someone sometime, though. All depends on what's offered back.

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