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  1. Das Texan

    New CBA

    I'm not convinced any games would be lost as of yet. But spring training probably gets delayed at the very least. Owners are assholes. If players dont take a hard line stance, owners will keep on pushing things more and more to keep players down and make them essentially indentured servants for longer. But players are assholes as well allowing owners to fuck over minor leaguers for as long as they have, BUT they arent members of the union so... Fuck them?
  2. Das Texan

    New CBA

    will have ZERO bearing on this.
  3. That's a different set of cards now 😈
  4. I'm sure they will give some low ball offer to him in arbitration as per usual.
  5. I'd have to look... I do however have a Rich Ireland Marlins card...
  6. why? he is the best without any doubt in the world. no beat writer for the Marlins can ever or has ever been as good as he has been in terms of disseminating information about first the Florida Marlins and now the Miami Marlins.
  7. What as the point? That Facebook has forgone any type of morality and decency for profits? That Facebook badly needs to be regulated like the telecom industry is relegated? Or what exactly?
  8. Laz Diaz was in PEAK midseason form last night I hear.
  9. yes. @Admin put in a way to type in sarcasm. Thanks.
  10. Well only one former President or even current President has ever been banned, so whatever.
  11. he actually wasnt banned until January of 2021 fwiw.
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