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  1. I wonder if he hit his shins more than his knees?
  2. Hopefully Cooper didn't get hurt again.
  3. Obviously if the place was busier with fewer open seats, I'd tell them to move, but it's not, so it was easier just to sit somewhere else. I agree with you, I'm just saying there are so many empty seats, the likelihood of you sitting in someone else's seats is slim. And at that point, I'd say "sure I'll move, someone else sat in my seats". I liked the spot we sat in better anyway - we'd have been surrounded by people in the actual seats, whereas we were by ourselves where we did sit.
  4. In the lower field level seats, you usually can't get in, as they do check, and they do check early on in the concourse, but if you go toward the corners you can get by where there's no "guard" and then scoot over to other seats. I agree about it being frustrating though.....like you said, I do it within reason. Agreed - looking over your shoulder for someone coming to sit there. Actually at the game Saturday, we came down to our seats (in the left field corner) and people were sitting there. My dad started asking them to move but I was just like let's just go over here to the right and down a few rows where nobody was and we were fine there. It's not worth having someone move with so many empty seats. That said, it was a good size crowd for the Marlins (I think I looked it up and it was like 11K or something).
  5. You could easily buy the $10 SRO ticket and then go find a seat and sit in. I did it after I got tired of standing. That said, I don't go overboard like those people did and go sit in the very good seats, but I know I'm different than others in that regard. Definitely agree about the fireworks, they were great! Was not expecting that finale being that good. I agree. I know they have the 3o5 menu now, which does give some low priced options, but everything else is $13-15 for just the food not including a drink. I will say the food is better than previous years, meaning you're getting better stuff for that $13-15, but it adds up QUICKLY. We got 5 sandwiches (the Pan con bistec at the Goya La Cocina, which actually was pretty tasty), and it was like $70-something! For just the sandwiches. They really need to take the Atlanta Falcons route and drop prices. I actually noticed this as well the two times I've looked into it and gone to the game. In previous years, it was 9 times out of 10 I was getting them on Stubhub - basically unless there was some sort of promotion or team discount, I was going through Stubhub, as you could get great seats for greatly reduced prices. This year, when I've looked on Stubhub, the prices haven't been drastically different than the Marlins' pricing online, and I wound up getting the tickets to both games on the Marlins site instead (actually Saturday's game, I was going to use Stubhub, but as I was inputting my info to purchase them, they were taken, so I had to go through the team). I think you're probably right - we know Loria & co. would "buy" tickets for $1 to pad attendance numbers, so these likely just got thrown on the secondary market for whatever they could make. Saturday's game was fun. It seemed to fly by though. We did get there late, but we went to get food and by the time we got back to the seat, it was already the 7th inning! Granted, our group was like herding cats, but still. Had to wait a while while they cooked our food as well, which took longer than it should've. The A/C "experience" is VERY dependent on where you're sitting. If you're anywhere in the lower bowl under or right in front of the second deck, you'll be freezing as you're sitting right under the air vents. If you sit further down in the bowl (not under cover) or out in the corners, it's kind of hot, as you're far from the air vents, and there's a lot of air in the park to cool.
  6. Guys. I just want everyone to know. I’m at the game. And I don’t remember who was playing; I don’t remember the score; but I remember the EXPERIENCEEEEE!!!!
  7. Apparently Urena has a herniated disc.
  8. I'm sorry. They made this move so they could add Yadiel Rivera? Really?
  9. Seems odd that he'd go on the 60-day DL so quickly.
  10. Someone pointed it out on another forum. We've allowed the fewest runs in the NL East.
  11. https://law.marquette.edu/assets/sports-law/pdf/Miami Marlins Lease Summary.pdf I found this. which is what @SonofJack just found
  12. I figured it'd be easier to have a single thread for IL news. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/06/latest-on-drew-steckenrider.html Apparently Steckenrider might be back by early August.
  13. Not to mention it's even louder when it's closed, so even a small crowd can make a lot of noise.
  14. Different issue as has already been pointed out.
  15. It's awesome if they're able to sign these guys so under slot. I'm just surprised at how large of a difference there is between the slot and some of these numbers. As you said, it just gives them more they can offer to the higher guys.
  16. Eh, I think they're at least at that line.
  17. Are some of those typos? Guys signing for 2.5k when the slot value is 147k?
  18. Huh? Are you saying he catered too much to the Hispanic card or not enough? Because I feel Jeter & Co have taken the hispanic card and multiplied it 200 times.
  19. They apparently can't sign until their collegiate seasons end, and Vandy is still in the tournament. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-marlins/fl-sp-marlins-braves-separate-sun-20190609-vrdf4gfpjvh6bj4hke3p5bhrrm-story.html
  20. from MLBTR: Ortiz incurred some damage to his liver and had to have his gall bladder as well as parts of his colon removed as a result of the shooting, per Rivera and Rojas. Rivera adds that Ortiz is currently in intensive care but still considered to be in stable condition.
  21. Lol. Too late! Just about every move they've made is using the hispanic card.
  22. If it were going to be Gallen, I'd imagine they'd have called him up and not Kinley.
  23. Caleb Smith to the 10-day IL with "left hip inflammation." Kinley called up to take his place.
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