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  1. You know what I just noticed, and it's really funny. I think Loria got the "toothpaste" abstract Marlin design from the tail of the "S" in Marlins (the part under the "MA", but flipped upside down.
  2. Kind of an odd request. But I was able to find you a sign that says everyone....
  3. I get someone wanting to be a fan of their (true) hometown team. If they want to root for that team when they're in town, go for it. But that doesn't mean they can't root for the Marlins (their "adopted" local team) all the other games.
  4. I mean....there may be an extension, but not the type you're thinking of...
  5. How would the second one leave out free tickets? If the people show up with the free ticket, and it's scanned (someone going in), it counts as someone attending/toward overall attendance.
  6. Just a guess, but I'm assuming teams can report either: 1) SOLD tickets as "attendance" (what Loria did, and would pad them with "buying" $1 tickets from himself), or 2) actual tickets scanned/fans actually coming in the door (what we're doing now)
  7. Really? I remember reading comments and things all the time about "reported attendance is X, but there definitely was a lot fewer than X in the park"
  8. Yeah, it was odd. He was asked by several reporters the same question point blank, "so if this split deal doesn't work, will you revert to the full 81 games here in TB?" And he repeatedly said, "that's not our focus right now, after all we've been through and learned, it's highly unlikely". Asked if there was anything Tampa could do to keep the team the full season - "I don't see it, given what I know" In his prepared statement, he said how it'd be about "baseball thriving in both places like it could not - would not - were all 81 games in one place." Granted, their lease runs through 2027, so theoretically they'll be there until then unless some other agreement is made. But that said, I also didn't understand his timeline. He was saying ideally this would be set up for 2024, but then they have the lease through 2027 at the Trop, and hey said they're committed to that too, which would mean either they're paying to not play in the Trop, or it's just a 2027 lease for St. Pete the city, not the Trop specifically? So their backup plan is just nothing? The idea that this ISN'T a negotiating tactic ("build us a park or else") is crazy. Not to mention, the league/owners would miss out on an expansion team fee in a "new" city.
  9. I don't think it'll be hard to find 5 seats in a row at Marlins park.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RCUxdjIJ1s Here's the press conference from Stu Sternberg about the idea. Basically they haven't talked to either city, they don't have financing, they don't have a name, they want two new open air ballparks from two cities when they can't get money from one for a single park, but Manfred and the owners gave them permission to explore this. He seemed pretty adamant that there's no 'plan B' of keeping the team in Tampa for a full season - not in St. Pete, not in Ybor, or Tampa Bay. He said a renovation/expansion of "Al Lang Stadium" is a possibility for the new Tampa park. He claims it won't be a prolonged exit from Tampa, but I just don't see this working or being a viable thing.
  11. Oh, I agree with you. The narrative was "ANOTHER firesale", and not "rebuilding the right way"
  12. I was wearing a Marlins hat yesterday at my friends' condo's pool and he started talking about the Marlins because of my hat - his opening words were "I'm done with the Marlins"...."and Jeter" - he mentioned the trades of Stanton/Yelich, and how fans have been treated over the years (brought up Cabrera, etc). So it's definitely a feeling/ something that's out there. That said, I'm guessing if things go according to plan, and the team is competitive year in and year out, that he/they'll return.
  13. Rendon may be "early" but if you can sign him, you do, as he'll be here in whatever competitive window you create (you're not signing him for a year or two) - he could be that Werth type signing where you get a guy maybe before you're ready to be truly competitive, but he'll be there, and show everyone you're serious. We'd presumably have a protected first pick, though, right?
  14. To my point, it’s hilarious.
  15. Yeah, this is exactly what it is. This will never happen, don't worry.
  16. Obviously you wouldn't move your family lol. I'm completely with you. Especially something that MLB announced. Like I get it if it were leaked by some employee as a random "idea", but like it's an official MLB permission thing. Weird.
  17. It's just a leverage tactic to try to get movement on a stadium deal. But it's a very odd one at that. As opposed to the typical "build us a park or we'll move", it's "build us a park or you'll build us a park and half have the games". lol There's no shot at this actually happening. On a side note, I think a team in Nashville would be cool, and I'm guessing that'll eventually happen. Hmm. Swap the Rays and Sounds? Nashville gets an MLB team, Tampa gets a AAA team? Maybe not that crazy!
  18. There are a few names I'd have DFA'd before O'Brien. But whatever.
  19. Joe with the brilliant ideas as usual. The people won't drive across the bay from Tampa to St. Pete as it is.......and he expects them to drive an hour to get to Lakeland from two separate cities??
  20. Agreed completely. Bob's point is all I could think about as I was reading. There's a less than 0% chance BOTH cities would pony up to build brand new ballparks to have a team half the time. Just idiotic thinking. When I started reading, I thought maybe they were proposing it be a primarily Montreal team with a new park there, but still have a few games at the Trop throughout the season. That would make a bit more sense (though still dumb), but having them in both will never happen. What would they be called? the Tampa Montreal Rays? The Montreal Bay Rays?
  21. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27016429/sources-rays-explore-playing-montreal This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I can't see either city agreeing to that. We have a MLB team!!!* *part of the time
  22. Rosell Herrera was DFA'd for Gallen's callup.
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