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  1. Springer taking Brantley with him!
  2. I think AB is overrated, but as bad as the Marlin outfield has been , might as well go after him, if the price isnt too high, tbh. Would rather go get Rosario, only costs money. Marlins SHOULD have plenty of it with their payroll commitments.
  3. FAR FAR FAR from being happy!
  4. Owners are also fucking assholes and the players are justifiably striking. Enjoy baseball this year boys and girls!
  5. Well I mean considering the owners already sold the tv rights to the expanded first round of the playoffs.....
  6. Because of the pandemic there is real conversation about expansion. Its going to happen a lot sooner now as a result. Same thing with NBA expansion. Owners want that cash money that they can only get with expansion fees. New Orleans isnt getting a MLB team.
  7. If Marlins can trade for Contreras and only have to give up prospects that are a long ways off (aka lotto tickts of sorts) thats a deal you do 10 times out of 10. Same with avoiding dealing your top 5 prospects as well, which given how the Cubs are operating this winter, should be doable. Not really sure what the end game with the Cubs is, but I hope they lose for 100 years as a result.
  8. But agree as well when its obviously warranted.
  9. 2021 @SilverBullet and @Das Texan Doing what Congress cannot do.
  10. Of course I do. Also I approve of the tbh, tbh.
  11. After hearing the Owners were making ploys to delay the season into May this is lovely news. I wonder what caused this change.
  12. If thats going to be the market for a top reliever then it makes every team passing on Hand's deal even more idiotic. Some real stupid teams and front offices out there.
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