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  1. Not a good enough prospect. We should trade Bleday AND Sixto for Rodney.
  2. The only question would be if signing a guy now impacts their ability to sign a bigger guy later.
  3. How do you bring in the gaps while leaving center? Without some odd bump out lol. Actually. CheapJeter wants to water less grass so he's bringing the walls in!
  4. Apparently Jeter/the Marlins are at least considering moving in the fences again: https://www.mlb.com/marlins/news/derek-jeter-considers-moving-fences-in-at-marlins-park
  5. I'm confused. Can someone please explain what's going on with the scoreboard. I'm seeing: LAD - 0 MIA - 1 What does that mean? Is it broken?
  6. I'd hardly factor Brinson into any form of logjam at any position. But yeah, the FAs you sign should again be the Walker/BP/starter types to 1 year deals to (actually) flip at the deadline. The only exception would be that "year early" star guy like Rendon that you gran while he's available. Like with Washington, you show things are getting serious with that type of move.
  7. The only thing that concerns me is his defensive reputation. I'd still love to be a dark horse suitor for Rendon and/or Cole. But reality is neither of those will be options unless we break the bank; we'll have to way outbid other teams for them.
  8. Well, the park is horrible to get there from Broward, especially during the week. There's been a few times my brother and parents have joined me at a game during the week (or even a Friday), and even for the 7:10 start it was tough for them to get there, always running into ridiculous traffic (I work 15-20 mins from the stadium, so I'm already nearby). That 6:40 time makes it even worse. They did that poll and I guess people wanted it earlier. Or it was a poll for the sake of having a poll and pretend like they're listening. I mean, I guess their argument is they're starting earlier so people with kids won't be out as late, which I certainly understand. And selfishly, it'd mean less waiting around if I go to a game straight from work. I live in Fort Lauderdale, but work nearby, so I'm not going home or anywhere else between work and the game. Hey, if they try it and attendance increases, awesome. If they get feedback that people don't like it, I'm sure they'll change it back for the following season.
  9. GUYS. I figured it out...... We can make Mike Hill the manager and fire him part way through the season. Jeter's plan all along!
  10. Oh you know they will, even though he's not getting fired - his contract will just expire. But the media will make it out to be like the Marlins fired another manager, and people will be outraged. I'd be good with that.
  11. I personally liked the signing at the time even if it was a big contract. The 4 years before with Baltimore he had: 2012 - 4.02 ERA, 192.2 IP 2013 - 4.07 ERA, 137.0 IP 2014 - 3.54 ERA, 185.2 IP 2015 - 3.34 ERA, 191.1 IP At the very least we'd be getting a guy that'd throw innings at a decent level to help solidify a shaky rotation. At best, a guy to slot in behind Jose who'd pitch well and throw a lot of innings. Another thing to consider - he was also in the AL coming to the NL, so usually numbers get better shifting to the NL. On paper it looked like a good signing that would help the team out.
  12. rmc523

    Nick Wittgren

    Don't buy that. They didn't get much for him. They could've kept him and shipped him out at the deadline for useful pieces if they didn't want him long term.
  13. rmc523

    Nick Wittgren

    I never understood why they got rid of him.
  14. I guess attendance at those games will count as our home attendance, right? #CheapJeter trying to pad attendance numbers by playing in another territory!
  15. ;TLDR pitchers that give up fewer home runs are more successful. Haha.
  16. Let me help you with that. It's pretty simple: LORIA.
  17. I get if the guy was called up a day or two or even a week before (there may be some sort of approval process), but it's 2 weeks ahead. They can do it.
  18. I don't understand that at all. Back in 2010/11 ish, the 4th of July hats were white with red or blue bills. Why would it matter now? Really? That seems stupid.
  19. If they can create new jerseys immediately for guys that are called up, they can change the name on the back of these jerseys to a nickname (but they aren't).
  20. I was going to say this too. So these uniforms will be our black tops in reverse lol. I honestly was surprised they didn't go with black.
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