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  1. my teams have a total of 7 championships.
  2. my team has 5 championships. glad to see the bucs finally pick one up.
  3. Das Texan


    I personally like the A's logo it is very attractive when you hav it on and just like it when i see it... :cool when did you wear that logo of the athletics???? it has not been used since the 70s......
  4. um.... gannon just.... *cough* *cough* *cough* choked away the big one. i guess all the gannon/marino debates from earlier are null and void. gannon sucked hardcore in the super bowl. either he locked onto recievers OR the bucs knew exactly what was coming OR a combination of the two
  5. Great Defenses win Super Bowls. Period. The tampa offense has shocked me though. As far as commericals my top 3 in the first half... Bud (clydesdales) Fed ex Sierra Mist (monkeys) and i did really enjoy the baseball one also. note: this is for new commericals only
  6. Finally I have made a decision. i am rooting for the buccanneers.
  7. Das Texan


    very observant 83gator on the astrodome part. why the reds put black into their colors i dont know..... well i do know, its because black was 'cool' and i guess to an extent it still is. personally i hate it. i like teams with personality. if black is part of their traditional colors, then fine, but in the reds case, it is not. same thing really applies to the marlins, black should not be their primary color, teal should be. but so be it. enough of my soap box. i liked the reds, expos, padres, orioles, rangers and bluejays the most.
  8. yes you said gannon in his prime.... what is your point.... do you eliminate the 10 years he sucked in this league before? will gannon's prime last more than 5 years? questions.
  9. Winning a Super Bowl should be a factor, but not the deciding factor, because winning the big one is just as much about the talent around you as how good you are. Could Elway win the big one on his own??? no. Elway only won the big one when he was not the focal point of his offense. Does that make him less 'great'? Question.
  10. Das Texan


    National League Atlanta Cincinatti Houston Montreal Pittsburgh San Diego American League Baltimore California (Anaheim) Detroit Milwaukee Minnesota http://baseball-almanac.com/logos/twins1.jpg Oakland http://baseball-almanac.com/logos/oakland1.jpg Seattle http://baseball-almanac.com/logos/ms3.jpg Texas http://baseball-almanac.com/logos/texas2.jpg Toronto http://baseball-almanac.com/logos/jays1.jpg I pose these questions... Are these older logos better than the new ones, in which cases are they, which are they not. Which of these do you like most? We will get into uniforms later as well. Add any other additional comments you would like to add.
  11. Didnt Marino make the playoffs all the time during his 'prime'
  12. I didnt know a player's prime began when you were 33. I thought the traditional prime of a career was 29-33. Have things officially changed now?
  13. Didnt Gannon suck until about 4 years ago?
  14. or you could also use these logos.... VS
  15. I go along with you saying that stats are not everything, so I assume that winning is. By that, does that mean that Terry Bradshaw is the greatest QB of all time. Hell does that mean that Tom Brady or Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino? Question.
  16. So is Terry Bradshaw the best QB of all time? Question.
  17. Super Bowl XXXVII Tampa Bay Bucaneers Vs. Oakland Raiders 6:00et/5:00c/4:00m/3:00p San Diego, California Qualcomm Stadium (Jack Murphy Stadium) Forecast: Partly Cloudy 54-73 degrees Thoughts on this event... Post them here.... Does not have to be just about the game also....
  18. still wouldnt of mindnt having Ward as my backup OF and 1b..... for 1.5 million, not bad.
  19. Das Texan

    New Record

    probably around the same time that PC became the way that things had to be done...... :angry
  20. Marianist order in San Antonio runs.... Central Catholic -- High School St. Mary's -- University St. Mary's are the Rattlers, Central the Buttons. I am now an alum of both.
  21. Das Texan

    New Record

    heh heh gator. when i was in grade school the nuns were getting out of the 'bead' phase and other forms of corporal punishment. they just intimidated us by staring at us. then in high school the brothers just hassled us and threatened us with 'other things'
  22. laugh it up..... truth be told when other schools were to assume our mascot was a Button, we laughed. in reality a Button is either a) the rattle on a rattlesnake b) a baby Rattler there has been disagreement over this, but I believe A) is correct. There are reasons why we are linked to Rattlers.
  23. Das Texan

    New Record

    yard stick sometimes..... beads...even scarier.
  24. Generally happens a lot at this time of year.... No need to clear a spot off your 40 man roster.... Go into spring and get a better assesment of some of your players and then change your 40 man roster around...
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