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  1. Apparantly for taking on segments of the Cuban community... https://www.foxnews.com/us/miami-chief-art-acevedo-fired
  2. I'm like Forrest Gump. When I have to go, I go. *shrugs*
  3. If they had known they werent going to let Waino pitch to Justin Turner with anyone on base then ya they should removed him, but the option to pinch hit would probably have been Matt Carpenter? I'd rather Waino hit anyway. If Justin Turner hadn't tattooed the last pitch he had seen from Waino for a homer he probalby isnt removed. Second guessing is always fun. I'd like for Mozeliak to be a bit more honest with fans instead of citing the idiotic 'philosophical differences' bullshit. Mozeliak has done an awful job anyway the last 5 years and how that fuck is still employed baffles me.
  4. Mad Max also later got drunk after that save.
  5. eh... his best reliever had to come out in 10th, kinda put him between a rock and a hard place.
  6. Mozeliak made this decision. Cant be that good. If anyone should be sacked.....
  7. Again, why would 1990 be part of the year 89? there is nearly 2000 years difference in those periods!
  8. George will be rolling over in his grave if they keep him. Again.
  9. why would the year 1990* be part of the 80-89* range of years? I assume you mean AD or to the 'cool kids' these days CE.
  10. their offense has been absolute dog shit since sometime in August. at least. the pitching they have masked a lot of the issues they had offensively all season long.
  11. Marlins should try to get Contreras. They shouldnt pay a huge ask though, given the lack of control. Here is what will happen, so get ready boys and girls.... Yankees acquire Contreras. Marlins acquire Gary Sanchez.
  12. Not really triggered, found it insanely stupid and idiotic when you look at the reality. I mean if people want to be amused by things that are flat out inaccurate then I cool I guess.
  13. Eh whatever, lost to a far superior team. Things happen. Was a hell of a good run Marlin fans would have died to have tbh.
  14. First century - Year 1-100 AD Second century Year 101-200 AD And so far. So the 20th century was Year 1901-2000 AD 21st century has been 2001 - now AD. You can all anything you want a decade technically. Any 10 year consecutive period is a decade.
  15. no. most memes are beyond retarded with complete fallacies into them because people are lazy and dont bother to have any real knowledge.
  16. Looks like Das was right again. Regardless, whether its 3 or 4 teams, it still says plenty and makes the meme kinda fucking stupid.
  17. when do you start to count by saying 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
  18. Brian Anderson is one of the absolute best in the business.
  19. Cardinals are one of 3 franchises to have more than 1 World Series championship this century.
  20. Ya but nobody is recklessly throwing that kind of money at Nick. But at the same time the inference was they shouldnt overpay for a free agent. they NEED to overspend for a free agent or two for so many reasons. They are fucked in that the position they need the most help at offers no real viable solutions, so......
  21. This would be the time I point out the number of pennants and World Series titles the Cardinals have in comparison to well... Anyone not named the Yankees.
  22. Why shouldnt the overspend? a. they have no real future dollars commmited. b. the industry still has the idea the organization is a joke. c. in order to overcome b. you have to overspend to show you are serious, else all big free agents will never choose the Marlins if the offers are nearly the same.
  23. Also East Coast media bias. This Giants/Dodgers series I expect to be epic.
  24. Dodgers are a monster. It is what it is. Fantastically great game.
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