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  1. Considering they dont pay at dime for 6 years... It would be pretty stupid if they let it affect anything financially at this point.
  2. oh that was at Safeco. Too bad. Reminds me I dont thing the Cubs did cutouts. No fun Cubs.
  3. I believe Bartman got season tickets down the LF line this year...
  4. I hope he fucking said that. Mad props if he did.
  5. kinda depends on which finger. assume its on the pitching hand, if its on the glove hand he is a pansy. 😆
  6. Maybe Marlins will be joining the Cardinals in playing on Monday!
  7. In Angel's defense, he is consistently bad so......
  8. Also think about when he returned and posted, right after acquiring his kid.
  9. Amazingly Angel didnt fuck that one up. Wish more umps would actually enforce this. Shocked Country Joe doesnt make this more a point of emphasis more often, would get him more air time, tbh.
  10. Wait, you mean you people dont check out the umps for a game to make sure you tune in to that game?
  11. @SongInTheAir is to Jose Urena what @Das Texan is to Isan Diaz. Sweet!
  12. The only thread that is needed about Jose Urena should be about why he has not been DFA'd yet.
  13. Man there are a couple of fascinating teams in the Conference Finals in Miami and Denver. I'll be rooting on fellow CBA brother Denver, but Miami being there right now is pretty damn cool.
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