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  1. Yes I am almost fully convinced strike outs are up due in large to the idea that home runs are more 'effective' and the whole launch angle and advanced analytics placing those things over simply making contact and hitting for high average. Since so many stat heads literally DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about something like batting average in this day and age. You could have the pitchers mound 100 feet from the plate and that approach wouldnt change in the current state of MLB.
  2. This idea when it was presented actually intrigued me a lot as a way to say fuck you to the Rays and their gimmicky opener which I fucking loathe and a way to incorporate the DH more into the game.
  3. Pittsburgh Mike somehow doesnt have quite the same ring as Nugget. Too bad. But welcome back!
  4. I actually dont mind the idea of trying out the double hook. The mound rule is moronic. I've also evolved on this the rules MUST NEVER change idea as well. Everything evolves overtime, or you get swept away and become a footnote in history.
  5. Replay is technically done in New York
  6. My Cardinals had a play where the batter was hit in foul territory and they ruled it an out over the weekend. Its comical how fucking bad it is and how so many things that 'should' be replayed simply arent able to be replayed. Fantastic job by MLB and the MLBUA and I think the MLBAPA also on this one.
  7. we have 4 uniforms already, so we are fine. looking to sell product here.
  8. Couldnt fucking merge topics eh? So.... Cardinals sweep! Yay! Our outfield still fucking blows donkey nuts.
  9. hope they use the 'non juiced' 2019 baseballs.
  10. Yay! Cardinals won again!
  11. ONLY an option for Covid related things though.
  12. Maybe he should listen to his sister more often. Donnie showing more and more why the Dodgers were all too eager to be done with him.
  13. Yay! Cardinals won! Ponce de Leon showing what well placed fastballs can still do for you in this era of way too much breaking stuff.
  14. Cant wait to see how my Cardinals embarrass themselves in this series.
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