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  1. Yes I am almost fully convinced strike outs are up due in large to the idea that home runs are more 'effective' and the whole launch angle and advanced analytics placing those things over simply making contact and hitting for high average. Since so many stat heads literally DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about something like batting average in this day and age. You could have the pitchers mound 100 feet from the plate and that approach wouldnt change in the current state of MLB.
  2. This idea when it was presented actually intrigued me a lot as a way to say fuck you to the Rays and their gimmicky opener which I fucking loathe and a way to incorporate the DH more into the game.
  3. Pittsburgh Mike somehow doesnt have quite the same ring as Nugget. Too bad. But welcome back!
  4. I actually dont mind the idea of trying out the double hook. The mound rule is moronic. I've also evolved on this the rules MUST NEVER change idea as well. Everything evolves overtime, or you get swept away and become a footnote in history.
  5. Replay is technically done in New York
  6. My Cardinals had a play where the batter was hit in foul territory and they ruled it an out over the weekend. Its comical how fucking bad it is and how so many things that 'should' be replayed simply arent able to be replayed. Fantastic job by MLB and the MLBUA and I think the MLBAPA also on this one.
  7. we have 4 uniforms already, so we are fine. looking to sell product here.
  8. Couldnt fucking merge topics eh? So.... Cardinals sweep! Yay! Our outfield still fucking blows donkey nuts.
  9. hope they use the 'non juiced' 2019 baseballs.
  10. Yay! Cardinals won again!
  11. ONLY an option for Covid related things though.
  12. Maybe he should listen to his sister more often. Donnie showing more and more why the Dodgers were all too eager to be done with him.
  13. Yay! Cardinals won! Ponce de Leon showing what well placed fastballs can still do for you in this era of way too much breaking stuff.
  14. Cant wait to see how my Cardinals embarrass themselves in this series.
  15. Much deeper societal issue being raised here. The world doesnt move in the same speed as it did 2 generations ago. Sorry. You have to change MUCH MUCH more to move back to that mindset. It's never happening. Not in this country. And its not happening by instituting a 5 hour reflection period before voting. Guaranteed
  16. Hard, hard, hard pass on this. Why an arbitrary 5 hours. Again change the 15th amendment if you want this. Good luck. I'd argue for a 5 second reflection period. I can accurately reflect in 5 seconds what it takes others 5 hours to do. Prove me wrong. And thats the extreme limitations on this processing period. Not to mention the idiotic cost of this program.
  17. Because thats not how our Constitution is written. There are no qualifiers on knowledge level in order to vote. We cant say, oh you get nothing just because you didnt bother to show up. The problem is the political empire KNOWS people wont vote and they know they only have to reach the small minority of voters. The issue begins in school. Teach civics, teach the importance of voting, and you will have a more informed and educated electorate and this 'problem' begins to eliminate itself.
  18. And how do the corrupt politicians get corrupt? Oh thats right MONEY. aka the richest. Though its not just China. If you think its just China then you are sadly sadly mistaken.
  19. 100%. its the loudest and richest voice that controls everything in American politics today. Super Pacs should not be allowed. All candidates should have x dollars they are allowed to spend and not anymore. Make it about a candidates stances and not on you now how much they can swindle out of people.
  20. If we had an informed electorate our system would be much better because we wouldnt allow this idiotic two party radical system and we would actually hold our representatives accountable for their total not giving a fuck about the majority of the people.
  21. People arent informed about anything. Blame the school system that doesnt actually teach civics. You make it difficult and you will have people that only are dedicated to vote i.e. only the small few actually dictate what happens. Voting should be encouraged from a young school age. You stress why voting matters. Then you make voting not a chore that you have to spend hours in line for. Sorry thats not how society works these days. We dont stand in line for anything. Much less to vote that has no instant gratification at all. Having voters go through a 5 hour
  22. They wont make the playoffs.
  23. "Last year is full of fake stats and stuff that doesnt count." John "Pa Yankee" Sterling.
  24. not really sure how that relates to the Marlins or to the 4/2 game of the Marlins, but cool story bro?
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