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  1. Can we send Guerrero down? I feel like he's not done anything.
  2. Let's bring Guerrero in to walk everyone in.
  3. WTF was that horrible bunt??
  4. So which version of Barraclough do we get toinght?
  5. Sheesh, I fell asleep for a bit, and now it's 8-8. And an error. This is promising. We're determined to give this one away.
  6. I'm waiting for the odd shift to not work at all.
  7. Maybe they just wanted an excuse to get rid of Galloway?
  8. Nah, don't think it's any different. It's an easy go-to to make the Marlins a punching bag. If they're on a win streak earlier, they'll find something else to pick on - it'll be "Marlins win, but Jeter ties his shoes the wrong way!" or some ridiculous headline.
  9. I'll take the blame if we lose this one! Haven't watched in a while, and now that I'm watching we may lose
  10. How many liners right to people have there been today?
  11. Dean made that a lot closer than I thought it'd be.
  12. Guess I'm the only one watching
  13. Ah. I always enjoy the bases loaded, 1 out situations where we score 0 runs.
  14. Sheesh, that guy was out by a mile.
  15. The horse died and came back to life and died again.
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