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  1. Expansion happens within the next 5 years now. I'd say about an 80% chance it happens. Rays are probably moving out of Tampa if at all possible. I think everyone is frustrated and fed up with the situation and Covid may be the breaking point end of day. I know MLB wants Montreal to happen. Another team on the west coast makes some sense. Montreal Nashville (west coast) Figure out the alignment.
  2. Well... Mission accopmlished in Boston though. Then the ownership got cheap.
  3. Just think of it this way, if they allow some fans in the stands, Marlins might have the smallest drop in attendance this year of any other team!
  4. This seems like the perfect way to have the season end after 20 games.
  5. Players take all the public sentiment they had last week and tossed it into the trash can. Impressive how each side has basically taken public sentiment and lit it on fire on a regular basis in this disaster. Oh and Trevor Bauer is fucking spot on. As per usual. Need a fresh edition of Bauer hour tomorrow.
  6. If Rob Manfred fucks this up, he will be fired. Book it.
  7. Finally getting rid of the pitching hitting. Bout fucking time. Don't need to see anymore pitchers looking like shit at the plate and killing rally after rally. National League being the only fucking league around with the pitcher hitting has been all kind of fun.
  8. Randy Levine ordering Manfred to Arizona basically was funny. Manfred like the beta bitch clown he is going and getting a deal done is funny.
  9. Hooray an 11 day head start maybe over the NBA.
  10. aka the Yankees came out, swung their dicks around and got what they wanted.
  11. read the New York times. Randy Levine basically said fuck this bullshit, get a deal done you morons.
  12. Everyone should honestly thank the New York Yankees when this is announced in short order.
  13. Said Jerry Reinsdorf for 40 fucking years.
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