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  1. Trading for Buxton would have been a stupid idiotic move anyway.
  2. a smidge more for mack just would have meant a smidge less for someone in the lower half of the top 10. Marlins dont draft Watson and really Mack without basically knowing the general number they want.
  3. There was no point of contention. There was knowing what the Giants would do and what they wouldnt do. For some reason you refused to believe me when I said, Bart wasn't coming to the Marlins for a package with Marte unless a young controllable established starter was included.
  4. Told you a couple weeks ago he will sign.
  5. Real good get for the Marlins. Told you Marte wasn't netting you a Joey Bart! 🤣 That said, real good get, significant risk and you really cant simply white wash what Luzardo has done this year as no big fucking deal. The one concern is the similar one to a Brinson. Why is he now in his third organization? But this is the kind of risk for a player you take with a rental. Really cant say anything bad about this return at all!
  6. In other news, water is wet, sky is blue, grass is green?
  7. i am. and fuck my friends, let them do their own thing.
  8. So how much of a concern is this? Are younger athletes just mentally weaker now? or are the pressures they face from parents, friends et al greater than ever? I was never good enough at sports to where it really mattered, so I dont know. Thoughts?
  9. Damn. Now I want pie. I hate you people.
  10. Well if Sandy rejects…. does he get moved…..
  11. Who cares if they do. mlbpa won’t say dick. Still getting a major league salary and service time. the ones really losing are the teams honestly.
  12. They could have just sent Trevor out…. but mlbpa would throw a shit fit about that…. So fake injury it is. I mean I’m sure his back is sore. my back is sore after yard work so…
  13. Because Bart has little time in the upper minors? bart was basically rushed last year with no time in the upper minors. this year he should be exactly where he is developmentally.
  14. Correct. Only counts if beef. milk with that soy stuff is a no go or do what you want. milk with meat is always a good idea no matter the time of day. I had two tall glasses this morning myself.
  15. it wont change until MLBPA demands it.
  16. We will see what happens with minor leaguers with this new CBA. Its a big issue, its become better with some organizations, but there are a lot where they truly dont give a fuck, dont care, just let the kids figure it out on their own. We know the A's are one. We know the Angels are one. Supposedly the Indians take care of their kids fairly well. I bet the Rays do as well. I'd say its probably 50/50, maybe 60/40 taking care of players industry wide. Which is wrong. The way owners treat minor leaguers is pathetic, sad and a joke. More should be exposed. The point of consolidating the minor leagues was to kinda of avoid shit like this. Fuck these owners doing this.
  17. Also people here are so overrating the actual value of a rental in terms of prospect return the last 2-3 years. Go look at those deals and get back to me on what you think Marte is going to bring back on his own or even as the centerpiece of a deal.
  18. No I said the Giants are only trading Bart if it nets them a controllable starting pitcher with proven MLB success. Its not like Bart is the ONLY piece in their system, just that from word on the street, he isnt being moved in a scenario for a rental. Marte is a rental. So if you put 2 and 2 together, along with comments coming out of the Marlins about being willing to move a pitcher.... Figure it out.
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