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  1. i will recover from this..... i will just have to work a little harder.
  2. yeah, but now my backup doesnt have a backup.
  3. if i were present at the draft..... i would have the best team. my team is solid as it is... wait till opening day though.
  4. Hmm... I was on the stands.... I forget my name there.
  5. Who is ready to trade.... The computer is even dumb enough to not put Nevin at third and Lee at first....
  6. My first 6 picks are solid and I cannot argue. I am not high on some of the remainder of the picks, but I think Griffey is a steal in round 11. Lastly, why the hell did the computer draft Buddy 'freaking' Groom in the 20th round? Why?
  7. Draft was today.... Comments. Post them. Here.
  8. do you mean the _allas Mavericks?
  9. yes they do ramp. especially #50.
  10. Do you remember what the Spurs did in 1999? Go back and see what they did that year. They got hot and never looked back. The Kings are not that great of a team right now.... The Timberwolves and Lakers are playing better ball than the Kings. The difference between the Pacers and Spurs..... Overall talent. Tim Duncan is the best player in this league outside of that guy in LA that wears #34. The Spurs have not peaked yet even. Look at the games they won on the road and you will see that they won many of those without a certain Admiral in teh middle. Their defense is the best in the league and defense does not get cold for extended periods of times in a 7 game series. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili among other Spurs continue to improve day in and day out. That is why they will continue to grow stronger as this season winds down. And having Tim Duncan doesnt hurt any. Besides what have the Kings proven in terms of reliability?
  11. Rune, You do realize the Spurs have just whipped up on the Kings twice in teh past two weeks.... Winning the season series 3-1. Bottom line, the Spurs are exhibiting that killer instinct not seen since 1999. They win the close games, they despise losing, and if you look in their eyes, you will see that fire burning deep in their eyes. Look at the top players for each team.... Chris Webber has had many chances to shine on the big game stage, he has always failed. Tim Duncan has prospered and is cool and collected under pressure. Spurs will beat the Kings 4-2. But will the Kings even get the chance to face the Spurs?
  12. Das Texan

    NBA Champion

    Allright... Who is it going to be? I know who is taking home the Admin O'Brien Trophy. Do you?
  13. i havent watched boxing in seemingly forever now. i used to watch all the fights back when chavez was fighting, my best friend's dad would order all those fights so I would go over there and watch and be one of only two people cheering against Chavez. (My best friend being the other) when he finally lost we were happy, everyone else was deeply saddened. frankly there is nobody truly interesting fighting these days......especially in the heavyweight divisions.
  14. BTW:why is your avatar like Das Texas's? huh?
  15. All I can remember about the draft last year was luca's friend seemingly taking the guy I was looking at acquiring in that round seemingly all the time.... It was fun though.
  16. Depends on what I am doing. What do you have to offer to me?
  17. Fine..... When I find some product that I believe in, I will start it up. Too bad there is no worthy product that I can find a niche for in the market at this time.
  18. yes.... but with no market for my services and no capital i have a problem.
  19. the job market will still suck in 3 months. especially in your field, which is very much related to my 'technical' field.
  20. the job market sucks.
  21. http://cagle.slate.msn.com/news/MrRogers/main.asp
  22. This is just the beginning. If I am going to be accused of being an eliteist, on some power trip..... You aint seen nothing yet.
  23. well at least that team is better than your yahoo team.
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